Amish Mafia’s Lebanon Levi Stoltzfus MySpace photos and bio

Amish Mafia Lebanon Levi Stoltzfus myspace

Discovery’s new series Amish Mafia had a hugely successful premiere last week as more than 3.6 million viewers were introduced to “Lebanon” Levi Stoltzfus and his band of Amish Country vigilantes. While researching ol’ Lebanon Corleone’s criminal history (which is 100% booze-related arrests from what I could discern) I ran across his profile on the internet’s version of the horse and buggy, MySpace.

On the site, Lebanon Levi (Real name Levi Stoltzfus) shares a number of photos in which he looks a little less intimidating while going on a tropical cruise to St. Thomas. It seems that people who aren’t living up to Amish standards aren’t the only things this mafia man likes to lean on! He’s also pretty fond of railings:

UPDATE – Levi’s photos have been removed upon his request. They are still viewable via MySpace at these links:

Levi Stoltzfus in St. Thomas leaning on a rail

Levi Stoltzfus and his truck

Levi Stoltzfus lookin’ dapper on a cruise ship

Levi Stoltzfus in St. Thomas leaning on a rail 2

Levi Stoltzfus lookin’ dapper on a cruise ship 2

In addition to the photos, which appear to have been taken and uploaded in 2010 (Seriously, someone was still uploading pictures to MySpace in 2010?), Levi also provided a bit of information about himself, one line of which (in bold) I found particularly interesting:

About me:
im outgoing love to hang out love friends love to work going on vacation been many places!! i love four wheeling going to my cabin enjoy sports hunnting fire fighting helping others! i love traveling going to the beach concerts or just a nice time at home!! im easy going loving with a warm heart dont like to hurt others or it hurts me. hate to be bored lol!! i love to hang out with friends aswell i love somewhat daring things did a 300 feet bungy jump was exciting!! as me anything i will tell you lol

Who I’d like to meet:
someone who just wants to be friends or someone who wants a relationship!! someone who is active loving and caring someone who loves to travel but dont have to ill stat home lol someone with a loving heart and loves to have fun!!

This sure doesn’t sound like the Amish Tony Soprano to me! There are approximately 140 words there, 12 of which are either “love” or “loving.” Awwwwwww! Forget Tony Soprano, Levi sounds more like Teddy Ruxpin! Normally that’s not a bad thing, but it could really backfire on you if you’re trying to intimidate somebody. “Hey, wait a minute! Aren’t you the guy with that MySpace profile? The one about love this and love that and the only friend you have is MySpace? BAHAHHAHAAHA!” ***door slams***

Here are the rest of the deets from Lebanon Levi Stoltzfus’ MySpace profile:

Status: Single
Here for: Dating, Serious Relationships, Friends
Hometown: newmanstown
Orientation: Straight
Body type: 6′ 2″ / Average
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Religion: Christian – other
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Children: Someday
Smoke: No
Education: High school
Occupation: construction
Companies: [redacted upon request from Levi]

You can catch more of Levi and his crew on Amish Mafia airing Wednesdays at 9/8c on History!

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  • Nancy

    He seems like a nice guy. Why the mean spirited article?

    • Ron

      I call bs. The clown has a black guy running and knowing his activities. Would never happen. Not by anyone who knows anything. If he’s so wealthy what’s he roofing and siding and such. Fail

      • Balls

        There’s money in construction.

  • mapk peebles

    Your a big fish in a small pond you are a punk? Really get real punk! You are easily taken down!

  • Cal

    Oh lord. Not only do I know this man, but I also grew up in the area he’s from. I didn’t know we had a mafia until this show so I call fakes. We have like no crime.

    • Julie Childers

      I think Levi is SO handsome!! Fake or not, who cares!!! I have a sexy man that I can watch on Weds. 😉

  • SoupOrMan

    My supervisor at DISH said this show was fake and after
    reading this I completely believe him. I mean, the show certainly looked pretty
    fake. But if this is what “Tony Soprano’s” personal info looks like then am
    definitely not watching a single episode. I am lucky my DISH Hopper
    auto-records all of the big four networks prime time shows with the PrimeTime
    Anytime feature. Because if I recorded Amish Mafia instead of X Factor then I
    would be really upset right now.

  • BAM

    and he has pink sheets… HAAA

  • Pagansun

    Coming from Lancaster County I can say I have seen these people around
    the area dressed as Amish prior to any Amish TV shows …. but in
    reality there is no Amish Mafia, Fixers yes … but not church
    sanctioned – Amish Keg parties, Amish pot fields, cars, computers just
    about anything the English do the Amish will do. I’ve even seen Amish
    men going into porn stores. The show does give a more realistic look
    into Amish life than most documentaries on the Amish have done in the
    past – Historical perspective likes to whitewash and water down the
    realities of life this is open and raw and does give you more of a
    realistic view of the Amish.

    • flop

      all amish aren’t the same. some amish groups are old old old school. some aren’t so old school. and some are in the middle. i see some driving cars, and going to school (college). just realize there are multiple amish groups. all are not the same. im not saying the show is 100% real by the way.

      • stormyt

        thay are called New Amish. they broke from the church about 10 years ago. thay can have a few comforts.

        • flop

          thanks for the info

          • stormyt

            dont get him confused with the new amish. side by side they all look alike. it if the car keys that is the main difference.

  • american veteran

    keep calling us english instead of americans and the shooting at the amish school wont be anything compared to whats going to hapen

  • american veteran

    i dont want my comment missconstrued. im not threatening anyone. im not going to do a thing but ive talked with many vets returning from afghan and they are flat out crazy and capable of any calling them english on national tv is insulting them and all thier friends that died for the right to be called americans

  • Delco Don

    There’s a new boss. In Delaware County Pa. His name is Nick P. he’s a real business man and has ten times the man power to do his dirty work. These cow tippers better stick to mowing lawns and clearing fields. Come to the South Philly or Delco where my crew controls everything. We would shake these guys down in front of their cameras and friends

  • stormyt

    since this has hit the air, i bet richland bore may deny the burning of the trailer. Richland is a very conservative boro. I had a garage 1 block from where they want to burn it.

    I am digging into this for personal reasons. He totally disrespects the amish ways. At most he may be Mennonite.

    Hell I knew PA German at one point.h

  • Amor

    Big fan here, I enjoy the show a lot. Levi – if you truly love Esther, you will be patient and give her time to come around. You are perfect for each other: at one time (14yo) she was the most vulnerable member of the community; you now choose to try to protect that same community. John’s “greed” (maybe he’s just supporting esther & her family?); esther’s seeking out jolin; her temporary rejection of you – all interrelated.

  • Esther

    Kill Yo Self Lebonon Levi

  • Kenneth Fessler

    so what the deal with ester i though she was dating levi and now we here she has a black boy frend and i though dating outside your race was not the amish way

  • Megan Andrasovsky

    Are you joking! This guy needs to go to jail. I hate violent of any kind someone who use violent against they own should be shamed . Shame on you no wonder the amish church want him out.