PHOTOS Ashley Whitt from MTV’s Buckwild in a bikini and body paint

Ashley from Buckwild in a bikini

A while back word came down the line that MTV green-lighted a show that would feature a group fresh out of high school doing their own thing in the state of West Virginia. At the time I thought it could have the entertaining possibility of being a mix between Jersey Shore and The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia.

It looks like MTV has the same idea as the coveted Thursday time slot once occupied by the guidos and guidettes from Seaside Heights will now be the home of Buckwild. Starting January 3rd at 10PM EST you’re gonna get to meet the new faces for the show and one of them is “tom boy” Ashley Whitt.

Ashley doesn’t give a darn and isn’t afraid to sound off about it at all. Her Twitter feed is a buffet of “if you don’t like it so what” statements. For example, check out this recent tweet to the haters:

MTV describes her this way:

“The Tomboy” Wild and carefree, Ashley is known for being one of the guys. She’d rather get down and dirty in the mud than deal with local drama — although she doesn’t mind starting it. She’s the bravest and most honest of her friends, but always the one to stir the pot.

Here’s a pic of Ashley showing a little down home Mountaineer hospitality in body paint that doesn’t leave much to the imagination:

Ashley from Buckwild topless in bodypaint
Ashley Whitt of Buckwild gets some body paint art

Meow from the woofpen! You can click on the bikini pic for a larger version and on the photo directly above to wave away those West Virginia flags.

Having done some back checking it looks like Ashley may very well become the star of the show. Peeps are either gonna lover her or love to hate her but either way that equates to some good ratings.

  • paige

    thats trashy puttin pics up like that , buckwild is nothing but tryin to make country people look trashy , truley yall look like lil whores

  • Bob

    I’d hit it

  • Juicy

    she is truly one ugly girl…where did her top lip go?

  • Mike

    Don’t see what pic’s ya’ll are looking at but she is so got damn sexy times a million all i got to say is keep it up sexy!!!!

  • SouthXSouthwest

    MTV’s ‘Buckwild’ – living proof that parts of the south still believe ‘Deliverance’ was a documentary and therefore the need to continue with inbreeding. That gene pool is shallower than a kiddy pool with two inches of water sitting in the Arizona desert on a July afternoon.
    Insider word is that Ashley’s had two abortions, the last one paid for by MTV. She’s one big walking STD.

  • truth


  • Danielle

    I don’t like this chick. She seems like the type of chick that has low self-esteem and will sleep with your man just to feel better about herself.