VIDEO Shananay interviews Farrah Abraham, awkwardness ensues

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham appears on The Shananay Show on Shane Dawson's Youtube channel

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham seemed a bit unprepared for what was in store when she sat down with Youtube personality Shane Dawson (as his famously ridiculous character Shananay on The Shanany Show) for an interview promoting her book My Teenage Dream Ended. The result will most certainly be inducted into the Cringeworthy Hall of Fame.

WARNING – Contains profanity.

I think Shane summed up the clip pretty well after the interview when he said, “Well, that was the most awkward video in the entire world. You know, sometimes you just never know how a celebrity’s gonna react to Shananay. Sometime’s they get the joke, and sometimes they don’t. And sometimes you have the most uncomfortable interaction with a person you’ve ever f***ing had! Either way, hopefully it was fun to watch, and hopefully Farrah doesn’t come to my house in the middle of the night and murder me in my sleep.”

Farrah Abraham on Shane Dawson's The Shananay Show on Youtube

I’m thinking whoever does booking for Farrah should take the blame on this one for not properly preparing her for what was in store. (Of course, I suppose it’s quite likely Farrah handles her own booking. So…) How could they have not seen this Shane Dawson clip from early September in which he and his friends rail on Farrah, her website, her book, and her pasta sauce!

WARNING – Contains profanity.


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  • Katrina

    Maybe this shows just how desperate Farrah is for publicity? You know what they say, any publicity is good publicity.

    • she’s nuts

      she has to be. how can someone in their right mind post something so dumb and those songs are ridiculous

  • Ashley

    I know this is really annoying but this sentence was painful to read “(Of, course, I suppose it’s quite likely Farrah handles her own booking, so…)”. Of course, I suppose it’s quite likely Farrah handles her own booking. So…

    Just sayin’

    • sam

      I noticed that too. I see at least one typo in every one of Starcasm’s post it’s very painful to read in general.

  • Ashley

    No wonder she doesn’t have any friends.

    She calls him the loser when she can’t even remember the title to the first chapter of her own book? Haha.

  • just askin

    is shane gay..i need a link to the interview

    • whoops

      nvm.i didnt know the video posted was the interview…

    • me

      No he is not. He’s been dating Lisa Schwartz another YouTube personality for at least a year now.

  • just askin

    I think farrah was p-laying rigth a long with this video..acting…i dont think she was really mad.

    • BeccaLuviinStan

      at least someone gets it1

  • Kelly

    They should give this guy his own show, not Farrah. lol

  • Laura

    Is it just me, or does it seem like everything Farrah does is half-ass? Her horrible music, her terribly-edited online videos, her cooking “passion”, her crappy book. It just seems like she doesn’t put a whole lot of effort into making something quality. She is all about more, more, more!

  • Mike Abraham

    I wish she would have kicked his (her) _ss. My girl Farrah kept her cool!

    • K

      LMFAO “his (her)” GOOD ONE MICHAEL!

    • meg

      LOL kept her cool? by what acting like a stuck up bitch the whole time. Clearly it was a comedy act and she cant joke, maybe she should have looked up Shane Dawson first so she knew what she was getting into.. sorry not sorry

  • OldNavy3684

    This is amazing. Thank you for this Shananay!! I loved when he was playing the long and he lost character because Farrah is just that stupid lmfao

  • Agnes

    Ok, I’m not a big fan of Farrah, but it’s obvious that this guy/girl/whatever it is was mean and rude. Everyone would be pissed and upset after a ‘interview’ with such person. People dislike Farrah (For what? I know many obnoxious people and none of them gets bashed for every single word or action, even if they’re total jerks. Farrah isn’t nice, but she finished some sort of school and makes a living for her and her kid. People like Maci much more, even though she does nothing but being ‘famous’ and partying like crazy.), they dislike her so much they’re happy when somebody treats her like s**t. Nobody deserves to be treated like that. Nobody.

    • Jenn

      Anyone who has seen Shane Dawson’s videos knows this is how is always is. He is a crude person, but that is his personality and she should have known that. The thing is she has probably never heard of him but knew it would get her attention because of his Youtube following. She screwed herself booking that “interview”.
      I am not a Shane Dawson fan because of some of the videos he makes, but I know what is coming from him so she should have known too.

    • rebecca

      that’s his style… ofc he would interview her like that. as soon as she knew “shanaynay” would be the one doing the interview she should’ve prepared herself.

  • tab

    that was hilarious! i’m sure they told her to act like that, she would never seriously do an interview like that. she’s “too good” for people like that in real life.

  • WowAtThePpl

    Farrah looks like a damn robot. Is there anything real about her anymore?!

  • BeccaLuviinStan

    This video is not real guys! if you look at shanes other videos you would be able to tell that! she’s ACTING!