Teen Mom 3 girls filming reunion special soon?

Teen Mom 3 cast Katie Yeager Briana Dejesus Alex Sekella and Mackenzie Douthit

Although MTV has yet to announce the cast of the upcoming Teen Mom 3, we have a pretty good guess which four of the 16 & Pregnant girls have been chosen. As we’ve previously reported, the cast looks to include Mackenzie Douthit, Katie Yeager, Alex Sekella, and Briana Dejesus — all four of which have been dropping hints that they will be meeting up again soon!

Yesterday, Mackenzie spilled the beans, so to speak, when she tweeted, “I’m excited:) I havens see all your beautiful faces.” Alex replied, “Belly and I can’t wait to see all these cute babies we have one beautiful group of kids.”

“Gannon is going to be the ladies man! Lol,” noted Briana, to which Mackenzie replied, “I just realized he is the only boy! How lucky for him to get to see all those beautiful girls.” While Katie didn’t address their comments directly, she did re-tweet Briana’s comment about Gannon being a ladies man.

Katie and Briana also exchanged a few clueful tweets back on September 21:

BRIANA: @Katiebyeager can’t wait for u kno what! I’ve been having withdrawals lately loolllllolllll

KATIE: @BrianaDejesus_ I have big plans for us babes!! Better be ready to party.

At this point Briana tweeted something she meant to DM and quickly deleted it, but not before Katie responded:

KATIE: @BrianaDejesus_ yes I did 🙂 and I am right there with yeah! Eeeeeekkkk can’t wait!

BRIANA: @Katiebyeager hahahahhahahaaaaai f***ed up with the tweet man

BRIANA: Lol I was suppose to send it as a dm -.-

It seems the gals have already mastered the art of saying stuff without actually saying stuff!

Teen Mom 3 scrapbook

So, it appears the Teen Mom 3 cast (including the kiddies) are going to unite soon, and since they have reportedly been filming Teen Mom 3 for the last several months, it makes sense that they are meeting to film the Reunion Special – or perhaps the post-show interviews. Plus, none of the other 16 & Pregnant girls have mentioned any such meeting, so it’s not a 16 & Pregnant season 4 update special.

The cast has pretty much been known for months, so it’s odd that MTV hasn’t made the official announcement yet. What could they possibly be waiting for? Who knows, maybe they’ll announce it during tonight’s Jersey Shore season 6 premiere. Or maybe next week’s “Amber Behind Bars” special – theoretically the last last show for the original Teen Mom series.

  • Katie

    In my opinion these girls just seem sooo fake compared to the original Teen Mom cast. In the first one they didn’t know they were gonna be famous, it just happened. These girls went into it knowing exactly what would happen. I just really dislike the newer ones. They should’ve stopped at Teen Mom 2.

  • tab

    this show just needs to be over.

  • Mia

    Katie is the only one I like. Katie is the only one I view as a positive role model of these girls.
    She’s going to school, she didn’t take Joey back the first sign that he
    wanted her back, she seems to be the only one with any sort of degree of
    ambition and drive in her life. I’m rooting for her. I don’t find the other girls likable, though.

    MacKenzie is an annoying jesus freak that I’m not totally convinced didn’t want to get pregnant. She was yelling at this other girl on twitter because this girl said it was unrealistic of MacKenzie to preach abstinence. Um, I don’t know if MacKenzie knows this, but she’s not exactly a virgin. I don’t need sex-life advice from a 16 year old on the cheerleading squad with a 1 year old baby. I don’t think she comes off as motherly, either. She goes out with her friends all the time and does cheer and all this other stuff. She seems like she’s more of Gannon’s dedicated big sister.

    Brianna has all sorts of derogatory slurs on her twitter. That alone is enough to make me dislike her. I’m sure she’ll be lots of fun to deal with once the show airs.

    Alex is, well, Alex. I’m not convinced that she didn’t want to get pregnant either. Even more so then I am with MacKenzie.

  • Manders

    I’m sorry but all of these girls are bricks. The dumbest of them all is Alex, who posted a picture of her then 5 month old in a forward facing car seat. Smh. These girls know NOTHING.

  • Lyss

    Not just reportedly, I watched them film Alex Sekella at my dance competition, I sat next to the camera crew during a couple dances and sat directly behind them during the award ceremony!