Shahs of Sunset’s Asa Soltan’s Diamond Water: Ridiculous, or Healthy and Luxurious?


Reality stars often use their new fame to develop new products and brands, but nothing’s quite been like Asa from Shahs of Sunset’s Diamond Water.

It’s kind of like The Manzos’ Blk Water swapping out fulvic acid for diamonds.

Asa has been studying diamonds for a while, and believes her diamond infused water can be the greatest water ever made. She’s been making the alkaline-infused water since she was about 13 for herself, but now she wants to bring it to the masses.


“I’ve been researching diamonds for years. They contain genetic molecular information from the beginning of time since the earth was made. So, diamonds’ vibrational energy is the original energy from the creation of the world.”

On tonight’s episode of Shahs Asa goes shopping for a “perfect, big diamond” to grind up into her water. “I am looking for a very, very, very special big diamond. I’m making diamond water. I’m making this beautiful drinking water infused with real diamonds.”

The diamond store owner takes her in the back to check out the big diamonds, and she starts to feel out the diamonds she wants without looking at them (they’re in little envelopes.)

According to Asa Diamond Water has three critical ingredients, “one is water, and then there’s diamond, the perfect diamond that I’m gonna find, and love energy, which will also have to be infused into the water.” She’s seeking out a big diamond because she says the large diamond will have a different type of energy. “The science of is that that diamond will charge up any carbon organism near it. We’re carbon organisms. That’s how powerful a diamond is.”

She places the diamond on her forehead to feel the energy going through her third eye chakra, so she can tell if it’s the right energy.

She plans to sell the water through her website

Jeff Proubst tried some of Asa’s Diamond Water back in December:

Asa actually makes the water by putting the diamond in the water. She told us last season when she was making diamond water for herself:

“I collect flowers — the kind of flowers that remind me of my grandmother, that we have in Iran. Then I go with a boat into the ocean and I get a big flask of water and I put diamonds in it, for the energy of these diamonds to get infused in the ocean water. And then I put the petals in there.”

After this becomes available, the Glitterati will HAVE to be hydrating with this stuff. How could they be photographed with anything else? Asa should give Kim and Kanye a call about repping for Diamond Water.

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  • Glitzy Texican

    This just shows that rich people will really spend their money on the stupidest crap. Maybe I should make cubic zirconia water and market it towards the working class…

    • elftails

      I was thinking about just running some tap water over my engagement ring to make my own water!

  • Yup, I said it

    Asa looks a fortune teller with a traveling caravan circus or something. Considering how nasty and mean girlish her behavior has been towards GG and MJ, I dont think her diamond water works.

  • Dante’s inferno

    You should spend that money to feed the hungry in food banks you self indulging bitch! Go back to the desert where you belong!

  • I’m newly addicted to this show. The funniest part was the awkwardness from the jeweler guy while she was putting the diamonds on her forehead. She is so weird and I think she might actually believe what she is saying. Scary. lol

  • Angela

    Asa is great I love her style and her way of keeping traditions alive . People keep talking about how she is mean, but she is merely not taking any crap that spoiled girls dish out.

  • John Smith

    Haha, I find it funny that everyone is bashing Asa for wasting her money when Asa isn’t even rich… she’s only worth 50k! If you notice at the beginning of season two, she can barely even afford to live in her own house, much less start a water business. I don’t see you guys complaining about the price of Fiji, Pellegrino, or Voss water. Also, how many people do YOU GUYS feed a week? Just sayin’

    • Faraday Defcon

      Fiji, Voss, even Dasani dont claim any crazy shit like what she is, so STFU you retard. Do you sell this diamond water crap or something? Why do you defend it?

  • John Dough

    Asa smells like rotten fish when she opens her legs

  • HeywoodJa

    Total pantload.

  • Selena

    While I find Asa very entertaining, I would never, ever buy her “Diamond water”. If I have to pay for water, it will be in a glass bottle. I have never trusted plastic, and simply find that beverages that come in cans and plastic don’t taste as fresh and pure as what comes in glass. And honestly after watching her infiltrate the bottling facility with “sage smoke”, it probably polluted the “pure” environment. She is a sloppy kind of gal, which is fine, to each his/her own, but don’t live a “sloppy” life and tout purity in a product. But that “bit” with the diamond on your third eye was hilarious!!

  • Reza the stache

    BUT WAIT….if you order diamond water in the next 30 minutes, you also get a free bottle of purified camel toe water!!!! (just pay seperate shipping and handling)


  • Archangel

    This is even dumber than Madonna’s stupid Kabballa water
    Anyone dumb enough to pay $36 per liter for this made up goofy crap deserves it – a fool and his money are soon parted


    I have cubic zirconian water for 1/8 of the price.

    • dezlady97

      That really made me laugh out loud.



    • Guadalupe Ernie Diaz Jr.

      Jimmy you are so damn funny, Hugs handsome

    • Faraday Defcon

      lol fuuuuuuuuuu****k lolollolol CZ Water

  • Wesinoregon

    If you want alkaline water just add some baking soda to it. It’s much cheaper.

  • LC

    wow. hilarious. diamond water. seriously?

  • Faraday Defcon

    @Glitzy Texican no, rich people are rich because they DONT buy stupid shit like this. She’s nothing but a con artist and should be fined and shut down by the FDA. The restrictions on “alternative medicine” have been lifted too far. This bitch deserves a jail cell