16 and Pregnant’s Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant is pregnant again

16 and Pregnant Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant with son Brody and husband Cody

16 and Pregnant Season 2b alum Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant posted some very good news on her Facebook page earlier today – she and husband Cody Tarrant are expecting their second child!

“Hey everyone!!!!!!” Brooke wrote, “I just wanted to announce Brody will be a BIG BROTHER in December. Cody and I are very excited to share the news with everyone.”

Brooke, who is now 19, later revealed in the comments section that she is 7 1/2 weeks along and they do not know the sex of the baby yet. (If it does turn out to be a girl, it should be fun to see if Brooke still likes the name Emma Dawn, which is what she wrote on Formspring would have been the name of her son Brody if he had been a girl.)

And speaking of Brody, here he is (now 2 years old) from Easter 2012:

16 and Pregnant Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant's son Brody at 2

UPDATE – Brooke’s mom was kind enough to leave a comment below to help clarify a few things:

Just to clear up a few issues here… Brooke and Cody were together 1 1/2 years before she got pregnant with Brody. They have been married almost 3 years. They both have good jobs, they own their home, have 3 good vehicles, are great parents to Brody and not on any form of welfare. They have very good insurance through their jobs. They pay their own bills. This is a planned pregnancy, Brooke had her IUD removed the end of March. They wanted Brody and the new baby somewhere close to 3 years apart, which they feel is a good distance between the two. So yes, this is a family to celebrate. Breaking all the negative statistics.

Need a memory boost? Brooke was the race car driving 16 year old from Mansfield, Texas. She made 16 and Pregnant history by being the first cast member to get married before she gave birth. She and her husband Cody, who is one year older than Brooke, would later famously purchase their first home – a small barn house! (You can find out all about Brooke and Cody and their son Brody in our detailed profile post HERE.)

Congratulations to Brooke and Cody! They are one of my favorite couples from the series, which given the 16 and Pregnant track record for break ups may not seem to be saying all that much. But, I really, really liked Brooke and Cody! They seemed genuinely kind-hearted, fun, and hard working, and it seemed like they really had a shot at making their marriage work – which they apparently have!

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  • Blahblahblah

    Very good news? Are you kidding me? She’s 19 and going to be saddled down with 2 kids. Great news would be hearing if these girls actually graduated college….or high school.

    • Ashley

      I agree. I wonder if this one was planned.

    • Jen

      Exactly. Why are they getting a “congratulations?” She’s another pregnant teen…that is nothing to be proud of. I’d be ashamed. But whatever.

      • Kelli

        The girl is 19, her HUSBAND is 20- they’re married, have a stable home, and obviously know how to raise a child. So I’m not sure how there’s room for ANYONE to critisize? Would it be better if she and the babies father were on and off, in and out of trouble, or even better the father was just some random guy? Would that be a better story for you all? Leave the poor girl alone, she’s an adult that made an adult decision with another adult. None of you know them personally, so STOP JUDGING PEOPLE. If you all worried as much about yourselves as you are about other people you’d be in good shape.

        • Sharon

          Kelli please shut up. Nobody needs you defending children having children. I don’t care if the law says you’re an adult at 18 these two made one mistake and covered it up with a marriage and you somehow think that makes them “stable” and “knowing how to raise a child”?
          Then they go and get pregnant again for absolutely no good reason and you want people to “stop judging” them? How about you quit acting like this is a good thing and see it for what it is. Another future divorcee who became a statistic as a teenager.

          But hey I wish them all the best. Blah.

          • Kelli

            Sharon- … my guess is that YOU yourself are a child? Because only a CHILD would have a response like that. How is having a child- while in a marriage- after obviously responsibly taking care of one child “having a child for no good reason”. Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were in charge of their life and can make the decision for them. I didn’t know you needed to sit down and list all of the “reasons” to have a child? Are you in their marriage with them? Or a part of their life at all? NO! So get off your high horse and worry about your own life instead of judging other people for the decisions they make in theirs. What they do has absolutely no effect on you, or anyone else for that matter- only them. Grow up and mind your own damn business. If you didn’t like the article, or the contents of it, DON’T READ IT. Problem solved, you’re welcome. Now you better hurry along and get back to class- I’m sure you’re what.. in your senior year? Good luck with that.

            • Sweet Venom

              I agree with you Kelli. The fact that Sharon told you to just shut up right off the bat proves that she is a child.

              While I do agree that having two children at the age of 19 is not great, it’s their life and they can do whatever they want. At least the mother is not in and out of jail, on drugs etc. The dad also seems to be involved and at least they are both providing for themselves and their children. There are parents out there in their 40’s who are not doing as well so everyone needs to stop judging so quickly.

          • Marie

            um excuse me sharon? I got pregnant with my oldest child at 19, gave birth to her at 20. Then I got pregnant with my second child at 20 gave birth to her at 21. Then i got pregnant with my third child at 21 I gave birth to him at 22. I am now 23 years old, MARRIED and yes I was married BEFORE i got pregnant, we are very happy, have a stable home, just like brooke and cody do and are very hard working just like brooke and cody. My kids are not a mistake, they are not anything I would ever trade for anything! My husband and I have been together for almost five years and still going as strong as it ever was, so what makes you think you can judge them for getting married and having a family at a young age? It’s not impossible to make things work. And that doesn’t mean that every young marriage will end in divorce. My husband and I both have statistics agianst us, both of our parents are divorced, I was only 19 when we got married, he is almost 9 years older than I am, so does that mean my marriage is doomed? No. And I don’t think theirs is either. Brooke and cody have a very loving and supportive relationship, and they are both wonderful parents. Their marriage is not doomed, and I think they will make it. Unlike leah and corey who divorced after only six months. if you have a problem with any of the teen mom’s marriages look at leah and corey, or ebony and josh, why be negative to the good parents and not the crappy ones

          • whoa

            Children having children? yes she was a child when she had her first one, but at 19 she is no longer a child. I think that these girls should be smarter about protection and not getting pregnant, but if they are married there is a chance they planned this. I just don’t understand how you get off saying it is a child having a child when in fact she is not a child any longer. If you are against it come up with a new argument because once they turn 18 that one doesn’t work anymore.

        • Dianna

          just because shes 19 doesnt mean shes a child really. i know 40 year olds who still seem like their a child. i wouldn’t want to have another kid after all that, but if they want to more power to them. and they seem to be making the best out of their lives so far. if they think they can do it again so be it, if they can’t you can tell everybody on here i told you so. but atleast give them the chance to mess up then bash them. but i do agree with you on the fact that graduating college would be better news.

  • coco

    Brody is adorable. Not sure how great it is too be so young and pregnant again, even if she is married but congrats anyway. I hope she has a healthy pregnancy.

    This however, has me wondering, how many of the girls from the series have gone on to have a second pregnancy? I know Jordan Ward has another baby and one girl (can’t remember her name) got an abortion but I wonder how many girls have had second babies?

    • emirie

      Season One: Ebony had a ecoptic pregnancy, and is reportedly pregnant again (3rd time)
      Season 2a: Leah had a miscarriage
      Season 2b: Brooke, Markai had an abortion
      Season 3: Jordan had a daughter named Arri, Kianna was reportedly pregnant, but never confirmed

      • coco

        Thanks. It’s good to see that most of these girls have not managed to get pregnant again with exception of three that are married. Though marriage isn’t always forever, at least they are repeat unwed teenage mothers.

        • coco


          • emirie

            because of the marriage comment, I decided to see how many were married to the father:
            Season 1: Ebony, and Catelynn is planning for a 2013 wedding
            Season 2a: Leah to Corey then Jeremy. And Lizzie to Skylar
            Season 2b: Brooke, Emily, Aubrey, Christinna, and Megan (the last 3 are currently divorced or undergoing divorce)
            Season 3: Jordan, Kayla and Izabella are engaged
            Season 4: Mackenzie, Katie, Lindsey, Myranda, Hope, Sabrina, and Devon are all engaged. Kristina married someone other than the father.

            • coco

              I think I read somewhere that Emily had gotten divorced or separated too? I recall her being rude when she discussed her marriage and relationship.

            • emma

              It wasn’t really an option for Kristina to marry Todd though. TJ seems just as good for her and Lukas.

  • Alysia

    I really dont think these two really would have done much more with there life so having her babies are what she was made for. Hope she gets to have a girl like Jordan did.

  • Sara

    Wow, I’m kinda surprised people here are being so mean to her. She did finish high school on the show and he did as well. They are married have stayed out of the spotlight and are who cares if they got the barn house they did something more people should think of doing (at any age) and that is live within their means. They didn’t go get some place with a thousand dollar a month rent they have a small house and make things work. I’m happy for them. Gee it’s too bad they didn’t get on Teen Mom and ruin their values……

    • JB

      How do you know they live within their means? For all you know they could be receiving welfare and Medicaid and be living off the state’s means.

  • Caroline

    I also wish they would have followed Brooke or Jordan. It would be nice to se a married couple struggle and hopefully suceed. As much as I wish she was annoucing a college graduation, I’m sure it is tough to know how and when to plan a family. My 2 kids are more then 5 years apart due to fertility issues and I wish they were closer in age.

  • emirie

    I loved them! And am so happy for them. Who cares if shes only 19, she was 16 the first time! Brooke hasn’t been in any trouble with the law, and we never hear about her negatively either, so she’s obviously doing something right…although we don’t hear much about season 2b…

  • Gwyn

    I am shocked that this is being portrayed as ‘good news’ on this site. While they seem like lovely people, and good parents, she is still going to to be a teen mom. If she’s happy and is willing to do the extra work, then it is great news for her, and it doesn’t matter how old she is. But the problem comes in when websites are celebrating this like they would an adult pregnancy. She is younge, she already has one child, and unfortunately that isn’t a easy road, or one that should be encouraged.
    I don’t mean to offend teen parents, who know, more than anyone how hard the journey is, and might sometimes wish they had waited just a few more years.

    • Jen

      They’re basically making teen pregnancy sound like an exciting thing, which is very disturbing.

    • Sparkle

      “But the problem comes in when websites are celebrating this like they would an adult pregnancy.”

      18 = adult. She is 19 so they are celebrating an adult pregnancy…

      • Kelli

        Sparkle– agreed! People must’ve forgotten you become an adult when you turn 18? Weird.

  • Rhiannon

    She young, yes, but she’s an adult, they’ve been doing really well, and it seems like this is happy news for them. It’s one thing to share an opinion, but another to say this shouldn’t be celebrated or congratulated. Regardless of Brooke and Cody’s ages, this is good news- a baby is going to be welcomed into a loving, stable, safe environment.

    Congratulations and best to the family, and shame on those of you who are too blinded by pre-conceived notions of age to see the good in this situation.

  • Sparkle

    For you that are being negative think about his. She became a mother young. Instead of continuing to be a normal teen she decided to get married and take on her adult responsibilities. Assuming they are doing well taking care of their son and have already left behind their “teenage-hood” why would it be so bad to continue in the direction of family that they have chosen? If they are emotionally and monetarily ready then why shouldn’t they give their son a sibling? Some people start families younger than others, some women choose to be stay at home moms. Looks like they chose both and are very happen with it. Good luck to them :)

  • nikki

    As long as she has her sh!t together what’s the problem. She’s a good hardworking mother, doesn’t matter if she’s 19 or 30 if she’s doing well and is able to support her family its her choice.

    • Kelli

      AMEN Nikki!

  • Beth

    I think the article is mistaken. You state:

    “Brooke was the race car driving 16 year old from Mansfield, Texas. She made 16 and Pregnant history by being the first cast member to get married before she gave birth.”

    What about Christinna? Didn’t she and Isiah marry before baby Destiny was born?

    • emirie

      Their episode aired after Brooke and Cody. In order of episodes, Brooke and Cody got married first, then Aubrey and Christinna who both married before Austin and Destiny were born

  • tab

    at least she’s keeping up that statistic about teen moms….

  • Pam

    Didn’t Brook get an IUD during her episode? I thought those last up to 5 yrs. unless you get it removed earlier? So maybe this was planned?

    • Steph

      If you actually read the whole article it does say that she had an IUD and then had it removed because the pregnancy was planned!

  • its1999

    Oh no. Well, good luck to ’em. 19 with two kids… eek.

  • Mickie

    I’m so tired of people bad mouthing teen moms! I’m 20 and I have an 8 month old and we’re expecting another by the end of the year. I did NOT screw up my life. I am NOT a statistic. I CHOSE to start my life early. I wouldn’t change my life for anything in the world and I’m sure these girls feel the same way. Mind your damn business! She chose to be a mom then just like she is now. And, frankly, you need to keep up with yourselves and your own f**king kids instead of worrying about these girls. Cuz I can almost guarantee those of you sitting on here talking shit are gonna wind up being grandparents before your 40. Keep up with your own kids and let her do the same. Nosey bitches.

    • its1999

      Keep your dirty laundry to yourself.

  • Brooke’s mom

    Just to clear up a few issues here… Brooke and Cody were together 1 1/2 years before she got pregnant with Brody. They have been married almost 3 years. They both have good jobs, they own their home, have 3 good vehicles, are great parents to Brody and not on any form of welfare. They have very good insurance through their jobs. They pay their own bills. This is a planned pregnancy, Brooke had her IUD removed the end of March. They wanted Brody and the new baby somewhere close to 3 years apart, which they feel is a good distance between the two. So yes, this is a family to celebrate. Breaking all the negative statistics.

    • Kelli

      Cool story. 😐

    • Bekkah

      I’ll tell you something mom, I’m older than your kid with two kids of my own less than two years apart. I have a Bachelor’s degree in business management and going to grad school. I am barely making ends meet. Stop lying to these kids who think that at 19 you’re rich enough to support as many kids as you can stand to have without having an actual education and job. Being a reality tv w.h.o.r.e. does not pay the bills for most people sister. Get a life.

  • hihi90

    Congrats to them! Sounds like they are doing very well. My children are three years apart and my husband and I love that age difference. It’s perfect.

  • dorsia

    I’d like to be happy but this is just gross. What happened to going to college if you could, getting a career and having kids around 30-40 to support them and give them a better life? At 19 you should not be planning pregnancies. This isn’t the 1930s. The economy is so hard for even college grads that I can’t believe they thought this would be a good idea. Congrats to them but she should be living her life, not raising babies.

    • lovelula

      i find it strange that randoms feel entitled to tell other well-functioning adults how to live their life.

      she’s 19. it’s young yes, but she’s not 14 or 15. she’s already a wife and mother who seems to be doing a good job raising her son with her seemingly well-adjusted husband. i can understand why she would want to have another child close in age to her son. she can, shock horror, always go back to college and get her education.

      she’s living the life i never ever would have chosen for myself, however, it’s her family, her decision. there is no hard and fast rule that determines what all 19 year olds should be doing.

      i agree life is hard for a college grad – i just finished grad school and the economy sucks. however, she’s still young and has plenty of time for education and a career.

  • Lisa

    I find it disappointing that people are so negative. There are 25 yr olds having babies that are on welfare and are not mature enough to look after their children. Does it make it ok cuz they are ‘adults’??!! Of course not. She is a mature young woman who has made the best of a not so great situation. She is probably a better mom than alot of older women. Just cuz she is young doesn’t make her a bad mom. Quit judging someone you don’t know.

    • Allison

      Nobody is saying she’s a bad mom. She’s really young and most of us think she should be living out her youth instead of having babies.

      • Kristina

        Who says you get to choose when and how she lives her life? She is a mom so whst “youth” do you want her to live out? Some people grow up before others. They are obviously good parents and have followed good paths instead of stupid ones like many other teen moms did. Live your own life and stop telling people how they should live theirs.

  • Bekkah

    Uh yeah, congrats your preggers again and stupid to have another kid you cannot afford in this economy?? She’s 19 what kind of job does she have other than being a prissed up reality tv star that pays so well that she can pump out another kid??? High school education nets you minimum wage at best and even 4 year college degrees (had she had the time to go to college and obtain one) will get you a mangers job at McDonalds. Hardly the riches momma dear is claiming they have. I’m sure she’s standing in line to get her WIC and food stamps with the rest of the world.

  • mandy

    whats the point in bashing teen moms? theres nothing we can do about it, and like the mother said they’ve been married three years (seems like there season just arired last year though) and are able to parent this is there choice

  • Megan

    WHY are we congratulating these teenagers for having children. It’s totally irresponsible considering they should have waited til they both had college educations to raise children. They might barely make it but wouldn’t you rather provide a life for your children once you’ve gotten your degree and a long term job? I feel bad for this generation and their offspring.

    • a

      I DO see how teen parenting is VERY frowned upon, I am in college and plan to wait to wait until after college, however, SOME people DID choose to have kids young, we do NOT know their situation so why judge? IF they are doing as well as they say, then good for them for straightening their lives around for a child, and that is their choice.

  • Megan

    I totally agree with Bekkah! and Allison and Jenn.

  • Megan*

    I don’t see how it is fair to talk bad about them when you don’t know their situation. I know from personal experience, that me being young doesn’t affect the type of mother I am, the income coming into our home, etc. I have 2 kids, I am 23 and happily married to a soldier for almost 5 years now. Now, Im not saying they couldn’t have waited a few more years to have another child because I know I would have! I would give anything to go back in time and gone to school and gotten a degree first, but that wasn’t how it happened. So if they are happy, stable, and can financially support 2 kids then I say congrats and good luck because 2 is a lot harder than 1.

  • Aleisha

    Congrats to both of you on the new bundle of joy. And don’t let these other people make rude comments about you being a 19 year old mom to two kids. I had 2 kids at the age of 19 and my kids have never been away from me. I was married to my children’s dad and we lived on our own, we paid for everything our kids needed and paid our bills. Keep living yours and your kids live to the fullest. Congrats again.

  • Sheridan

    No one is saying that we should encourage people to become parents at such a young age, but what people are saying is the most important thing is that the children are happy and well cared for, as well as the parents being able to cope with the demands of children.
    Knowing as a teen parent myself of two children, I know that as much as I love and want the best for my children, I would have much preferred to have had them later in life but we should remember even though we do not always agree with the circumstances a child was conceived, we need to respect that name calling, stereotyping and generally having nothing good to say won’t change the situation. So the easy way is in this case is to congratulate the married couple on this news which is obviously joyful for them and to move on with your lives.

  • Ashley W

    Wow! I can’t believe some people are so quick go judge without even knowing them. To the people saying the should of gone to college, how many people right now have college degrees, 80k in student loan debt and NO job?? I would say a lot by the suggestion of unemployment numbers.
    I got pregnant at 17 my boyfriend (now husband) was 19. We were not ready but, guess what he took responsibility and went to training and became a certified welder. We moved out with some family in west Texas where he got a job making $51,000 a year as a oil rig welder. I went to school for 6 MONTHS and became a medical assistant making $27,00. Right now we own a 4/3 house a brand new car and a 2 year old truck. We a 20 and 22 and having our second child.
    Now you tell me what is wrong with my life. I don’t miss the fact that I never got to be a crazy young kid because, I love what God gave me with all my heart. You might say my life isn’t the norm but, I actually know at least 15 other families with the same lives at the same age as me.
    If you work hard you can make life work for you. There is sacrifices but, that’s doesn’t mean I’m less of a person or parent because, I took the route I did. So maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to judge who you don’t know.

  • Katie

    congrats!!!! Good luck to you them!!!!
    and why dont you guys read the whole story and stop pointing fingers!!!! this was planned

  • spb86

    Yay Brooke! She was always my favorite. That girl has a good head on her shoulders.