How Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson brings home the bacon for Honey Boo Boo’s family

Sugar Bear from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Honey Boo Boo’s baby-daddy Mike Thompson seems to have managed the art of sleeping sitting up while maintaining his sanity among all the other women in his household. So how does “Sugar Bear” bring home the bacon for beautimous Mama June and the rest of the family? Let’s investigate and properly redneckognize our leading man!

In the premiere episode June casually mentions that Mike works 7 days a week as he loads up into his truck. So where does Mike work? According to his Facebook page, the hardest working man in Middle Georgia show business works for Snowco General Contractors.

“I work for snowco general contractors in mcintrye for almost 8 yrs I work in the chalk mines and love it”

Here’s Snowco’s pitch via their official website:

Snowco General Contractors, Inc. was established in early 2000.  Snowco has been one of the fastest-growing companies in the Middle Georgia area.  The business is located in McIntyre, right in the heart of Middle Georgia.

Snowco has the experience, manpower, and equipment needed to make your next project a success.  There are no projects to big or too small for Snowco.  Snowco meets or exceeds all of the necessary insurance requirements needed to perform work.  We offer services to commercial, industrial, and residential clients throughout the Middle Georgia area.  All of our employees are MSHA certified and attend Snowco regularly scheduled safety meetings.

The mission of Snowco General Contractors Inc., is to provide services to our customers that are competitively priced and that consistently exceed their expectations.

Give Snowco a call before you start your next project and let us work with you to make it a success.

According to the official website for Wilkinson County, GA, kaolin mining is the chief industry of the region:

Kaolin mining and processing is the principal industry in Wilkinson County. The valuable white clay is used in many manufacturing products including paper, paint, rubber, make-up and medicines.

Those train tracks you see running almost through his living room make their way through the region primarily for that “white gold.”

Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson

In addition to Sugar Bear’s time spent with Snowco the 40-year-old is also a volunteer firefighter in Irwinton, GA. Mr. Thompson also added the following in his info from Facebook:

I love helping ppl out my 6 yr alana is into pageants and has become a celebrity from it and we support her in everything she has her own show coming out in august 8 on tlc but we r still common ppl living the country we go 4 wheeler riding all the time and hanging out with some great friends…if u want to know just ask

Hard working man who loves what he does and the people he does it for. I think it’s safe to say that Mike is my kind of fellar.

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  • Annie

    This show is pretty damn funny!

    • madamemoose

      to anybody with a good sense of humour, it IS damn funny. people should ease up on them. they only hurt themselves with their bad eating habits, and they are genuinely entertaining. also, how can you watch shugie showing his love for his woman and family and NOT feel some warm fuzzies for him and them ?

  • yeah

    This is a new low for this site, if you’re going to be covering this retarded reality show; I’m gone.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Almost every website is covering them today.

      • Hayzii

        If all of your friends jumped off a bridge….. you know the rest.

        • Starcasm Staff

          The point was that it would be difficult to find an alternative website that’s not covering this show in some way if you’re so against visiting websites that do so. We love covering this show whether or not other sites are doing it.

    • Nattie

      Alright I have a crazy idea. Please listen closely. I know it’s odd. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Crazy right! Simply skip over the stories you don’t want to read. Or go to a different website. No one is forcing you.

    • teacher2511

      Nothing “retarded” (and the use of that word is insulting) about this family. They are genuine, and this man is obviously hard working and provides an honest income for them, unlike the Kartrashians who sell pictures of themselves and their newborns to the highest bidders

  • Jayla

    Hahaha, go starcasm! This site is layed out so you can scroll through the headlines and CLICK if you want to read the story. Where’s the logic that you all complain about the articals YOU clicked on to read further. Kinda makes you look stupid..

    • CiCi

      Right on Jayla! (And right on Starcasm!) Agreed.

      I say keep the Honey BB coming. This kid is hilarious, and I actually adore her family. Works for me 😉

  • helloisitme

    I hate the way starcasm covers Jenelle and Farrah, but I still choose to read it and rant, or move on.

    I’m not sure why people seem to hate these guys so much. Obviously he’s providing for the family and giving back to the community on top of it. I mean sure they are overweight and very low country, but they don’t seem any more trashy than 90% of the people on reality tv.

    • teacher2511

      Rather would watch this great, honest family then a bunch of whining rich nasty housewives or a trashy family that sells their newborn’s pictures and buys solid gold toilets!

  • Paula

    I usually don’t watch reality tv, but for this show I’ll make an exception. Their family is hilarious! “Work it, Smoochie!” lol

  • Alli

    The only thing I don’t like about them is that they give the little girl Red Bull! But otherwise, they are pretty funny… the mom is hilarious, as well as Honey Boo Boo of course!

  • whoa

    I would rather see this type of family on a reality TV show then the dozens of wealthy spoiled housewives that are taking over TV.

  • Amelia

    How many people believe that all the show is really real life of these people? No staging or props or scripts raise your hand..Hand raised to the sky..

  • amy

    I run a hotel in honey boo boo’s town and I think she’s adoreable. Get a grip folks she’s a kid geeeze.

  • Mable Humpries

    Congratulations! I will be watching and cheering for you.

  • joystick

    This family just screams “trailer trash”!

  • teacher2511

    He is obviously a hard working man who loves his family. I’d rather see this type of man and family on Television then the stars that are rich and spoiled, buying solid gold toilets for asses to S**t in.These folks are genuine. Sure, they may have some bad habits, but don’t we all.

  • Gat-Man

    This family gets ripped for not caring about all the crappy things going on around them and instead just loving life and having fun. Wow people are stupid, atleast they are enjoying life.

  • Jane

    I like that June’s girls are girls. With the exception of Alana “dolling up” for pageants her girls are kids. Even the sixteen year old mom is still a kid. Not overly sexualized like the Kardashian girls. Even Pumpkin’s boyfriend is like a first crush kind of relationship. With him kidding around with all the girls. Nothing sexy, just kids growing up. After Chickades’s pregnancy I am sure Mama June has a keen eye on those girls.