REPORT 16 and Pregnant’s Sabrina Solares diagnosed with cancer

16 and Pregnant Sabrina Solares and daughter Audrey

16 and Pregnant Season 4 cast member Sabrina Solares has reportedly been diagnosed with cancer. All the Teen Moms broke the story on Sulia a short while ago, and since that time a statement reportedly from Sabrina has surfaced online:

I got some news yesterday so bad I didn’t know what to do, everyone around me freaked out while they asked why I was so calm, the doctors found cancer its very very early stages and depending on how severe the test come back hopefully they can just take it out, but on the other side ima have to go threw test and nonsense but I am hoping and know that its nothing and they can simply take it out, I’m still smiling and being silly please keep me in your prayers that everything’s alright.

Sabrina’s official Facebook fan page later added, “More information will be updated about Sabrina all we know now is that there are cancer cells showing and tests are being done about how severe it is. Prayers please.”

Sabrina, who appears to still be residing in Nashville, TN with daughter Audrey, has been active on Twitter, but has not addressed the diagnosis. We wish Sabrina and her family all the best and applaud her great attitude! We will update as soon as we know more.

(The photo at the top was shared by Sabrina on October 4 and includes her daughter Audrey asleep in the background. She posted the picture along with the words, “Taking my baby for a drive because she was not sleeping! Finally past out #stressed #sickbaby #istayedcalm”)

  • KH

    Praying for her! That is scary but its good that she is keeping a positive additude! Is she still with her babys father Iman.?

  • tab

    so very sad, she’s so young. hopefully they caught it early enough for her to make a full recovery!

  • glk900

    No, All The Teen Moms by that fraud Clouse did not break the story….Sabrina broke the story when she announced this publicly and Louse just copied and pasted to her crummy site that gets about 2 visitors a week..don’t give this idiot any credit as if she is a journalist..she cannot even spell half the time.

    • Lings

      She posted a thing I think yesterday titled “Catelynn Lowell shoes off engagement ring.” She’s changed it but I found it rather hilarious that she couldn’t spell even the title right

  • Kay

    @glk900:disqus you are obviously an idiot. Heather Clouse does not have the website all the teen moms, she has the website teen mom talk. All the teen moms belongs to Jamie Blackwell. If you are going to criticize at least state the right facts.

  • Bri

    So sad. I hope she’s doing well and I wish her the best 🙂

  • Lara

    Was it just a smear test showing abnormalities or has she actually been diagnosed with cancer?

  • A

    i personally have not had cancer, but my mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. she had surgery on tuesday and has been recovering at home from it since wednesday morning. my point about all of this is family and friend support is what she needs… i hope she has it! it goes a long way in the recovery process

  • Tracey

    Awe sad