Pastor apologizes for God gratuity remark that resulted in Applebee’s server being fired

Alois Bell Applebee's receipt

An Applebee’s server by the name of Chelsea Welch posted what she deemed as an “insulting and comical” receipt to Reddit in which customer Pastor Alois Bell wrote:

“I give God 10% why do you get 18”

Bell had scratched out the automatic gratuity that was charged because the party was over 6 (5 adults and 5 children) and penned in “zero” beneath her snide remark. The image of the receipt went viral, as they say, and when Bell found out about it and the fact that her name was clearly legible on the image, she dialed up the restaurant demanding that whoever posted it be fired. She got her wish.

Fired Applebee's waitress Chelsea Welch
^Terminated server Chelsea Welch

Chelsea, who wasn’t Bell’s server – just a co-worker, got goaded to identify the correct Alois Bell as Reddit users went on an internet hunt but she refused, later attempting to repost the receipt image sans the signature. By that time, it was too late. Chelsea spoke with The Consumerist and had the following to say about being fired:

“I had been well-liked and respected. My sales were high, my managers had no problems with me, and I was even hoping to move up to management sometime this year. When I posted this, I didn’t represent Applebee’s in a bad light. In fact, I didn’t represent them at all. I did my best to protect the identity of all parties involved. I didn’t break any specific guidelines in the company handbook — I checked. But because this person got embarrassed that their selfishness was made public, Applebee’s has made it clear that they would rather lose a dedicated employee than lose an angry customer. That’s a policy I can’t understand.”

“We make $3.50 an hour. Most of my paychecks are less than pocket change because I have to pay taxes on the tips I make. After sharing my tips with hosts, bussers, and bartenders, I make less than $9/hr on average, before taxes. I am expected to portray a canned personality that has been found to be least offensive to the greatest amount of people. I come home exhausted, sore, burnt, dirty, and blistered on a good day. And after all that, I can be fired for ‘embarrassing’ someone who directly insults their server on religious grounds.”

Alois Bell

Applebee’s spokesperson Dan Smith (great generic spokesperson name) acknowledged that they had canned Chelsea:

“Our franchisee has apologized to the ‘Guest’ for violating the patron’s ‘right to privacy.’ The individual responsible for the leak is no longer employed by the franchise.”

Bell, 37, spoke with The Smoking Gun and stated, “My heart is really broken, I’ve brought embarrassment to my church and ministry.” Bell heads a 15-member-church called Truth in the Word Deliverance Ministries. She is a mother of 3 who, “gave her life to Christ in 1997 while she was pregnant and homeless with her youngest son.”

Here’s a video of Alois Bell preaching – looks like the clip has been taken down – so here’s an interview via a local FOX affiliate with Bell:

Bell claims that she left a $6 tip on the table and later discovered that her credit card was charged the 18%. She also states that the overall bill was divided up among several parties.

Alois Bell images: YouTube

  • Jen

    cheep-o. Want to save money? Cook and serve your own damn food. What a greeeeeaaaat pastor.

    • she would probably save %50 percent if she just ate like a normal person, instead of stuffing the congregations money at a local restaurant.

  • J

    This pastor is a pure piece of shit….so fed up with so called “Christians” who act like animals and hide behind god. F$&@ing hypocrites.

    • Rod

      no one is perfect and you can’t judge us all based on a few knuckle heads… That’s like saying all you atheists are murderers!

      • Oh, but yes we CAN judge you all, you judgemental jerk. You jumped to the conclusion the poster is an atheist. Did they SAY they were an atheist? NO.

        No one is perfect? AH – but you Christians are always claiming YOU are perfect! YOU have the PERFECT answer! TO EVERYTHING! You but your noses where they’re not wanted – because YOU ARE PERFECT and want to shove your perfection down everyone else’s throats.

        Except you AREN’T perfect, but when someone points that out – it’s always that OTHER Christian that’s the bad Christian. They’re not like YOU – the PERFECT Christian.

        That’s also called PRIDE, another commandment from your Holy Jeebus that you completely ignore, amongst the slew of all the others you ignore (like judging, turning the other cheek, etc).

        • Gloop

          You judgmental jerk! Did Rod say he was a “Christian”? hehehehe

          • Dumb

            You’re dumb he claimed himself as christian, in different pretext

        • JustnoSense

          Screw you >>>No one is perfect? AH – but you Christians are always claiming YOU are perfect!<<>>You but your noses where they’re not wanted<<< but where they are needed… and oh, did I mention screw you?

          • Dumb

            You’re stupid, you refute without even coming up with anything besides petty anger

        • Jack

          You suck and so does your beer.

        • Samantha S

          Thats not true. I’m a Christian and I know I am FAAAARRR from perfect, for sure! I have made a lot of mistakes and even been mean to people that didn’t deserve it. All I can do is try to be the best person that I can be. Like right now I am trying to work on being less judgemental as I have absolutely no right to be. Even trying to be the best I can be though, I will still make mistakes and slip every once in awhile, because everyone makes mistakes. EVERYONE! I don’t know where you get the idea that every Christian thinks they are perfect. I feel sad for you and my heart goes out to you for whatever was done to you to make you have this perception.

          • Every Christian that I know including myself KNOW that we’re not perfect and if we’re unable to authentically forgive ourselves and others we actively work towards improving ourselves and our relationship with our Lord in Heaven. Our time on earth is short but I believe that we’re given grace when we take responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions, especially when we are incorrect. This Life is just a growth experience! God is blessing you all including those that don’t believe.

        • J

          I don’t claim myself to be perfect and I’m Christian. No one is perfect but God. However we are taught not to judge people. We are taught to love everyone no matter what. No matter how angry some one is. The fact that you can be soooo angry just shows that you have deep unresolved issues and need to really get back to God

    • candice

      act like animals? for not tipping? is that animal behavior?

      • ftir


  • Mom319

    Right, she left that snarky message about the $6.39 auto tip, but then left $6 in cash. So it was just that 39 cents that she objected to? Please, she tipped nothing

    • Ishaml

      applebees admitted on their twitter she left no cash tip

      • HasWorkedInARestaurantBefore

        Well if they fired the poor girl, at least they supported her enough to tell the truth.

    • The tip would have been $6.29 not $6.39 – even the crossed out tip says $6.29. She’s even cheaper than 39¢, she wanted out of 29¢. But I doubt she left any money.

  • Dennis

    Also, she only apologized after she insisted that everyone that had anything to do with it ( the waiters on staff that night and overseeing managers) be fired. What a crappy person.

    • divinemadamm

      And Pastor Bell claims to have given her life to Christ? The anti-Christ, maybe, but Jesus would have disapproved of her being stingy, and for not turning the other cheek.

      • tempest

        You are shore right. Shame on her. I bet she is busy collecting more than 1o% from her members, if you know what I mean. Birthday, Pastor association! you get my drift.

      • C.J

        The only one she gave her life to was the American demon of materialistic prosperity. Her, ummm…”Christian” ministry serves only as a cover for her greed. FYI, American Evangelical Pastors are among the best paid religious (and I emphasize: Religious, not Christians) laymen in the world,

  • garbage

  • tab

    people and “pastors” like this are why genuine, good-hearted followers of christ get a bad rep. and why people are leaving churches in droves all over this country.

    would she feel ashamed had this not been brought to light? i highly doubt it.

  • She still did not leave the proper amount. It was 6.29 not 6.00! Cheap and nasty! If she does her job good she expects donations why not pay it forward.

  • dev

    ….has anybody else noticed the “15-member-church”. that’s….odd.

    • Hilarious.

    • Amber

      Tax-free anyone?

      • You got that right!

        • Mom 0225

          The government IRS taxes waiters on 8% of their sales, whether they are tipped or not. There is no free lunch

          • Jack

            I figured it was going to be this kind of person. “Holier than thou” attitude to get out of being responsible. Most of these little churches are just started to get out of paying taxes.

    • Jesse

      has anyone noticed that the 10% she gives to God is herself – since it’s HER church?

    • ScottA

      Could be family members. You know 6 or 7 baby mamas and the rest of the brood.

      • ScottA is racist

        Hey, das racist

        • ScottA

          I won many racists in high school. Mainly the 220 yard dash and the 440. I was good in track and field.

        • I bet if the server was black she might have left a tip.

      • Darron Bethea

        She did a crappy thing but the stereotypes have no place here. I am so tired of internet idiots like scotta.

        • TRUTH delivery free of chg.

          that’s not a stereo type – it says right in the story, she’s a sinlge mother of 3, she was homeless and prego in ’97 and still thought it was okay to stiff a hard working girl when that church is probably paying her bills anyways.

          • Darron Bethea

            Ok read the comments you idiot.

        • Jack

          if you don’t like the stereotypes then stop perpetuating them.

          • Darron Bethea

            Ok you are an idiot with no more than a high school education.

    • bry

      The bill was only 35$ kids eat free yo

      • Jesus

        Exactly! So they probably ate about $70 worth of food. The tip charged would have represented less than 10% of the actual bill before discount. The waitress waited on TEN people. I am sure they were a treat too! WWJD?

    • Mark

      As “pastor” of that grand 15 member church her income would be tax free. I would not be surprised that a tax free housing allowance is in the mix as well.

  • mj

    evidently she doesn’t practice what she preaches!

  • Jmac

    If you can’t afford or don’t want to tip then you shouldn’t go out to eat. Ugh. Hope she’s recognized the next time she walks into a restaurant. You don’t mess with the people that serve your food.

    • Chris

      *IF ANYONE SERVES HER! i hope she knows how to cook…she won’t be getting any type of service from any servers from now on!

      • No service that doesn’t include snot or spit that is.

    • Agreed. Unfortunately, we don’t know who the tippers are and have to serve everyone as we’d like to be served. However, once someone has a proven track recorder as a stiff ( someone who doesn’t tip) paybacks are a bitch. The meaning of tip? To Insure Proper Service. That being said the only time I can justify someone NOT tipping is when you get terrible service and that DOES happen from time to time, unfortunately.

  • that fat ass doesn’t look like she has missed many meals…. she was just a cheap person…. probably resented the fact that she actually had to “tip” some white girl for the first time in her sorry life.

    • And I am SURE she left NO TIP…. not $6 but nothing…. as she usually does. Black people are NOTORIUSLY CHEAP.

      • Sounf of Reason

        Racist, much?
        Tell us how you really feel,,,,

        • RoyShastid

          Perhaps you could ask a suitably large sample of “servers” and find out if this is truth or not. I have and know.

        • african american server

          sounf of reason … let me guess, you have never waited tables. everybody who has waited tables knows this. its not racist. it is a general observation that is true. I am black and just accept that no matter how well i serve a party of african americans .. the tip is poor if there is one.

          • I’ve waited tables and I do not agree with you. So just because you experienced it doesn’t make it gospel….

          • Noigel

            It’s definitely racist to judge future people by your own small experience.

        • CJ

          She and the rest of these racist fucktards are pathetic. They’d blame an ENTIRE race of people for what one pig of a pastor did. Ridiculous smh.

          • DJ Grease

            I waited tables for over 10 years and sorry, blacks were the worst tippers.

            • CJ

              A lot of white people I know are addicted to prescription meds. Incest exists more in white families than any other race in America (look it up). Would I generalize an entire race of people based on what a fraction of them do? No! That would be equally as ignorant as what some of you trolls are doing. How the hell did this turn into black people vs. white people because of what one ignorant crackpot did to a poor girl at Applebees?? White people and black people do ignorant shit all the time. Everything isn’t a race issue. SMH

              • JW

                You’ve repeatedly generalized about “white people” throughout your posts. You seem to be one of those rare individuals that claims to have “critical reasoning ninja powers”, while simultaneously lacking the ability to make a coherent argument without resulting to fallacy. “I’m allowed to generalize to make my point, but if you do, then you’re racist!” Meth addicts? Addicted to prescription meds? Incest? These are all arguments based on a fallacy that one specific example applies to the general case. A dicto secundum quid ad dictum simpliciter, sweetheart…

                • CJ

                  How many posts address BLACK PEOPLE here? It sounds quite awful when I make examples of unfair generalizations, eh? Double standards… Tsk Tsk. As much as I’d like to entertain your babbling and paraphrasing of my previous posts, I have better things to do.

                  • LOL

                    CJ, please learn how to tip well!!! and tell you friends for us, k?

              • SuL

                No one was making it a race issue, except for you! People were just commenting that, generally, most of the black people they’ve waited on (IN THEIR EXPERIENCE) were bad tippers. That’s FACT, because they’re commenting on THEIR experiences! Why are you getting so defensive? Wow.

              • Stating Facts

                Only a fraction of black people are bad. The fraction is about 25 bad to 1 good though.

              • As a felkony probabtion officer, I can tell you that you are 100% wrong. Look who are in the the jails and prisons.

          • JSmith

            Actually, CJ, I’m a black waiter at cheddars and.. unfortunately, it IS true. I’m sure people realize that’s not of course true of all people our color, but the majority of the time it has been for me. Wish it wasn’t so.

      • Amber

        I worked in a restaurant as a hostess and the wait staff (black, white and hispanic) didn’t want me to seat blacks at their tables because they said they didn’t tip. I didn’t make this up, this is what my experience was.

        • KK

          I can say the same damn thing!

        • Kerry

          I heard that one too.

        • well they generally don’t lol

        • Versus Abaddon

          yes blacks are known for being sorry tippers and very demanding and rude customers.

      • KAITEY

        And white people are notorious a**holes.

        • jeff

          I’d rather be an a-hole, then have a false sense of entitlement, a selfish attitude towards others and a ‘the world owes me, cause my great great great grandmother was a slave’ attitude. Because even if ‘white people are notorious aholds’ we still look out for each other more, and contribute to society.

          • KAITEY

            I’d rather be all those things you said that blacks are than to be ignorant and sound as asinine as you. Try getting out of Mama’s basement for an hour and you’ll see that not all whites contribute to society. Hell, just stay inside your house and look at the ones around you and you’ll see that not all whites contribute to society. By the way, if whites are so high and mighty, why can’t you spell correctly? When using the word rather it is spelled “than” not “then”.

            • Kaitey…check your writing…..way too many words in one sentence….take out “that” and “to” and “as”. That’s just the first sentence. Too hard to understand your point.

      • CJ

        As a black woman I’m certain that I as well as the majority of black people I know probably tip better than YOUR fat ass. I’d be embarrassed to put my face on such a racist and pathetic statement publicly. What does this have to do with black or white? The “Pastor” is clearly as big of a pig as you are. Get a grip you pathetic scoundrel.

        • Get a clue CJ

          Uh huh…you obviously have never waited tables. For your own edification why don’t you do some research instead of spouting off nonsense. Ask any “black person” who has spent time waiting tables and they will tell you they don’t want to wait on other black folks. It isn’t racist… it is a fact.

          • CJ

            I waited tables for several years while in school and the poor tippers that I did get were equally both white and black. The only nonsense I see here are some of you angry, racist, white trash neanderthals that want to use race in any possible way to fuel your anger. Get a life.

            • Burkey

              Of course, despite that fact that these people have also worked in the food service business only YOUR experience is valid? So I guess they are all making it up because they are just racist and you’re 100% right. Okay.

              • CJ

                There is research to prove a whole range of shit that white people do that is detrimental to society. What does it have to do with the price of bananas? How does what this one person did cause backlash on an entire race. I know with limited brain cells, it may be impossible to use something called logic and reasoning. I suggest you try though.

                • Burkey

                  I have a doctorate along with 2 other college degrees. Don’t dare speak down to me like I’m some moron. I did not make one statement regarding people tipping based on their race because I have never worked in the service business and I do not have an opinion one way or another. And I know PLENTY of douchebags who do terrible things of every single race and never said that black people are detrimental to society while every other race isn’t. All I was saying was that some of these commenters may not just be basing their statements off of pure racism. Some of them are, some are going off of personal experience. You assuming that they are all just saying it out of racism and no other reason is basically just being racist and grouping all white people as racist. I have plenty of brain cells and great logic and reason, so take your bullshit somewhere else.

                  • CJ

                    You’ve proven that you’re a moron. I didn’t have to do that, thanks.

                    • Burkey

                      You’re clearly just an angry bitch.

                    • CJ

                      And you’re clearly just a loser that is incapable of constructing a cohesive thought.

                    • Burkey

                      Really? Okay then whatever makes you happy. How ignorant are you that I have tried more than once to explain to you that I do not agree with the racist stereotype being discussed here and have continued to try to be nice and explain where I am coming from and all you do is continue to insult me when you know nothing about me..

                    • Burkey

                      You are obviously angry at people who have made racist statements and I do not AT ALL agree with those statements nor do I blame you for being angry or offended. The original poster who started this specific comment absolutely is racist and I am not denying that. I am just saying that some of the OTHER commenters did not necessarily say things coming from the same hateful place as the original poster. If you misunderstood me, I’m sorry. But I do not understand why, regardless of what I say, you continue to insult me, call me a moron and apparently group me into being a racist white person? If you want people to be open minded, why aren’t you doing the same thing?

                    • ScottA

                      Plus, you’re being redundant in your statement above. A cohesive thought is, by definition, cohesive. It doesn’t need to be constructed. I, for one, don’t need to. You, on the other hand, keep trying.

                    • Noigel

                      Another troll trying to act more educated than he is. Or maybe a sock puppet. Either is pathetic.

                    • Noigel

                      Racist and sexist, very nice.

                    • Noigel

                      Sorry, I forgot liar too…

                    • ScottA

                      You need to cite your sources to have any shred of credibility.

                    • Noigel

                      Ahh yes, the call for citations when they themselves never cite their own feeble arguments.

                    • ScottA

                      Never called on any data from any other sources in any of my posts. RIF Reading is Fundamental.

                  • Bigots Everywhere

                    Hahaha, you must have a doctorate in basket weaving or something else you would know that subjective experience is basically inadmissible for any kind of qualitative analysis. It is racism to generalize from your own experience that everyone whose skin is a certain color is a bad tipper.

                    That is definitely racism. I’d question your made up education if I were you.

                  • jeff

                    I have a doctorate along with 2 other college degrees.

                    Are you kidding? This is the internet, the moment you had to bring that up to win an argument you lost all credibility. You’re on the INTERNET, tuck in your makebelieve wang and stop trying to wave it around. No one cares. You should be embarrassed.

                • ScottA

                  Please cite your sources.

                • jeff

                  But that’s not racism right there? racism goes both ways. You’re even more hatefilled than anyone on here, but apparently only white people can be racist bigots. I’m so thankful I’m not blind like you are. You will never rise above and become a better person if all you’re ever going to do is use racism as an excuse, and use hatred as a comeback. GROW UP! You make black people look bad, you’re feeding the stereotype.

                • rangeofHUH

                  i read this. then i reread this. then i read it again. then i did a Google search. …where can i find some of this research that proves the whole range of shit (shits?) that white people do that is detrimental to society? please cite some examples. is the research peer reviewed?

                • The more you post, the dumber you sound. Better quit while you’re ahead.

                • Stating Facts

                  I would sincerely like to apologize that we even brought you over here. It’s the biggest mistake the USA has ever made and we are still paying for it 10 fold compared to slavery.

                  • callaslily

                    “We”… well your speaking like your part of your ancestors time and their “mistake” is yours. So I will bash on you like your one. Your “mistake” was only greed, it really wasn’t a mistake because you knew what you were doing. There are no time machines to set time back so just because you managed to make a race less educated and more prone to violence because of the lack of education and funds to survive without thieving, you now regret it… That time is over.
                    Your ancestors wanted to try to ship all of the African-Americans back to Africa because they felt so bad; But they lacked the funds to do so and later figured out that Africans are far different than the new African-Americans they made in the USA.
                    What goes around comes around. If you think this is pay back, wait until you have to pay for what you feel in your heart.

                • jeff

                  Put up or shut up then. PROVE IT. Because as you can see from the person who posted below, there is research that black people tip less.

                • JustnoSense

                  Ahh… again, you slip the issue… you go for retreat back to this woman and her actions when people who work in, or have worked in the industry give you accounts from their lives in the industry… you rebute those as facts because ONLY what you want to represent as[not proven or validated] “fact” is pertinent… all else is bullshit to you… does not fit the mold you are attempting to create. So this fat assed black lady passing herself off as a “Pastor” did something that through other avenues was the basis of getting some little smug white bitch fired… and now… the page turns into a race issue… sweeeet… seems among some that is ALWAYS the issue… or better yet the objective. White folk bought your relatives from black folks… a long time ago… that leaves you , WHERE, again… before the white folks done it… various black tribes did it… and Mongols, and Arabs… those accounts have been lost to modern history… the tribes across the river from the tribe your lineage came… they did it. EVERY race has experienced it… wake up, grow up… and perhaps… ya might THANK some whites that put an end to it. Well, an end among whites doing it… blacks still do it… through prostitution… through power desire… reference Somalia, just for beginners. But hey… spew yer trash… the ignorant of the world suck it up like a sponge.

              • CJ

                And no REAL African American will agree with this bigot. Those posts are fakes, or they’re just as ignorant as some of you.

                • ScottA

                  And how many of the REAL African Americans were BORN in Africa?

                  • CJ

                    Now you’ve come back with an alias page Ascott4655. Go see a shrink. And furthermore, I don’t use the term African Amercian, you did in your post. Goodnight loser, I have better things to do!

                    • ScottA

                      You have no idea what you’re talking about.

                    • ScottA

                      CJ Burkey • 26 minutes ago

                      And no REAL African American will agree with this bigot. Those posts are fakes, or they’re just as ignorant as some of you.

                    • Stating Facts


                    • jeff

                      lol “I have better things to do’ translation: I’m going to pretend I’m better than you, and have a better life to try and get an upperhand on an argument i’m obviously losing. TAKE THAT!

                      Get your big panties out of their knot. You’re getting worked up and spazzing out, and once you know you’re licked you grasp and straws to try and maintain whatever integrity you thought you might have. Well, you dont have anything. you’re just another pissed off black woman with a chip on her shoulder. Blind to facts. Everything is racist to you, isn’t it? Stop hiding behind the racist card. It is what it is and the proof is there.

                  • callaslily

                    Def: an American of African and especially of black African descent

                    and more information

                    “African Americans[3] (also referred to as Black Americans or less commonly Afro-Americans, and formerly as American Negroes) are citizens or residents of the United States who have total or partial ancestry from any of the native populations of Sub-Saharan Africa.[4] The term is not usually used for black residents of other countries in the Americas.”

                    Technically, since blacks were introduced to this country by slavery and where shipped here from Africa, I would say the majority of the blacks in this country today have slave decedents from Africa making them African-Americans. I am one, congratulations… a REAL African-American (millions more where this one came from) with real African decedents… Your slow.

                    • ScottA

                      That would be YOU’RE slow. It is a contraction. (Two words are combined nto one.) It is a contraction for YOU ARE as in YOU ARE slow. Also you are attributing the quote to the wrong person. But hey, why let facts and intelligence get in the way. You may want to read some Bill Cosby. He has very interesting thoughts on the subject.

                • amaya0828

                  Wow………. did you really ask that question……….now some shit is unnecessary and disrespectful……..and the only reason you asked…. that was because you know that we would never find out who you are.. but just keep this in mind where their is a will their is a way……and sometimes you can speak thing in play……..

                • Stating Facts

                  It’s not being a bigot, it’s telling it like it is. It’s factual data. Every social group has came up except for black people.

                • jeff

                  You’re not an african american, you’re black.

            • JHul

              ” angry, racist, white trash neanderthals” … Hm, hypocritical? Why are you assuming everyone posting is white? They couldn’t possibly be ANY other color? And to say white trash? That’s nice. There’s no point in further reading your ignorant posts.

            • You better watch it Cj! This ain’t GTA home boy! Keep your can shut!

            • Stating Facts

              Check out black people’s credit reports. Tells you all you need to know about their behavior and morals.

              • Verifying Facts

                Don’t generalize, it makes you sound like you live in a closet. I’m black and my credit is better than 80% of the rest of the US population, says my latest combined credit report.

          • Nergel

            Actually I’m pretty sure to deny service to someone based on race is racism.

          • callaslily

            It’s funny you say that because I go out with my white friends all the time and they are the fastest ones to say “Don’t give her a tip” but me, the “poor tipping black” female always tips over 18%. Get over your racism.

          • Server in a former life

            Agree 100% with Get a Clue. i worked in the food service industry for years. My black servers hated waiting on black patrons. You can claim racism but realize, it’s black on black racism.

        • Stating Facts

          LMAO. The majority of your race has terrible morals and a false sense of entitlement…so disgusting.

      • Tabby

        Little rasist the way you worded it BUT yes blacks typically are horrible tippers. Most will also try to complain about everything and then insist to get there meal for free.- Waitress for 3 years at Bayside seafood, 9 months at Olive Garden and aunt owns a burger drive-thru.

        • Tabby

          ^^^*their meal*^^^

        • jeff

          It is true. I judge individuals as I see them, regaurdless of race, but stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason… because they do have more than just a grain of truth. Black people are usually horrible tippers, and will do a lot more to try and get their meals for free. Why is it called racist when it’s freakin true? Screw the apologist crap. It is what it is.

        • callaslily

          I can’t agree with that. I’m black and tip way over 18% and I never sent food back or complained. I’ve not had much to my name at times but I still give a more than generous tip always, so does everyone in my family and every friend I’ve went out with. Don’t judge all of one race so poorly. You probably made poor tips because you were a poor waitress or acted like crap towards them because you expected a little to no tip. Or it could be that you work and/or live in a shit area.

          • jeff

            You’re the exception not the rule. Dont spout out your holier than thou BS just because you think you don’t do it. Thats not the norm, stop being so damn jaded to reality. It is what it is, open your eyes.

            • callaslily

              My eyes are open but what is norm to me, where I live, is that blacks tip fairly. Now the normal where you live must be different so open your eyes as well. I did not “spout out your holier than thou BS”, I mentioned my situation and what my friends and family do. I’ve sat and watched blacks and whites leave fair tips and i’ve also seen both races leave poor tips and I’ve traveled all over. I’m big on watching people so just because you say your getting poor tips from blacks does not mean it is like that every where in this country.

              • Hope

                Watching people is very different than waiting on them. I was a server for 10 years, in a very high-end restaurant and it is no stereotype. Black people act entitled, run the white servers ragged and leave 1% tips(if that much). It was truly pathetic!

            • whatever

              I’m a food server and I just don’t agree with anyone of comment about black people tipuing bad. It most be your service that your giving to your customer why your getting bad tip cause I never had a problem. It was more white people trying get a free meal. But every server experience is different. Their is cheap black and white people. It just depend on the server and where your serving at to how much of that you will get on a daily basis. I served in Philly and Las Vegas an I always made money white or black it doesn’t matter if you serve them well.

            • tempest

              You don’t know what you are talking about. You are just a hater on Black Folks. When my family and I go out to eat we tip way more than the restaurant ask for. You cannot stereotype all Blacks to be the same just because this lady is a crappy tipper. You have crappy tippers in all races black, white, hispanic or whatever. I know this because my daughter works in the food industry and sometimes she gets crappy tips from whites as well as blacks. I am a black woman who believe in giving because the more you give the more you are bless, I also teaches my children to give. So don’t you go around stereotyping every Black Folks. Personally, when I read the story about this woman it made me sick, and the reason why it made me sick is because she did this by using the name of God to justify her crappy behavior. She should be ashamed of herself and she called her self a minister. What make it more sickening is that she let that poor girl got fired because of her own selfishness talking about she is embarrassed. She is not embarrassed, she just got caught.

              • Lori Biggs

                If it was a white male preacher who was the hypocrite and two black female waitresses who got fired you “black folk” would be screaming!! You would be saying things like: “White male preachers this and white males that…”
                You know black people don’t tip very well at all. I know black people don’t tip very well at all. Every server in the country knows black people don’t tip very well at all.
                All of us also know that black people eating out run white waiters and waitresses ragged!
                One last point…..You talk about stereotypes. Stereotypes are in part always true. You are a black woman, an adult, and you write at the equivalent of a 4th grade education. I do much reading and find that black most black people write at around a 4th to 8th grade education level. It’s the truth and you prove it. don’t attempt to argue stereotypes without taking the time to write a logical arguement with proper gramar.
                So now call me a racist and let me know you’re praying for me.

                • tempest

                  You are a racist white trash who doesn’t have any logical argument yourself. You are as ignorant as a mule. Don’t you come to me and talk to me about grammar you piece of “SH” who need to go and learn to spell.

                • h.w.soDa

                  Wow. Did you even proofread what you wrote? I will go out on a limb here and guess the answer is no. Yet you stated that tempest writes at a 4th grade level. Your post had grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. People in glass houses…..

          • Stating Facts

            It’s the majority of your race. We can tell by the way that you communicate that you do not fall into this category.

          • Tabby

            You may tip like you should and I never said ALL I said most. Considering I normally get really good tips and actually try harder with blacks so I can get at least something but nope . And the other waitresses have the same problems you can say what you want to believe I really don’t care.
            Oh also before you trash talk me calling me a rasist or anything I think you should know my stepfather is black along with my half brothers, and my oldest daughter is half black, AND I am 1/4 black, 1/2 white, 1/4 mexican.

            • callaslily

              I didn’t call you a racist, I was getting more to the point that you could have assumed things.
              I don’t care who your related to, it could be Martin Luther King himself and it wouldn’t change the way I worded my previous post.
              I still base things off of locations and you might be in a area that I would call shit.

            • callaslily

              Oh, and you might feel like all of the diversity you have in your family and even in yourself makes you less willing to discriminate; But who made this out to be a black and white thing when it is really about a ignorant women who refused to pay a tip and a girl who got fired.

              If the non-tipper was Asian and the lady who got fired was Hispanic, would this really be a race situation then?

              With everything in this country, people instantly jump to race (again, not calling anyone a racist). It’s really so exhausting, I’m not too sure how you guys keep it up. Good night.

              • JustnoSense

                Give it a break… from ready your posts I get the distinct impression you feel that, in that you are black… you carry a special gene that prevents any sort of discrmmination on your part… ROFLMAO

              • Lori Biggs

                But, the non-tipper wasn’t Asian. She was black. And the lady who got fired wasn’t hispanic. She was white.
                What if the non-tipper was a white male and the lady who got fired was black? Your people would be screaming racism!!

            • JustnoSense

              My understanding is that if you are in any way related to one Adam or Eve… you all the above and then some… just sayin’… OR if you take to the Darwin theory… same applies… just add a few fish, bugs, worms, great and not so great apes to the mix. But hey… whatever floats yer boat… lessee… what’s popular this year[?]

        • Stating Facts

          They’re not horrible tippers, they’re generally terrible people who have a false sense of entitlement.

        • JustnoSense

          And hers is indicates racist where yours does not… just where again… get real… this is not a race issue… it’s an ignorant fraud issue.

      • Monique

        It is not only black if you are going to state something, at least make it facts. People of all races are cheap!!!

      • Dr. Anjana, D.Div

        Rhonda, it is sad that you categorize african-americans making you no better than that hate-filled so called pastor. I am African-American, an Interfaith Minister, and Doctor of Divinity who is not only generous but forgiving too. I hope that you find beauty in the gift of life. I forgive you and hope that you find joy to nourish your soul as opposed to the hate that is eating you from the inside out.

        • neuroplasticity

          “Doctor of Divinity” LOL You need a lot of faith to have faith in that degree huh? It’s too bad you wasted so many years earning a useless degree in an even more useless subject.

          • CJ

            I don’t think one could get more pathetic than you

          • Dr. Anjana, D.Div

            I am grateful for each and every moment in my life, good and bad, learned and unlearned. There is nothing I love more than my vocation. Perhaps you should attempt to fulfill a dream instead of wasting your time trying to offend me. We are one, nothing is separate and so I send you my love.

          • jeff

            And to try and flaunt it on a celeb gossip site? Wow, that’s pretty sad lol.

            • KAITEY

              No worse than someone who responds to that person’s “flaunting” on a celeb gossip site. Honey, you aren’t any better than anyone on here and you just look like a fool trying to be. You probably have a klan meeting to run off to so I’ll be going.

              • jeff

                I find it amusing that you are trying to get a higher ground on the argument by using ‘honey’ in an effort to be condesending. When really you have no point at all, and really i have no idea why you even bothered commenting. Do you need a hobby or something? At least make a point if you’re going to waste someone’s time. Not just a blind self entitled condesending attitude, that contributes absolutely nothing to what i initially said or was replying to. Damn, that’s sad.

    • Monique

      wow why is it a race thing…people like you are whats wrong with this world.

  • silver123

    A couple of things 1. She can’t claim that she gave a tip when she clearly wrote she was not going to give anything on the receipt. 2. She claims she is a pastor? No pastor i know would ever speak like that and keep their job. And 3. She only gives God 10% no wonder she only has 15 people in her group.

    • HasWorkedInARestaurantBefore

      I thought the fact that she gives God 10 % was hilarious! At first I thought I read it wrong. Completely agree, I feel like she should be stripped of her status in the church, and not allowed back up for a LONG TIME when she proves she is more than generous and understands and agrees that what she did was SO wrong and a disgrace to God. I hope she reads every single comment made. She deserves to feel like s***.

  • Chelsea don’t you worry one second…. I am SURE there are business owners who would LOVE to have you working for them…. a quality worker is hard to come by…. as the “pastor” her kind disgusts me. The very sight of her tells the complete story for me.

    • HasWorkedInARestaurantBefore

      Agreed, I’ve been a supervisor of a restaurant and I would have fought till the end to keep a good worker like her. Sure turn over is high, but do you know how many you have to go through to find one that is dedicated, honest, and cares?

    • trueL

      Rhondo your fat ass looks like you dont miss a meal either.

      • CJ

        She CLEARLY has not missed one meal!

    • HasWorkedInARestaurantBefore

      I think a lot of you misconstrued this comment. By “the very sight of her”, I don’t think Rhonda meant that to be racist. By the sight of her, I see that she is uneducated and appears to not care about her actions, or her personal appearance. Basically, she LOOKS like someone that would do something like that. She could look the exact same except with white skin, and I know I would still feel the same. She looks like trash. Nothing to do with her race, it’s how she presents herself.

  • Megan

    I think servers deserve a little more respect from not only people but the companies they work for. I was once fired from a large chain for going after someone who I saw walking their tab. It was “against corporate policy” to do that, yet I would have had to pay their tab if they did leave. I know that is a completely different situation but this girl did not need to be fired. Lucky for the companies turnover is always high anyways so they will get another waitress to give service with a smile to entitled scumbags like this “pastor” no problem.

  • solgreatman

    Somebody please put a bullet in this frauds skull,waste of humanity.

  • Ally

    That’s why churches are getting a bad rep. from greedy “holy than thou” people. The only reason she is even apologizing is cause its making her name look bad. Never do anything that you would not want other people to know about!

  • emie

    then serve yourself and the rest of your group, pastor!

  • So the bill was $35.40 for 5 adults and 5 children? I’m thinking “Pastor Bell” had a 3 course meal and nine waters. What dose God think of this “pastor”?

    • HasWorkedInARestaurantBefore

      It was a larger party that had split checks. Still very against the pastor, just informing you. 🙂

  • solgreatman

    Blacks don’t tip,its beneath them.You know slavery,god whatever excuse necessary.

    • 1GrayGal

      Hogwash! Blacks are as appalled at this cheap fool as anybody else. She should be ashamed of herself!

  • Christopher

    You are disgusting person and should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Kev

    15-member church? I believe that is called a cult my friends…

  • Tommy Tomato

    Love the comments about this hot garbage pile and human wasteland. But to hell with applebees. This is another reason for all of us to boycott corporations and keep your money local. Corporations only see things in black and white. They don’t give a s$%# about anything or one except the bottom line.

    • gentrification

      very very true folks … you vote in this society with who you give your $ to.

      do not give your $ to some large corporation keeping their workers under the heel.

      spend locally at a mom and pop restaurant.

  • Open Enshut

    The “pastor” looks and sounds like a fat piece of trash. She got exposed as a cheap slob and had the nerve to complain about it.

  • Treyseus

    I knew without even looking exactly what she was

  • mleep

    Seems to me Pastor Bell should find a new profession.

  • LightningDemon

    Please do NOT call this animal a Christian… Jesus said to “test false prophets by their works”… and obviously, this classy trash does NOT have her heart on the true prize, but of worldly treasures. Lady, the waitress did NOTHING, YOU (look in the mirror, Y-O-U) brought your shame on yourself. You’re not sorry either, only sorry you NEGATIVE story went viral. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • I think people are misunderstanding… she had to pay the $6.29 whether she crossed it out or not, it gets automatically charged and you can’t dispute it if its the restaurant’s policy. Honestly, asking for “additional tips” (even though that’s not the server’s fault…) is just plain greedy. The
    pastor” is nuts and went about it the wrong way, but really,…who’s to say this waitress was exceptional and even deserves a bigger tip!? Tipping isn’t a guarantee just because you show up to work and do your job. And its certainly not because you have a sob story just like the rest of the world.

    • No, she crossed out the 6.29 and only agreed to pay the 34.93. It would have been 41.22. The additional tip part automatically prints on the receipt. If it says on the menu parties of 8 or more are subjected to 18% gratuity you are agreeing by ordering. She never said it was because of bad service.

      • And since she only agreed to pay 3493 that is all that can be charged. Happens all the time by people like this.

    • J

      I don’t see how it’s greedy to have a spot for additional tips. If the customer thought the waiter/waitress was awesome and deserved more than the 18% that makes it easier for them to leave more. Not everyone carries cash to tip with. Some people like to tip to the next dollar amount so it’s easier to balance their checkbook so the additional tip line allows for that as well.

      • HasWorkedInARestaurantBefore

        Because it isn’t greedy. lol it’s a computer system. You’re right.

    • HasWorkedInARestaurantBefore

      She actually did not HAVE to pay the $6.29 whether she crossed it out or not, it could be removed from a bill and as having been a supervisor, you can’t say that it can’t be removed and not paid for.

      And Really? Are you serious??? Additional tips also has NOTHING to do with being greedy, it’s printed on EVERY ticket that has automatic gratuity on it, THE COMPUTER SYSTEM DOES IT, NOT THE SERVER AND DEFINITELY NOT A MANAGER. And if you have worked in restaurants, you should know this. Surprisingly, there are actually people out there who feel like 18%-20% is just not enough. But by no means is it ever EXPECTED to get an “additional tip”, so don’t try to put down the server on that. Most of the time when gratuity has been automatically added, most servers pretty much expect that that automatic gratuity is all they will be receiving from them.

  • BasicData

    Cheap-ass nasty Bitch For Jesus. She reminds me of my customers who put out their cigarettes in their unfinished salads. I’m happy to send the tip to the waitress who is now on the street. Let the shame rain down.

  • Olka

    I guess she is too proud to be a pastor and preach about God. This made here cruel. THis is what pride is. 🙁

  • She only apologized once she was caught…”Oh Jesus forgive me, for I have sinned”, she’ll be crying in the pulpit next week to her congregation.

  • X

    Blacks don’t tip.

  • Glory Be the Power of God

    “Self Proclaimed Pastor”…. I’d like to know what organization supposedly ordained this scoundrel. This woman is no more a “believer” in Jesus Christ & the glory of God than Satan himself is. She’s a false prophet and a fraud. Anyone can claim they are a “pastor” … but use it as a sanctimonious reason to stiff a hard working waitress who served your fat ass? Despicable and I’m glad I can show my displeasure by never eating at Applebee’s again. And I hope the ‘reputation’ of this self proclaimed Pastor (15 misguided and lied to souls, uh members …) is known for what it is: as a piece of shit fraud.

    Shame on you Alois Bell. Some people should just remain in the gutter where they came from.

  • Revo

    god gets 10%..I bet god never sees that money at your church!

  • Lisa G

    Stingy, rude, and entitled… Way to represent, pastor Bell. That is so NOT what Jesus would have done.

    • she is not even WORTHY to be identified as a Pastor… she is a worthless ghetto momma who should be ashamed of herself.


    I agree that the minister was standing on a soup box and say look at me I give 10% to my church why are you more important . Why not just say I dont few that I should pay a automatic 18% tip ‘Dont use god that way be upfront and admit I dont want to pay or just admit I dont Tip


    “[It was] a lapse in my character and judgment,” Bell told the Smoking Gun, adding she did not expect her easily recognizable signature would be, as her friend informed her, “all over Yahoo” OK let me interpret this ya. I didn’t give a sh$t until I realized people would know who it was.
    “Bell, a pastor at Truth in the World Deliverance Ministries Church, was not amused, and she called Welch’s manager to complain”.So instead of being all grown up and “god” like, she bit$hed about it. How very Christian of you… I hope she looses HER job.
    And not that I want to make it a race thing, but was the server white, per chance?


    This pastor is a piece of shit and should be fired.

  • Satan

    You should be ashamed you cheap wench! People got to eat and you stiff a person making below minimum wage? Where’s the god in that? You’re a hideous individual!

  • Nishar Siddiq

    Go to applebees website. Go down to the bottom and click “contact us”. Tell them how you feel about this! I told them I’ll never go there again after firing that girl.

    • milesd1

      Better yet. Go to their Facebook page. It’s being lit up by the thousands!!!

  • milesd1

    15 Member “Church:?!?!?! Sounds like a non-profit, tax-evading scam to me. I have more members in my FAMILY … maybe I should start a “Church”???

  • thoughtless

    May Karma come back 10 fold.

  • It says on the menu, on the front of the place that they charge gratuity. You have to post it, or you can get sued. But when you post it, and people come in with large parties they agree to it just by ordering.

    It sucks to be a waitress. You literally live on tips, but the tip you get from a table isn’t all yours, you have to tip everyone else as well.

  • This woman is a real DISGRACE. she did not show a “lapse” of character, she showed who she really is!

  • Next time, take your fat ass to Hometown Buffet.

  • There is a FB page HIRE BACK Chelsea. Also Applebee’s FB is lit up with this story.

  • Cherry

    This pastor needs to practice what she preaches. I highly doubt that God would approve of anyone skipping out on a bill or not tipping when required. I understand the privacy reasons that required Applebees to fire the waitress but it is still sad. If she was my employee she would be given a promotion. I commend the waitress for sticking up for herself. Even though she lost her job she made a spectacle of this so called godly person. Pastor Bell gives Christians a bad name. Shame on you Bell!

  • What happened to “Turn the other cheek? Or in your case…cheeks…many MANY cheeks.

  • pmrockies

    This bitch is psychotic.

  • What a great way to live the lessons of the Lord. Absolutely despicable. I’m glad she is embarrassed and her name is dirt now; it should be. She’s a vile POS excuse for a human being, let alone a pastor. This kind of crap is precisely why I’m agnostic. So much hypocrisy. Then again, maybe it’s a black thing versus a religion thing. It’s pretty widely known blacks are horrible tippers.

  • KK

    I am 100% on the servers’ side. This is one reason why I will NEVER work in a restaurant again. NOT WORTH IT BECAUSE OF MANY, MANY PEOPLE LIKE THIS!!!!

  • She is an embarrassment — regardless of reason — what a nasty thing to
    write to someone who just spent at least a quarter of their work shift
    catering to a party of 8 people who are apparently too cheap to pay
    their server–what a self-righteous *itch!

    In addition — Applebee’s fired someone that didn’t deserve to be
    fired…. Get a job at Ruby Tuesday — it’s a MUCH BETTER company!


    Pastor Alois Bell/Founder
    Truth in the Word Deliverance Ministries
    2600 N. Florissant @ Warren
    Sanctified Through thy Truth

  • Really, for the life of me, I cannot imagine why Pastor Bell felt inspired to write that message on the receipt. The service was, by all accounts, adequate. This so-called “woman of God” just had it in her mind to berate a restaurant server and thought that nobody would be the wiser.

    Waiting for proof that her “church” isn’t just a tax-shelter… or that she even tithes 10%.

  • It doesn’t surprise me; Black people will come up with any excuse they can to not leave a tip. I was actually once told by a table of Black ladies that I was working “too hard” and didn’t have a big enough smile on my face, so they didn’t tip me. Of corse there was a table of White people who recognized my hard work, and gave me a generous tip. And Black people wonder why no one wants to wait on them -including Black servers!

  • diggum

    blacks are so cheap. even their bling is fake.

  • BB

    Way to go, pastor. Doing “God’s work” getting an honest hard-working person fired.

  • diggum

    It looks like their ministry is in an old taco bell building. everytime i am out and there is a group of blacks they are loud, curse and do not tip. they should stick to watermelon and ribs.

  • His Holiness John

    Look at that lard-ass. She calls herself a pastor, what a joke. I hope her fat ass fries in hell.

  • diggum

    eating a box of ding dongs for breakfast isnt doing g-ds work. stay ghetto bitch.

  • ascott4655

    the Applebees server shouldn’t have been fired. the “pastor” did a dishonorable thing. if she was really a christian, she would know that we are here on this earth to SERVE just as Jesus did. it’s no wonder she only has 15 members—and if she’s teaching people not to respect those that serve, i’m glad only 15 people are hearing what she preaches.

  • So pathetic she would bring GOD into this.

  • Nice.

  • CJ

    I could care less about some heavily skewed and flawed research, you don’t attack a race of people for what one person has done. Should I go on a rampage against the white race the next time one of you meth addicts shoot up a school or theater and kill innocent kids????

    • burkey

      I’m confused as to why you aren’t attacking the African American people who have made comments here saying they agree with Rhonda Burkett?

      • CJ

        I’m confused as to why you can’t use the left side of your brain.

        • Burkey

          You are making yourself look no better than the people you are attacking. I have not made one racist statement. I have no problem with people of ANY race nor do I subscribe to the typical stereotypes that are out there. I have friends of many races. I have dated people of other races. I have absolutely no idea if black people tip better or worse than any other race and never once said I AGREED with that statement. All I was saying is that some people who made comments regarding that may simply just be speaking from the experience they had without intending to be racist. Yes, they are ignorant even if they don’t mean to be. But not everyone says things out of malice and hate. And what does it say about you that you’ve resorted to basically calling me stupid twice when I have not said one derogatory statement towards you?

        • jeff

          And that is why everyone on here thinks you’re an immature child. How are you not embarrassed by what’s coming out of your mouth?

        • I’m confused why you can’t use your brain at all.

    • JW

      So… Wait… ROTFL… After admonishing people for not using “logic and reasoning”, you declare that a study, that you’ve not read is “heavily skewed and flawed” because it doesn’t agree with your world view. Honestly, reading your posts, you need to take some of your own advice, both as regards “logic and reasoning” and “racism”… Go find a mirror… Look in the mirror… You’re a racist…

      • CJ

        Its skewed and flawed because of the way the data was collected moron. But you have multiple degrees, right?

    • jeff

      LOL, ‘i have all this research that says you’re wrong!’ then when someone pulls up research disproving you, all of a sudden you don’t care. What a child! You will never rise above and improve yourself with that attitude. You will just keep on being a narrow minded, jaded, lazy biotch that blames everyone else for their problems. Grow up! It’s not racism, lady, it’s fact. Listen carefully, because a lot of black people need to hear this: If you blame racism for all your problems, and short comings and use it to defend your race whenever someone points out something you dont like, you will NEVER improve. You will never learn, or use it to better yourselves. STOP WITH THE EXCUSES! racism isn’t your excuse for all your short comings, but if you keep using it, you’ll never rise above it. You’ll keep spiraling, and failing.I’m so tired of you guys hiding behind the race card. Just shut up already, stop whining and be better people.

  • drew

    How does a table of 6 fat black women only run a bill of 34.93?

    • CJ

      Because your mom emerged from the trailer park and helped with the other half of the bill.

      • jeff

        Shut up, my god, i thought you had ‘better things to do’ when you were spewing your black nonsense on the other comments? You’re the perfect black stereotype and you’re not doing your race any favours. Stop embarrassing yourself, but I guess you don’t know shame. You’ve shown that because it seems you can’t see humiliation when it’s right in front of your grease smudged computer screen.

  • Drea

    If you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford sit-down dining. Go to McDonalds or Chipotle instead.

  • Mike

    Karma MS Bell, it is a WICKED girl and it SMACKED you hard

  • Drifter

    Unacceptable! Absolutely ridiculous! Has anyone checked the price of gas? Depending on several variables, a waitress could actually lose money on a bad night between taxes, tip-outs, and fuel. When you go out to eat, you pay more than the food is worth due to establishment overhead. In addition, you are paying for someone to cook your food and SERVE you. Believe it or not, tips are payment for service. The tip should reflect the quality of service the waitstaff has provided and can range from 15-25 percent. Anyone that thinks otherwise should stay home and cook for themselves. Thank you. That is all.

  • j

    What is the problem? The Federal minimum wage for tipped employees is $2.13 per hour.

    Including tips and cash wages, all tipped employees must still earn at
    least the Federal Minimum Wage of $7.25 per hour. If a tipped employee
    does not earn at least $7.25 including tips in any given hour of work,
    their employer must make up the difference in cash.

    Most waiters and waitresses are smart enough not to let the employer
    know the amount of tips they make because this averages out more than
    the minimum wage of $7.25 and they will get taxed on that amount (Under
    the table income). Heck, sometimes I lie (alot) and say I did not make
    any tips giving me a higher income.

  • kingdo goodbomber

    Typical black racist trash in St. Louis, the most dangerous city in the world to be a black guy. Pastor just wanted to take out her contempt for whitey on the tip line, they do it all the time. They also purposely take forever in retail lines in they know there are white folks waiting behind them and hustle up if there are black people waiting behind them. St. Louis is self-segregated and black and white communities hate each other and constantly do stupid stuff like to one another out of pure malice and spite.

  • ScottA

    I want reparations for the undue stress this has caused my ancestors.

  • kingdo goodbomber

    Pastor Alois Bell:

    Loves – Baby Back Ribs with a side of Jesus
    Hates – Whitey

  • Dawn

    This lady should be ashamed of herself. She was being a b_____ and she knows it and the man upstairs knows it too. If she was half as nice as she was in this interview, when she called up Applebee’s complaining about her receipt being posted, that girl would still have her job!

  • neuroplasticity

    I wonder if anyone can find the good “pastor’s” email address. Would be nice to have to ability to provide feedback. This is the phone number to the parish: 314-703-1238

  • Kait

    I dont even understand the significance of this…
    “She also states that the overall bill was divided up among several parties.”

    no matter how you figure it, whether on a total bill or on split checks, 18% on each check will still add up to the same thing…

    NOT AN EXCUSE. If you cant afford to tip, don’t dine out…
    Also, there’s no need to be rude, that’s the worst part of this whole thing.

  • jeff

    Bring on the apologists, but god damn why am I not surprised she’s black?

  • Kirsgram

    This person has no business calling herself a preacher. It’s so called christians like this that give true Christians a bad name.

  • flickerKuu

    She’s so dumb she left a cash tip, and still paid the auto-tip. So- she tipped twice. Derp. This person shouldn’t be teaching or preaching to anyone.

  • Sue

    Cheap bitch.

  • truthurts2013

    Black Person That figures here comes the lawsuits!! Real Christian of her!!

  • kingdo goodbomber

    “Kill. Kill. Kill the White Man.”
    -Pastor Alois Bell

  • dave

    Another devil worshipping cult calling themselves Christians.. Every single action that this person has made is un Christian and not biblical.. You give God 10% and the morons that follow you give 100% tax free right…… FATSO devil worshipper.

  • tih

    She was only sorry after she got caught. What a bitch.

  • Rebecca

    less than $35 for 10 people–including 5 kids? that waitress earned more than that measly 18%.

  • JJtoob

    The funny thing is that God doesn’t need money. He asks for obedience in the return of the tithe. Her next sermon shouldn’t be on forgiveness, it should be on the tithe. It’s sad that the server got fired, but at the same time, whoever put it online should have used better judgement and either not post it, or at the very least cover the signature…

  • that1dudeFromOC

    what a pos

  • kkct7

    A self-proclaimed pastor?
    Sorry, lady, but you’re no pastor. You can’t even tip a waitress at Applebees. Go take some English classes at a community college.

  • Disgusted

    Alois Bell
    should get down on her hypocritical knees and beg for them to rehire
    Welch (remember, she complained to Applebees and got Welch fired). And
    then she should resign her ministry, because there is obviously no room
    for God in her small, mean heart.

  • Guest

    She just made christians look bad wait no she didn’t she made herself look ignorant and stupid. God dont like ugly.

  • xxx

    The 2-ton “pastor” looks like one of President Barry’s friends or relations.

  • Kerry

    Remember this sanctimonious blowhard when she visits your restaurant. Also, don’t forget to spit in her food!

  • lovethepeople

    Ms. Bell and everyone else out there: When someone thinks they have privacy and no one will find them out it is pretty disgusting the true self they are capable of letting out. Of course the pastor was embarrassed! She should be embarrassed by her own behavior–not about being found out. Most likely, however, the embarrassment came from imagining that many would now esteem her differently. Christ fed thousands for free and preached for free. I wonder if the pastor preaches for free like Jesus?

  • PocketG

    What a terrible person! Terrible for black woman, Horrendous waste of space as a Pastor. hahaha. What a stereotypical hypocritical bitch!

  • Rip

    I was gonna say something bold like, “I’ll never go to an Applebee’s again!”, but then I remembered I haven’t been to an Applebee’s since around 1997.

  • If this was one of your kids Alois Bell….you would be preaching a different tune wouldn’t ya? Go to an all you can eat buffett. You can eat more and you don’t have to tip you cow!

  • tgrfan42069

    could you imagine if the role was reversed and the server was black and the one paying was white and wrote that?? good god the race baiters would be outraged

  • amaya0828

    What type of Christian does that ??????????????? A ratchet

  • callaslily

    This article only proves one thing, that blacks are less educated in the norms of tipping in society.
    I continued to see “I am aware of no other publicly available data on differences in average tips by Blacks and Whites.11 Thus, the available research data are consistent in finding that Blacks leave smaller restaurant tips on average than do Whites.The studies producing this finding employed three different methodologies (i.e., server records, customer surveys at the restaurant, and national telephone surveys), so their results cannot be
    attributed to some method-specific bias in data collection.”

    And the article is about educating blacks about the tipping norms in the end. It also mentions that blacks are put on the spot light for this when Hispanics and Asians do the very same. This is not a one race issue, its more like a society issue.

  • Go to hell, pastor. God has nothing to do with it. It’s your unethical behavior of insulting someone who had to serve your ass. You’re disgusting.

  • micro OP

    Isn’t christianity about grace and giving for the act of giving? I highly doubt the God you give 10% to would approve of treating your fellow man that way.

  • APlax

    She claims that she left the 18% gratuity on the check, but if you take a close look you’ll see the amount she wrote in for the total is the same as the amount at the top. I used to work at Applebee’s and the way the auto gratuity works is it prints how much the gratuity should be but does not add it up as a total. This is to account for the “additional gratuity” line in case somebody is feeling generous. Since this is only for large parties they usually wish to tip 20% if you were good. Regardless, it is still the customer’s responsibility to add the auto grat to the amount of the bill and write that on the “total” line. We are required as servers to only go by what the customer writes on the “total” line. Since she wrote the same amount she tipped $0. You also have to understand that servers are required to share a percentage of their total sales with the host and bar staff regardless of how much you make in tips. So, the server actually had to pay her own $ to serve the pastor.

  • callaslily

    This has nothing to do with race, or God. It’s just a simple lack of education when it comes to tipping, ignorance, and poor pay wages for waiters. It’s just that simple. Tips are optional, though I don’t think they should be with the wages that they are paid that to me… seem damn near illegal. This article screams out “waiters are slave workers and don’t make anything near min. wage”.

  • Barry Boo Boo Child

    Why should this messenger of God have to pay the pissant servant $6 dollars when that means she’ll have to go without $6 worth of all you can eat chicken wings?

    I mean just look at her! Poor thing. She looks famished.

  • Louise

    Lawd Lawd, why is it that we have this crappy tipper calling for the firing of a young service worker for exposing her for the ***** she is and then we have all these people making comment after comment about racist remarks etc. When I first read about this story the image in my head was of some white Baptist minister (and I’m white). You guys are getting WAY off topic here…This less than holy pastor got a young woman fired because her own ego was bruised….shame on her. Maybe her congregation needs to say a few prayers for their sinner paster.

  • Bill

    Yeah, stiff the white girl right? All in the name of Christ? I’m sorry pastor, but I attend church every Sunday. Your 10% tithing has nothing to do with cheating a young girl trying to make a living out of her pay…and she depends on that gratuity to survive. You’re just a cheap jerk who calls herself a Christian, and clearly you’re a racist too.

  • You make me sick. You got a low wage worker fired. I hope you are proud
    of yourself. What kind of christian are you. Oh I’ll tell you.. a CHEAP
    one. What would happen if your congregation did not give 10%? Your so
    called church would go under. The reason you give a tip is because
    that’s how they make their money. She did not put the 18% on there. Most
    restaurants put 18% on parties of 8 or more.
    Dan from Philly, and a Born Again Christian.

  • Stay your fat ass home if you don’t want to tip properly.

  • Self proclaimed Pastor? She needs to get a job where she doesn’t mooch money in the name of God. Maybe next week she will be a self proclaimed Bishop. Wonder where she studied Theology?

  • Applebees fails to mention that, just like all situations, there is ‘justifiable’ homicide. This fat racist preaching ‘woman’ provoked these poor waitresses that barely make ends meet. She’s ashamed, embarrassed, she made a poor judgement call, yet there’s no way in hell that any of the people at applebees made a poor judgement call and are regretting it now. “Fire all of those whites,” she said. I’m boycotting applebees and the black preaching network!

  • Tom

    The “Pastor’s” lack of tip explains why she’s a cow – probably never tips anywhere she goes but sure orders dessert with every meal. I hope here congregation refuses to tip her this Sunday due to her lack of fashion sense and unkempt appearance – praise the lord!!!!! – Organized religion – you gotta love it – slaughter innocents and never tip waitresses -WWJD all the way.

  • Applebicchs I will not forget your lack of moral standards. This is the problem.At what point did the dollar become more important then your Team members .As far as the stuck up bible hiding behind PIG or POS. You have no clue why you go to church? I do poser and Jesus does Too

  • Darl

    Is that an ice cream cone shes munching on in the picture , I bet she wishs it was

  • bry

    The pastor got what she deserved with all of the negative publicity. If she really wanted to make amends she should help the server find another job. The pastor ruined her witness by acting this way. If you want to talk bible, the bible reads: by thier fruits ye shall know them.”

  • This is no woman called of God. Had she been, she would know that God requires much more than 10% of all His people. She would know not to think, speak or write such an idiotic statement. She would know that God doesn’t bless cheap folks, He blesses those who give in abundance and sacrifice according to what we have to
    give. She would know what Apologetics are and though she is doing some apologizing, she has no idea. She would know that being sorry just for writing or getting a waitress fired isn’t enough and my guess is her sermon on Sunday will be more about her and her sorry excuses than about God and His Forgiveness.

    Alois Bell brought embarrassment to more than her church and ministry, she brought embarrassment upon herself, her family and more importantly God Himself. Perhaps now she’ll know who God really Is and what He
    requires of us. Very sad indeed that some pastors are so
    uneducated and lacking in true love. We so need people like this to be exposed them for who the really are and who they represent.

    Remember what’s in our heart is what comes out, so no lapse of character and judgment, that’s what she is. And we (Christians) shall be known for our love, obviously no love there and no true remorse or forgiveness. Temporary set back on the girl getting fired and poor judgment from the manager in doing so, but I expect her to be blessed
    above and beyond for her troubles.

    This little idiotic gesture from this so called pastor is one reason many chose to hate Christians and lose their souls in the process. I pray folks will see beyond her err and not bunch us up with the likes of her. I pray for her, that she come to terms with her own shortcoming and find a closer walk with Jesus and discover true Love…

    This are the type of situations that make me wonder if people really know the character of the God they so claim to preach. God is kind, God is honor, God is love. And he does not allow injustice. What makes people think they can behave like oppressors and all in God’s name? Really? Better read their Bibles again. God is still the same God that sends fire from heavens and consumes sin! Careful!

    We are all called to serve one way or another and reach to them as we were reached; and to teach others as we were taught and to train others to to the same as we were taught. In essence, Discipleship!!! The Great Commission with a great example of Jesus to follow

    REBT 🙁

  • ChiefLaughsAtSheep

    Pastor Alois Bell/Founder
    Truth in the Word Deliverance Ministries
    2600 N. Florissant @ Warren

  • abacobeachbum

    I wish that these articles would stop using a title that says that the bitch apologized. Until she apologizes directly to Ms. Welch for her ungodly behavior, she hasn’t apologized for anything.

    • HasWorkedInARestaurantBefore

      Well said.

  • bry

    “I give God 10% why do you get 18% SOLUTION:Give more to God

    • bry

      If i were her i would be worried about getting a booger in my food next time out

      • HasWorkedInARestaurantBefore

        Seriously, every person in the restaurant business should know her face by now and should hate her. lol She fcked up big time. I wouldn’t be surprised if some staff absolutely refuse to serve her. I would.

  • gypsygirlsrule

    Ughh…. Mondays !!

  • Frucking Fat Christian SOW needs to go burn in hell.

  • And Appleby’s can kiss my hairy, pus-filled azz before I’ll ever eat at one of their crappy restaurants again.

  • kc

    I’m sorry but when I saw a picture of pastor bell, it was exactly what I expected. Yep. All I’m going to say

  • How very christian of her…..

  • drevulphd

    Yeh right 15 member church, probably all her family so she gets benefits from the government, cheap bitch then gets the poor girl fired! Not a true person of god – to forgive – she is vicious and mean.

  • Since tipping is always such a controversial subject – here’s an idea:

    Why don’t restaurants BAN tipping altogether, and just pay their staff a decent wage commensurate with what they’re worth?

    You know – like every OTHER job out there? Do *I* get a tip when I turn in an assignment on time? NO. So why should a waitress (who’s paid a FAIR WAGE) need me to tip her when she does HER job as she’s expected to?

    How the hell did this tipping practice come about anyway? Sounds like a scam cooked up by restauranteurs.

  • Mom 0225

    You give her 18% because she is taxed on 8% of every tip she does not get because the IRS assumes you will. Because she waits on you and does not get minimum wage and you would be calling racism if that was you. You give her a tip because you are a good christian woman.

  • Mom 0225

    then you cost her her job, you Aloise Bell are a good christian woman.

  • HasWorkedInARestaurantBefore

    READ THIS. Here’s the way I see it. After I say my piece, vote up for completely agreeing with me and knowing what I’m talking about, or vote down if you have not experienced this at all and we will see which is majority and that hopefully this should’ve been common sense.

    If you have ever been given a uniform of any type, anything with a team/company/organization’s name on it, and it has actually been something you would like to wear other than when you are with that team/company/organization, what are you ALWAYS told? To not wear any of their articles of clothing when you might do something dumb that would disgrace the organization you are “representing”, right?

    Well, Bell, “Pastor” is your uniform. You did not HAVE to write “Pastor”, and guess what? If you hadn’t, this probably would never have even reached the news. No one deserved to be fired except for YOU.

    As a server/bartender working for tips, whenever I was having better weeks or whatever, I tipped better, trying to spread the generosity. I believed that if I was stingy on my earnings and didn’t pass them along when it was deserved, I wasn’t going to keep getting good tips. I know this might sound a little communist, but I swear it’s not. It was more of a karma type of thing, and just when you actually work for tips, you feel a lot more sympathy for those who wait on you. My boyfriend actually tried to make me tip less sometimes because I would do things like tip $5 on a $10 check. But as servers, we all know it sucks to pretty much get anything less than like 2-3 bucks, because if that’s all we get, how many tables will we have to serve to even make it worth it? And it isn’t a racist thing, but TYPICALLY no one wanted black people because they didn’t TYPICALLY tip. I’ve dealt with that as a hostess, server, bartender, and supervisor. However, when I served, I treated EVERYONE the same, I mean think about it whatever race they are, treating anyone with anything but your best service isn’t going to help you at all, and if they still don’t tip well, then they’ll get what’s coming to them. But I’ve also had many other people/races that didn’t tip well. It all depends on your outlook on tipping, your restaurant experience, and what kind of person you are. Just because posts are saying black people don’t usually tip/tip well, doesn’t mean that ALL don’t, and if you are part of the percentage that does tip and doesn’t belong in that stereotype, then great! That is amazing for you, you should be proud of yourself, and it’s people like you that give hope to servers like me that you can’t go out and wait on a table with a stereotypical attitude.

    However, race set aside, we all need to remember what we are really upset about and not make this an argument against each other. We are all pissed that this lady didn’t tip. We are all pissed that she used God as her excuse (which is an all time low I think). We are all pissed that she got Chelsea fired for her OWN negligence. And lastly, we are all pissed that this lady did all of these things, and OF all things, she is supposedly a “Pastor”.

    I hope this post gave peace to both sides. 🙂

  • Tina

    An eye for an eye? Her congregation should fire her. Turn the other cheek, Pastor!!! (smh)

  • Oh, Chelsea, this may feel like a tight spot but just wait until the sharks show up to get your movie rights! You are going to be a millionaire! Stand up for the rights of servers! Yee-haah! Ka-chingg!!!

  • POS preachers! Showing their true colors every day!

  • Shouldn’t she be giving God 110% ?

  • Jeezusgurl

    How could a “pastor” be so proud and shamelessly use GOD’s name to please her flesh… And for her to have been “homeless” at one point in her life,she should’ve been tender hearted toward this waitress and given her a tip… ..But this “woman of GOD” insulted this young lady and then ordered that she be fired from her job…..Pastor Bell, WWJD ? He would’ve blessed that waitress with HIS, words,actions, and deeds! But you chose to bring shame to JESUS name by becoming so heavenly high ’til you’re no earthly good !…Any body can put a title in front of their names,..But, it is GOD who annoits and fills with HIS HOLY SPIRIT….. You play the part,but don’t live the part ! I don’t know what “god” you serve. But, JESUS desires that all people come unto HIM, not pushed away and make them feel unworthy !

  • douglas

    the five kids ate free, you know

  • douglas

    that is why the bill was so low for ten people, on that night at applebees, kids eat free. Look it up.

  • thomas

    Is that her prison jumbsuit she is wearing

  • JustnoSense

    Why does everyone keep portraying this fraud as a “Pastor”?

  • givemeasmallbreak

    um, I have been a waitress in the past at many many restaurants of all classes and I am sorry but African American as well as church going people, on average, ran my ass ragged, expected me to treat them as though they were my only table, and tipped like shit. If you can’t afford to tip after your fat ass eats probably every morsel that was uneaten once you were done with your plate, then DON’T GO OUT TO EAT!!!! Temporary lapse in character my ass. Bitch just got called out. I’m glad it went viral because now the whole world knows what a fckng tool she is. Way to make christians seem like cheap assholes, dumbass.

  • cheryl turckes

    i think the pastor and their party should not be allowed in any applebee’s again they should be banned its a ploy for being cheap and expecting things handed to them as they think they are above everything and deserve everything for nothing i love applebee’s and i go 1 time a week with hubby for dinner and two nights a week with my daughter for snacks and a glass of wine and when i have company i take them to applebee’s and will continue to do so (keep up the good work ) but i do feel that the waitress should be rehired and be monitored for 30 days on a probationary period and spoken to about this

    • cheryl turckes

      and the pastor she should be let go as well thats a horrible thing she did and i bet its not the first time she has done this and if she is allowed to represent god it will not be the last she is rude snide and obnoxious and thinks she is slick and needs to be removed from the ministry

  • Igor

    You Ms. Bell are disgraceful. You are not even sorry that the waitress lost her job in an economy like this. You should have remembered that time when you were jobless and homeless. You call yourself a minister??? Disgraceful.

    • cherylturckes

      she is a disgrace to the church and to herself

  • truth DELIVERY free of chg.

    still no excuse to not tip a waitress and leave such a rude and unneccesary message for the young waitress. SCREW YOU alois! I hope YOU get canned and PRONTO! you do NOT deserve to be praised, and you MOST DEF are not a good example for your children. I shudder to think of the lessons you have taught them thus far.

  • Des

    I AM a server and I AM black. I have to say that bad tips come in all races. BUT I will say when the “holier than though’ crowd came in on Sunday they were the worst to serve and the CHEAPEST!!! Yes they were black.

  • What a loser! People like her ar ethe reason I have NOTHING to do with organized religion. I hope St. Peter shoves a boot up her ass when she gets to the gates!

  • JustnoSense

    Now… Dear Ms Chelsea Welch, NOTHING, this wannabe imitation Pastor did got you fired… Ms Welch… you got YOURSELF fired. Had you been in MY employ and secretly taking photograghs of RECEIPTS from MY business and posting them on the internet, I don’t care how loved you are or were among other employees, yes, I would have booted yer a$$ out the door, as well. I believe I know the calibre of this and likened “Pastor wannabes” You Ms Wech have opened a door to lawsuit against your employer by her. Of course you will be chased in the same manner… of course again… I’m sure there will be some “out of court” settlement agreement with the Pas… never mind I can’t even relate that term to the woman… and ya might thank the Lord above or whatever entity you give credence that the sum will be enough she’ll leave you alone.

  • SunnyNC

    If she, and people like her, are going to stroll the streets of heaven, I’d rather burn in hell.



  • AM

    IMO to set this right, she owes the waitress a new job plus interest on the money she would have made with the days she’s been unemployed. Praying to god isn’t near enough, especially since religion is fiction and can’t be proved.

  • Crmy Coco

    This heiffer needs to stay at home and ask God to deliver her cheap ass some pizza.

  • HasWorkedInARestaurantBefore

    Wow. You talk a whole lot of s*** for obviously not knowing anything. Lesson #1: YOU ADD GRATUITY FOR BIG PARTIES. Just about every restaurant does it, and this is because big parties are a whole lot more difficult than like a 2 or 4 top, and they make a MUCH bigger mess, that the server/busser is responsible for cleaning up. Well the server tips out the busser, so wouldn’t that suck for the busser if the party doesn’t leave the server any tip? Lesson #2: When you have bad service, including when you are a large party and have automatic gratuity added to the check, YOU SPEAK WITH A MANAGER. And with valid reason, the manager will remove the gratuity added, or comp something off of the bill. End of story. You should really know what you’re talking about before you go shouting BS that you are ignorant about and aren’t even knowledgeable enough to leave a post on. Just some tips for the next time you want to put your big boy pants on.

    Long story short- KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT.

  • Indubitably

    I resent that Applebee’s will target the lowest in their ranks, no matter how repulsive the customer’s conduct may be. Do they pay a reasonable wage so that waitstaff can make minimum wage without tips? No. Do they take responsibility for the mandatory gratuity which set off Bell and fueled her comment? No. Do they respect their employees enough to recognize that they have feelings and lapses in judgment too? Hell no. Even the official Applebee’s statement lies, citing their rulebook — which is clearly written to protect the company’s image — yet claims the broken rule is for the customers’ benefit. All the more reason to forego Applebee’s to one of their many competitiors.

    As for Chelsea, her biggest crime was .. oh, there was none. She may have fared better had there been no signature the first time around, but that is trivial.

    She seems to be an honest, good natured employee who would not be in this mess had she passed the image to a non-employee to post online. What would Applebee’s have done then – banned the posting customer from returning to the restaurant?

  • JaneM

    Notice she didn’t apologize for demanding that people be fired. Sooo, has Alois Bell ever even had a real job? A 15-member church with a tax-free status? And she’s going to preach on forgiveness?

    How about she preach about how to work a job full-time on your feet, where you make less than $4/hour, and then get cheap, prejudiced comments from fat customers who can’t afford to pay the acceptable rate, but could afford to miss a few meals? Alois Bell wouldn’t last a day in the shoes of a waitress.

    An 18% gratuity for large dinner parties is actually a bargain, and most establishments have both signs posted & notices on their menu of the standard charge. If she didn’t want to pay it, she should have gotten up out of the chair & saved everyone this ridiculous mess. The standard gratuity in many areas is 20-25% for large parties.

    A real church would fire her and not let her speak in public after such an un-Christian act, unless it was to apologize personally to the people she offended.

  • Don’t tread on me

    Because she was a white waitress and everybody knows blacks don’t tip because they think we owe them something

  • Don’t tread on me

    the people in her store front church did give enough that week to pay the full bill

  • Jenna Smith

    I used to waitress. At the time, we made something like $2.25/hour plus tips. Among the worst tippers were people coming straight from religious services, hands down. Sunday lunch tips were uniformly awful.

    I always tip at least 20% unless the server is really terrible, and even then I tip 15%. When the server is outstanding I tip 25-30%. I remember how it was.

    Obviously, Pastor Bell never worked as a waitress.

  • eddie

    What a miserable fat slob.

  • vfit

    ugly person , from inside out

  • Steelman205

    Used religion to try to save money. This isn’t her fat ass first time out to eat. She knew the tip rule. Cheap piece of shit

  • pastor of 15 member s ?? sounds like a tax cheat to me

  • Apparently, Christ wasn’t listening. Musta been busy helping abused waitresses somewhere…

  • Fyrmon

    She’ s only a pastor of not paying taxes! That what they do.

  • Now I see the light…the ‘pastor’ is a racist AND a sanctimonious liar.

  • Jlittlestorm

    Then take responsibility and beg for this womans job back.

  • Using God to get out of paying a tip. What a piece of shit! Typical African American. When it comes to tipping they think they don’t have to give as much because the white devil still owes!

  • Nancy

    Ummm….. if the bill was divided among several parties, they still have to pay the gratuity. If one part of the bill was $30-40, it’s likely the entire bill was in the $100-150 range. $6 is a paltry tip on a $60 tab, and it’s likely the server wouldn’t have made a fuss about the bill if the party had just left a decent tip in the first place. Plus the fact that she went out of her way to be smug. Sorry that you got embarrassed. Maybe next time you’ll think twice about being a jerk in public.

  • JG

    “She gave her life to Jesus when she was pregnant and homeless”
    (1) You’re bot homeless anymore so stop acting like it
    (2) Hope Jesus only gives you 10% on your judgement day.

    • jg

      ‘not’ not ‘bot’

  • thetruth

    lol stupid bitch bell

  • Alois Bell that doesn’t tip waitresses at Applebees also doesn’t believe in paying her bills. Go to Missouri Case Net and search her name or 1222-AC09827 – VATTEROTT PROPERTIES INC V ALOIS M BELL ET AL (E-CASE)

  • mary

    thats what happens when u dont educate urself in theology u get jackleg ministers poppling up everywhere

  • “Bell claims that she left a $6 tip on the table and later discovered that her credit card was charged the 18%”

    wow. the dumb bitch really doesnt understand the concept of auto-tip.

  • Ice1004

    I used to work with her in St Louis and remember this “Pastor” as causing numerous issues in the workplace. She has always been disrespectful, rude, and was unable to get along with others. This doesn’t surprise me coming from her.

  • C.J.

    Nothing less for us to do but to boycott Applebees’ and the greedy American Evangelical Pastors bent on promoting the Doctrine of Prosperity lifestyle, as Miss. “Pastor” Bell clearly embraces….

  • Fina

    Looks like she needs a tip – ‘stop eating so much’

  • Obviously Alois Bell has no problem eating 18% of her body weight every day. Cow.

  • Alois Bell, thou shall not steal.

  • KingofGypsies

    Usually blacks claim that a “hair was in the food” just get a freebee. I’ve never seen this trick…

  • How exactly does she give God10%? Does she write him a check or give him cash, money order? Give me a break. I highly doubt since she claims to be a pastor herself, she gives any money to the CHURCH. The people who attend the church give the money to pay HER salary! Maybe they should give less to her!

  • I’m not taking a chance on going to hell for eternity…you be my guest.

    • StopRoll

      Actually, you are taking a chance as well. There are a LOT of religions and gods out there, many of which claim that a person will burn in hell for eternity should they worship a different god. Sure hope you picked the right one!

    • Colleen

      That’s a shitty reason to dedicate your whole life to something, and you know it.

      • Guest

        (sorry – replied to the wrong person, but only know how to edit; not delete)

    • lol

    • There are seven billion people on the planet. Even if Christianity turned out to be the ‘right’ religion, that’s still FIVE BILLION people that God’s gonna let burn in hell for eternity. What a way for a ‘father’ to show ‘love’ to his ‘children’.
      – Reverend Flash

  • petunia

    What happened to the “actual” server? Since it says that the Chelsea girl wasn’t it. Umm…I don’t feel bad for the Chelsea chick at all. Not one bit. She didn’t have any reason except mean spitfullness to repost the reciept. Shame on her…maybe she will have learned a lesson.

    Do I think that you should leave a tip? Most of the time yes, but it the sevice is horrible then no, not at all. Its is called “working for your tip”…so therefore a good waiter/ress should get more if the service is great…but with a flat tip already put on the bill I have to wonder if the service was worth it. Or did the server think they didn’t have to work for it since it was already being taken anyway.

  • Momof2boys

    Really?? Really, Pastor Bell?? SHAME. ON. YOU! This is very disturbing that you could leave such a terrible comment on a check- after you and your 10-person party ate, drank, and got yourself stuffed-up with food. I’m sure, being a ‘Pastor’, you already know that greed is a sin. Therefore, SHAME ON YOU for not leaving that little girl a tip AND taking away her job as well! REPENT!

  • WWJD? Leave a decent tip. “Pastor” Bell is a joke.

  • I’m sure at seminary school when she took her vows they told her, “now you’re ordained by god, go out unto the world and be a shit-head and treat people like crap”!!! Why do religious people think that because they go to church they’re better, but they just are nasty, judgmental,and hate filled! Going into a building and reading a book doesn’t change the grotesque person you are inside!

  • d burnett

    Wow, she embarrassed herself with that comment and then gets the woman fired. This woman is not a true Christian in any way, shape or form. A Christian would not treat anyone else like that. Applebees should be ashamed as well; how hard is it for a business to stick up for their employees when someone is absolutely out of line. Years, ago I waitressed and a group of 5 adults with 5 kids is not an easy group to keep happy. Most places post right on their menus that groups over 6 have an automatic 18% gratuity. I guess this woman thinks she should be treated special? Maybe she should waitress instead of ‘pastoring’ for some fake church.

  • highlyopinionated

    Give me a break!!!! “Pastor” Bell was not dining out in a large group for the first time… In many establishments the gratuity is added for groups as small as 6… She was well aware of that before she picked up her first glass… The bottom line is she “let her light shine” and plenty of others got see exactly how her TRUE light shines…

  • Not Racist, Just Truth

    NEWS FLASH: Black people do not tip. I’m not racist, but have worked in Service Industry jobs across the US and, as a near hard and fast rule, when an African-American customer sits at your table, your expectation of a tip just went out the window.