Dalis Connell’s mom Kelley loses battle with cancer

Dalis Connell visits her mother in the hospital in California

Teen Mom‘s Dalis Connell received some sad news this weekend. Her mother, who had been battling with cancer for several months, passed away. Luckily for Dalis, she was able to spend some some of her final moments with her mother with a little help from the Dream Foundation.

Dalis Connell’s official fan page sent out the following post to fans this morning:

“Please know that this is very difficult to write. It is with great sadness that we have to report that Kelley has passed and Dalis has received a guardian angel in her mother. Your prayers and well wishes did not go unappreciated and they meant more than you will ever know. There are many family and friends of Kelley on this page and our thoughts and prayers are with you during this very difficult time. We ask that all fans please respect the privacy of Dalis as well as all of Kelley’s family and friends. ♥”

'Teen Mom' star Dalis Connell with her Dream Foundation t-shirt

A couple of weeks ago, Dalis was able to make her second trip to California to visit her mother, thanks to funding from the Dream Foundation. After getting the news that she’d be able to fly out and see her one last time, she posted the photo above along with the message, “Thank you SO much to the “Dream Foundation” who heard our story! My brother and I didn’t have enough money to go see my mom in her Hospice home in California so the Dream Foundation paid for our plane tickets to go see her this weekend 🙂 this will be our last weekend with her.. and I couldn’t be more thankful I get to see her one last time. Love you mom! see you tomorrow!!!”

'Teen Mom' star Dalis Connell's mother Kelley before she died

Early this morning, Dalis posted the above photo of herself and her mother on Instagram with the caption, “My guardian angel. I miss you so damn much mom. I love being told I look like you. I love you. #RIP.”

At the top of the post is a photo of Dalis and her boyfriend Ryan Edwards from their trip to visit Kelley back in September.

Our thoughts are with Dalis and her family during this difficult time. You can send your condolences and words of support to Dalis on Twitter or post on her Facebook fan page wall.

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  • Reader

    How sad. I read that her oldest brother was murdered in 2010 and now she just lost her mom too. I can’t imagine being just 20 years old and having to bury two immediate family members. My prayers are with Dalis and her family during this difficult time. I’m glad that Dalis and her brother was able to go see her one last time and that she was given her mom’s wedding set so she always has something left to cherish.

  • tab

    i’m so sorry to hear that her mom has lost her battle with cancer. she’s at peace now. my thoughts are with dalis and her brother.

  • Tiffers

    Thoughts and prayers are with Dalis and her entire family. I lost my mom last March she was only 56. Daily I hear how much I look like my mom and I love it as Dails loves hearing how much she look like hers. RIP

    • Bri

      Sorry to hear about your mother’s passing.

  • So sad!

  • JEM

    Question: is ryan still with dallis? he doesnt follow her on twitter
    and she deleted him from her bio….!
    Ryan follows maci now

    • Bri

      What does this have to do with the passing of Dalis’ mother?

    • Hey

      Why does it matter? We all know that when they break up they broadcast it for the world, something that neither have done. Maybe they got into a fight and unfollowed each other and took each other out of their bio’s and then her mom passed and they never got around to going back to normal? Maybe they decided to take a break because she’s going through a lot right now? Maybe they did break up and then her mom passed and he’s comforting her right now. None of us know their relationship and it’s not important.

    • Jess

      Thoughts ad prayers go out to her! Sources say she’s been confiding in her ex boyfriend for support….maybe her and ryan did break up if shes talking to the ex….anyways what matters is her healing through this pain

  • Bri

    My deepest condolences to Dalis and her family. R.I.P. Kelley.

  • Jennifer Miller

    So sad. I’m currently fighting cancer, so I know how hard it is first hand. Thoughts and prayers are with her.

    • MsDopetacular

      God bless you!! I pray that ll is well with you!

  • Mel

    I thought she was doing better 🙁

  • Jean

    I didn’t realize Ryan Edwards girlfriend was a celebrity.

    • Jean

      First you post about Kim Kardashian’s former pet cat, now some Z-list celebrity’s mom? No offense meant, just commenting on the “news worthiness”.

      • Olivia

        this is a human thing you know…

    • Kelly

      This is a post about her mother dying and all you can do is complain about how she’s not a celebrity. Wow.

  • justinandzaynhavemyheart

    I am literally crying :'(

    • RoseDawson

      you should literally get a hobby.

  • Em

    why was she so far away in california?

    • Boyd

      Her parents divorced when Dalis was I think 6 and her mom moved her and her brothers to California. When Dalis was 16 her and her brother came to live with her dad and step mom in Tennessee.

  • Purple kiwi

    This is heartbreaking. I’m glad she got to see her this one last time. This has to be said though: why the hell does dalis have a fan page?

  • Kara

    R.I.P. Stay strong, Dalis.

  • Jaela

    I really don’t like Ryan and I didn’t think Dalis’ should have out up with him. Anyway, this isn’t about him and it is tragic that Dalis’ mum died and I’m very glad she got to see her.

  • JustMe

    How sad. But I was wondering…why does she have a fan page?