PHOTOS Jenelle Evans gets huge leopard tattoo, explains what it means

Jenelle Evans gets a large leopard tattoo on her hip

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans has never been one to sulk for very long, and just a week after breaking things off for good from on again/off again boyfriend Kieffer Delp not only has she found herself a new man (and potential new roommate) in hunky Courtland, but she’s also gone and gotten a huge hip leopard tattoo!

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' leopard tattoo on her hip

The 20-year-old reality star posted these photos earlier today along with tweets like, “Oh mannnnnnn! Ouuuuch!” “Tattoo complete šŸ™‚ take more pics later. The leopard print fades up my hip !!!” and “Up close view of my new tattoo. A lot better picture !”

She took to Sulia later and explained the meaning of the leopard tattoo:

I have been planning this tattoo out for a while now but I never wanted to get it done because I didn’t feel as if it was the correct timing because it didn’t mean anything to me. I thought that it would be stupid to get it without any meaning.

Just recently I thought about it and got it! The Leopard itself represents how strong I am but no one knows and they underestimate my strength so that’s why the leopard print fades away.

I’m so strong and no one sees, I guess no know one sees my strengths because I do it discretely.

It’s very hard to explain my tattoo but I know what it means. I hope you guys understand, lol.

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans shows off her new leopard hip tattoo

The leopard joins Jenelle’s growing collection of skin that includes a butterfly skull on her lower back, the letter “J” for Jace on her neck, a rose on her shoulder, and a massive cherry tree blowing in the wind on her back.

So what do you think of Jenelle’s elaborate new tat? I can’t help but think of that old adage about a leopard not being able to change its spots šŸ™‚

UPDATE – Here are a couple more photos shared by Jenelle after the initial batch along with the tweets, “Here’s a good close up of my whole tattoo. I’m wearing my bathing suit bottoms so nobody freak out.” and “Haha so cute god I love my new tattoo !!”

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans leopard hip tattoo Twitter photo Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' leopard print hip tattoo photo
  • teresawest


  • Jme

    Jenelle needs to quit spending money on tattoos and spend some money on seeing a psychiatrist…she has major issues and needs to work on her getting her life together for her son…she is a disgrace.

  • Mrs.bags

    Could have been tasteful…that just looks amateur ! Train****

  • monica

    I like the consept of the tattoo but the tattoo itself and the design of it is pourly done

    • everyone

      Just like your spelling.

      • Silentme


  • Xo

    I think the real meaning is that Jenelle is a freaking nutter who has really bad taste in tattoos.

  • katrina

    If Jenelle was truly strong she would grow up and start taking responsibility for her own child, she also wouldn’t always need a man in her life. But what sickens me most is seeing how she’s spending her money from the show (this tattoo and all the nice things on her twitter images). I just hope Barbara is getting a big chunk of that money to help raise Jace. :/

    • Ace

      I saw it reported that Jenelle gets $85,000 and Barbara gets $75,000. Pretty shitty that Jenelle gets more, but hopefully she’s paying more than $30 child support now.

  • Poorly done tattoo. Why does the leopard have a Hulk arm?

  • Ace

    Um no.. no one sees your strength because you can’t even take care of your own kid, or be single for longer than a week. Nothing strong about any of that.

  • posh

    and her arm tattos and her crotch tat, dont forget about yolo tattoo as well

  • i think it could have been a cool tattoo but its poorly done that one arm isnt shaped right

  • Sunshine

    That tattoo is ugly as sin.
    “Xo” & “Bebe” hit the nail on the head.

  • Ash

    I agree, this tat was done like crap. Why is it’s arm so much bigger than it’s head? I wouldn’t be showing pics of this one off online!

  • Just Saying

    Maybe Jace drew it o_0 LOL.. I agree poorly done tat. With all that money she makes on the show she could have seeked a PROFESSIONAL and legit artist..

  • ssg

    retarded, i think jenelle is insane…

  • just wondering

    Does she have one on each thigh?

  • tab

    one of the stupidest tattoos i’ve ever seen. right up there with maci’s cupcakes on her back. plus, i could have done without seeing her nasty, stretch-marked butt cheek.
    she can’t just hold on to her money, always wasting it.

  • yep

    The good news is she looks like she’s lost some weight and is looking more like her old self. The bad news is, when she gets fat again that thing’s gonna be all stretched out.

  • HC212

    So obsessed with herself. So self indulgent and immature. I have absolutely no hope that she will ever get herself together and it’s time to stop blaming mom.

  • Ashley

    The leopard looks like it’s stretching after a nap while flexing a bicep.

    Also, nice way for her to show off her bare a** to the world.

  • ashley

    Wow, she got super skinny.

  • anonymous

    Ugly tat. and those are VS panties, not her bathing suit!! Liar. I know b/c I have the same pair. Shes a dork

  • Jaclyn_Mary1367

    she may not take very good care of Jace. but NONE of y’all have any right to judge her. did you ever think doesn’t want to stay single very long because she’s scared of being alone. being a teen mother is one of the hardest things. i garuntee half of you have no idea what she’s going through or you’d look at it from a diffrent prospect. she’s 20. not 50, we all can’t grow up in 5 minutes. some take longer than others. Janelle made a great dicession for her & her baby by letting her Mom raise it. don’t hate, because she’s very strong when she reads what you lowlife people have written about her & still holds her head high!

    • Sarah

      yeah,its hard and very stressful to raise a child as a single term mom……too bad Jenelle doesn’t have a clue about doing that. She holds her head high because she’s am arrogant dumbass. There’s NOTHING about her that makes me jealous,fool!! Grow up.

      • Sarah


    • Nikki

      Wow…so the people who call out a “mother” for not raising her child are the low lives, but not the “mother” herself? Unbelievable! You can “garuntee” all day that we don’t know what she has went through, but I can assure you…many of us have been there, done that, and have custody of our children! The sad thing with Jenelle is she has been given MANY more opportunities than most teenage moms. How many teenage parents are busting their butts at McDonalds just to make enough money to pay the rent and provide for their child? Jenelle (and the other teen moms) got a good chunk of money for doing nothing other than having a child…enough money to buy a decent car, pay bills, buy diapers and food, and to even put a down payment on a house. How many other teen moms (other than the ones on the show) are given this opportunity? And guess what? These moms that work so hard for so little actually have their children and take care of them ON THEIR OWN. We all make mistakes, but Jenelle makes the same mistakes over and over again and doesn’t care. Know why? Because she knows her mother is raising her son and she just doesn’t give a crap! She doesn’t want the responsibility of raising a child. So quit coming on here telling us that we’re all jealous haters for stating the truth that Jenelle (and obviously you) is too friggin’ delusional to see.

      • Jaclyn_Mary1367

        you still have no right to judge her. at all. stfu & grow up.

        • Nikki

          How do I have no right to judge her? If she didn’t want her business of being a terrible, disgusting mom to be known to the world, she shouldn’t have signed a contract with MTV. She shouldn’t post every bit of business in her life on Twitter. Sorry, if you put it out there, ANYONE has a right to judge. Otherwise, keep your business to yourself.

  • Deanna

    anybody else notice that these photos are of a leopard tattoo on 2 different sides of her body??? did she get two or is someone trying to pull a fast one? the one of the fresh tattoo is on her right side the other is on her left side????

    • Sam

      Its because she was taking the pic in the mirror. Its just on her left side

  • mcw

    Funny how the first three pictures show the tattoo on her right side then the last two show the tattoo on her left side.

  • ohmygeez

    Looks like a stuffed toy.

  • Gg

    When you take a picture in the mirror it flips it people. Cute little tired chubby leopard. Bleh! Waste of $$$$!!

  • I know the difference between right & left side even in a mirror the tatto parlor shot is def showing her right ass cheek & leg

  • tattooedobsession

    that’s one of the worst tattoos i’ve ever seen…

  • micky

    If you can’t even explain what the hell the tattoo means in coherent words, then it probably doesn’t mean a damn thing.

  • <3

    The tattoo is very poorly done, it’s in proportional! And those are VS panties not a bathing suit bottom! You can see the tag on them & I also have those. She’s a pathological liar and that’s why kieffer went to the media to sell you out!

  • ashleyann

    shitty mom shitty tattoo shitty person.

  • Burkey

    Seriously why is that one leg so big. Not a well done tattoo. You’d think if she’s gonna waste her money on things like this instead of her son, that she’d at least make sure its good quality.

  • Sarah

    She needs to learn who animals too. It’s NOT A FRIGGING TIGER,JENELLE. This girl is PURE TRASH! No hope for her. Poor Jace. She just said she took her birth control out of her arm,oh boy. She needs to be committed for some help.

    • ha

      if you would have read it’s because it would counter act with her bi polar meds. she is in the pill instead.

  • SuCKA12

    in the top pictures the tatt is on the right side and in the bottom pics its on her left side, weird …… but i agree with previous comments i don’t think jenelle is strong in any way, she is actually a coward especially cause she let her mom raise her kid. this girl is off!

  • Michelle

    I have a leopard on my back, and I must say mine turned out amazing, but hers not so much! I think she should have just done the leopard spots on her hip, it looks so cute in the very last photo!! The arm and long hair on the leopard just ruins it.

  • glk900

    you are an idiot

  • kai

    Isn’t she the coal burning crack wh*re? Yeah what a class act this one is! At least she’ll have the requisite trashy tattoos when she’s working at the strip club. Ugh can you imagine all the STD’s this trick has? I’m surprised she can even walk with all that pus and disease up in there. Lol supposedly she had an “ovarian cyst” burst? Uh huh…I bet. You know the saying…once you go black….you get AIDS. Gross trash bag.

  • wiggly

    sorry but it looks like it was drawn by a 12 year old… I see a coverup in the future…

  • Jwill

    Why doesit look like it was on her right hip but now in the photos its on her left hip?

  • nena

    I love. It I think it cute & I totally understand the meaning of her tattoo šŸ™‚

  • Phoxee

    Looks like Jwows tat………..copycat betch. I can’t stand her bipolar/schizo arse.

  • valeska