Who is Bernice from South Beach Tow?

The name of Bernice from South Beach Tow is Lakatronia Brunson

The unquestionable star of truTV’s South Beach Tow is the take-no-crap, bad a$$ momma Bernice. Some of her quotes are legendary, especially this one:

I dont care if you call Obama b!tch!!!”

All of this love and adoration had folks wondering who Bernice was and what she does when she isn’t taking out the trash for Tremont Towing. After doing a little investigating we have unearthed the true identity of Bernice. It turns out that Bernice of South Beach Tow’s real name is Lakatriona Brunson!

Lakatronia graduated from Miami Northwestern Senior High School in 1995, she also attended Tennessee State University. She played basketball at both.

Bernice from South Beach Tow Tremont Towing
^ Lakatriona as Bernice from South Beach Tow

According to her LinkedIn profile Miss Brunson works (possibly worked) for the Miami-Dade Public County School System. The official site for Parkway Middle School lists her as the SCSI teacher. The SCSI teacher in Miami means that Bernice handles kids when they’re sent to in-school suspension. SCSI stands for, “School Center for Special Instruction.” I know I wouldn’t mess with Miss Brunson after getting in trouble!

She also once worked as a P.E. teacher at Earlington Heights Elementary School. Pretty cool that Lakatriona does her part professionally to help the kids in her community.

Perhaps even cooler or at least just as interesting is that our girl was once a professional football player. You can read all about that and see a photo of her ballin’ here!