PHOTOS VIDEOS Alexis Bellino and Jim Bellino’s Sky Zone trampoline park

Alexis Bellino and husband Jim Bellino open a trampoline park in Anaheim California

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino and her husband Jim have just opened their very own Sky Zone franchise in Anaheim, California. Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline park which allows children and their parents to literally ‘bounce off the walls!’ Sounds fun right?

Alexis recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about their new business venture. “My husband is an entrepreneur and he wanted to find a career that he enjoys doing, as well as make a good living,” she said. “Sky Zone is perfect for us because we have 3 little kids and we can work and play at the same time.” The indoor facility hosts dodgeball games, foam pits, sky slam basketball courts, and Skyrobics.

Here is an intro video featuring Alexis Bellino giving a tour of their first Sky Zone park in its early stages of constriction:

And here’s a clip featuring Alexis (and Jim Bellino!) showing you the finished Sky Zone Anaheim facility!

Alexis and Jim have a son, James, who is 5-years-old and twin girls, Melania and McKenna, who are 4-years-old. “We can’t seem to get the kids away from the trampoline any longer!” She adds, “My son is seriously talking about working there. The girls love making a basket on the basketball trampoline courts – they are 4-years-old and they could never do that anywhere else!”

Real Hosuewives of Orange County's Alexis Bellino at Sky Zone trampoline Park in Anaheim

Although we think this is a super-fun idea, it leaves us wondering, how did the Bellino’s get the idea for their trampoline park? Jim Bellino explained that his business partner contacted him after visiting a competing trampoline park and Jim was so impressed by the concept that he purchased the rights to build Sky Zone facilities in San Diego and Orange counties. The Bellino’s Sky Zone is a 35,000 square-foot facility and the first of six set to open in the upcoming months.

Curious about how much it costs for admission to the Sky Zone trampoline parks? Here is a pricing list from the company’s website. (Click to enlarge)

Sky Zone trampoline park admission prices

Now that Alexis has found a new passion, do you think she’ll give up on her hosting dreams? She’s reportedly not even sure about returning to Real Housewives of Orange County! (Personally, I don’t think Alexis was cut out to be an on air personality, but I’m guessing she could be a fantastic in air personality! Mmmm… Alexis Bellino on a trampoline.)

Alexis Bellino bouncing on a trampoline at Sky Zone trampoline park

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  • realityfan

    Jumping for 120 minutes, I don’t know about that! But it should do well! The bottom 2 pics of Alexis look distorted. Her face looks puffy?

    • Lisa

      She looks great. Alexis is actually the nicest of the OC hags. Good for them…. the business is a great idea….and definitely is going to be successful. Props!

      • Hayzii

        realityfan – I agree she looks really weird. She has one of those faces that is ok from some angles and other angles she looks like a total plastic freak.

  • Sailor

    Looks like major liability lawsuits waiting to happen, & a perfect location for breeding flesh-eating bacteria.

    • That was my first thought as well. I see major lawsuits on the horizon for the martinet and his plastic puppet.

  • Sweetiepie

    Hmm isn’t that special. I wonder how much their insurance policy premium is, because I see liability all over that place.

    • Hayzii

      I’ve been to similar places and you must sign a full page waiver taking all responsibility for any injuries and even death that might occur there.

  • Mimi

    its hard to hope they succeed. they’re insufferable when they’re not successful.

  • Feisty

    They will rack in some money and blow it all, not pay their bills then file for Bankrupcy….I see it the making. Like Jim’s use to doing.

  • I thought this pair owned a ’boutique hotel’. What happened to that venture? Boy, Jimbo changes businesses more often than his underwear. btw: I didn’t understand why he stormed out of the party just because Tamra took a seat. If he had a brain, he could have asked Tamra (& Heather) to leave because he wanted to speak to Terry (reasonably) alone (except for the ever present film crew). What is so difficult in asking for privacy? Instead, he initially ditched his wifey and nearly stranded her.

  • piperoni

    That is a cool ideal.We really like the bellinos.Lexie looks great.God Bless there family.Girl you are the fav for us of all the housewives.

  • Roo

    Jim was a true man to leave. when hateful tamra sat down. tamra needs to go.She has deep rooted issues and treats people beneath her. heather and terry phony. they kiss you and say glad your here. then talk behind your back.heather is like mommie dearest and terry more wire hangers.she wares the pants.they creep me out talking about the bellinos.they are obsessed.

  • Jessiemoon

    We have these all over Northern California.. it’s not an original idea in the least. “Sky-High Jump” and “Great Jump” are two of our locations. 2nd happiest place on earth.. gimme a break Alexis.

  • I see you Jim

    Jim just found a way to launder money with a cash business that charges too much per person. To make money they need to have a full building everyday. Not going to happen in this economy. So he must be laundering money for his partner. But don’t worry TV viewers the IRS will catch up and and put them both in JAIL. Alexis do you know what kind of steel jail bars are made from?????

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  • Alexandra