Maci Bookout on Teen Mom final episodes and co-parenting with Ryan Edwards and Dalis Connell

Maci Bookout and Bentley of "Teen Mom"

Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards have always had a hard time co-parenting. Now, as fans prepare to say goodbye to the cast of Teen Mom after four seasons, we will get to see if Maci and Ryan can finally work through their issues and reach common ground.

On an upcoming episode, fans will see Maci have Bentley give Ryan a call and invite his daddy to his birthday celebration scheduled for that evening. Even though Ryan agrees, the party doesn’t go as planned. “Bentley’s birthday was pretty emotional in dealing with the custody stuff with Ryan. Birthdays and holidays are the hardest because we have to share him,” Maci tells Us Weekly.

Maci had been in a commited relationship with Kyle King for over a year during filming on the last season of Teen Mom, and although they broke up after filming wrapped, they are back together now and stronger than ever. Ryan was also in a relationship with Dalis Connell, who fans met this season. The two recently celebrated their one-year anniversary, and while there have been a few break-ups, it never lasts, and they are still together today.

Ryan Edwards girlfriend Dalis Connell modeling photo
^ Ryan Edwards’ girlfriend Dalis Connell from a recent modeling shoot

Maci may not have been fully supportive of Dalis when she first met her, but now that she’s gotten to know her, she’s come around. “I’m a fan of her — she’s a really good girl. She’s responsible and really good with Bentley,” Maci says of Dalis. “I know [she and Ryan are] on and off a little bit and that’s aggravating because I don’t know what Bentley’s exposed to, but besides that, I’m rooting for her. I hope Ryan doesn’t screw this up!” For more of Maci Bookout, tune in to Teen Mom‘s final two episodes on August 21 and August 28.

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  • smh

    Dalis looks so hot in that picture

  • Rally

    Haha Ryan upgrades and Maci super downgrades and also is on the down slide to ugliness herself.

  • Joei

    My mom loved my dads one girlfriend…and she was super pissed when he messed it up lol

  • ABR

    I’m starting to dislike Maci. To me, she seems rather interested in partying with Kyle, then spending time with Bentley. Notice, you always here about her vacationing somewhere with her boyfriend. She starting to get like Jenelle here. #NOT good

  • Brittany

    Regardless of how much people dislike Maci that was a very mature thing to say. I like her and I think she’s pretty. I also like how she’s not afraid to wear sweats and go without makeup on film.

    • PRB

      It *might* have been mature –if Maci had left out the dig about not knowing “what Bentley is exposed to”.

      Funny how these girls get props from their fans for the stuff that regular moms to every. single. day. And WITHOUT any fanfare! Maci wants Ryan back BAD. That is her number one problem (and sadly, in my opinion, her number one priority).

  • Vix

    Of course thats all you would hear about. Cause no one is going to read all the boring stuff she does. But that doesnt mean that she is partying and going on vaction all the time. I dont agree that Ryan upgraded. I mean she is cute but I honestly do not thing Dallis is that pretty.

    • Vix


  • Izze Riane

    I love that they’re both in decent relationships. Both Kyle and Dalis seem like good people. Although sometimes I feel like Dalis tries to hard to be a mother to Bentley. Maybe I’m wrong since I don’t see it first hand. As long as Bentley gets love and family I’m rooting for them. Benny blows my mind how smart and well behaved he is most of the time. He’s a great child and deserves a great family.

    • Kelly

      She probably just doesn’t know how to handle it. I mean on the one hand she needs to have Bentley respect her, but on the other hand she probably feels as though she’d be overstepping to discipline him. She just needs to strike a good balance

      • Izze Riane

        Definitely. It can’t be easy. It’s kind of the same thing with lng term babysitters. I know how that it. And it’s hard to find a balance where you’re comfortable and not stepping on anyone’s toes.

  • tab

    maci, honey. ditch the blonde on black. ditch the fake tanning and the heavy make up. you’re a naturally pretty girl, you don’t need to do anything to yourself.

  • Ashley

    She always has to have a dig at Ryan, saying she hopes he doesn’t screw it up. And isn’t it rather hypocritical of her to say that it’s aggravating the way Ryan and Dalis have briefly broken up a couple times? She broke up with Kyle for a couple months and even dated someone else (whom she introduced Bentley to and even traveled with the two of them) between their break up and reconciliation!

  • Jessica

    I used to be a big Maci fan. Not so much anymore since she seems to have an alcohol problem. But I will say this:

    She has shown much more maturity than the majority of 21 year olds in her position. Maybe even more than most 30 and 40 year olds. Just going by the content of last weeks episode, Maci is a public figure. She speaks to large audiences, and has quite a following on twitter. With that comes questions from press, fans and haters. Dalis had absolutely no reason to get mad and throw a fit about the answer that Maci gave. Until Dalis has a ring on her finger, she is a NON-FACTOR in the relationship of Ryan, Maci, and Bentley and needs to mind her own business.

    Even though Dalis seems like she might be sweet and a good influence on Ryan, I hate that she posts tacky photos of herself in swimsuits on the internet.

    • Nerissa

      Dalis is only with Ryan because he’s on TV. She is posting all those lame ass photo cause she thinks she has a chance of being a model. As soon as the camra’s stop, she. Will be gone as well.

  • Melissa

    Am I the only one that doesn’t think Dalis is that hot? I mean she’s a pretty girl, but I wouldn’t call her above average…I just don’t see a real wow factor

    • Lola

      I agree! I have always thought that!

  • Jessica

    I don’t see how Dalis post photo of herself online in her swimsuit. Is tacky its not like she is posting photos of herself. Drunk and acting a damn fool on twitter and Facebook like Maci. If anyone is tacky it is maci not Dalis she has more class in her pinky finger than maci. Maci has not been acting like a mature adult in a while and every time maci has something. To said about Ryan she has to slide in a negative comment in there all she to said is . It is hard to co parenting but we make it work Ryan has a great girl I’m happy for him that’s it. Why does she have to said oh I hope he does not blow it

    • Jessica

      Posting pictures in a swimsuit is not tacky (although it does scream “attention whore”). I said the pictures themselves were tacky. Bad lighting, cheap swimsuits, bad spray tan, bad photoshopping her boobs. She claims she is a “model.” You never see real models in photos like that.

  • You Don’t Know My Name

    I’m glad that show is going off the air. I used to love it and watch it religously, but it has gotten completely ridiculous; has been for a while, actually. Maci and Farrah are wittling away their money on breast implants (that don’t match their body) and I swear they have a new car every episode; it’s revolting… and if Maci changes her hair one more time I’m gonna barf. I’m not saying that she has to let herself go, but damn, it just gets old seeing them focusing on their image as opposed to anything else. Anyone else notice Tyler’s new CADDY… goes great with his trailer. lol Really balanced.

    • amelia

      LOVE that Caddy & trailer comment! So true!!! I thought the same thing. I also felt like Tyler & Catelynn are acting. Like they are rehearsing their lines. Catelynn is always biting her fingernails & acting like her & Tyler get along ALL the time…so fake.

  • Angela


  • Ashley

    On Teen Mom, Dalis seems disrespectful, insecure and jealous. I’m glad if she’s changed.

  • Emily B…

    you know what i have been a fan of maci for all 4 seasons, because she is not only the best mom she can be , and hell ya she’s a little rough around the edges everyone is but she is aways focusing on bentley and whats in his best intrests. She has always been really reasonable, mature and real with bentley, kyle, ryan, parents and with ryans previous relationships. She is always being the bigger person and ya she picks on ryan sometimes but ryan is just as mean and to me they both should just shut up when they are arguing not only because it is in front of bentley but thet are both fighting for the same thing BENTLEY!!!!

  • Why are her hands pale and her arms tan? Ewwwww