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Barry Weiss Storage Wars

I don’t know that reality television has another figure as mystical and mythologically shrouded in mystery as Storage Wars‘ skeleton-gloved collector Barry Weiss. He’s part rock star, part stand up comedian, part 12-year-old-boy, but always 100% Barry. I’m reminded o the lyrics to Kris Kristofferson’s famous ode to the other Man In Black titled “The Pilgrim: Chapter 33:”

He’s a poet, he’s a picker–
He’s a prophet, he’s a pusher–
He’s a pilgrim and a preacher, and a problem when he’s stoned–
He’s a walkin’ contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction,
Takin’ every wrong direction on his lonely way back home.

Hmmmm… I don’t know if the “lonely way back home” fits, but otherwise… Enough Barry fawning, though! Let’s get down to the brass tacks of this post, shall we?

Barry Weiss house Los Angeles

Among the mysteries surrounding Barry, in addition to how he made his fortune in the first place, is where does he live? That question, as most Barry Weiss questions, has many answers. But, his main residence appears to be a four-bedroom home in the affluent gated Los Angeles neighborhood of Laughlin Park – caddy corner to Natalie Portman! (That’s a street view photo of Villa de Weiss above. And yes that is a huge TV antenna attached to the roof. What are the odds Barry has some exotic vintage TV hooked up to that?)

Here’s a Google satellite view of Barry’s abode in which you can see Natalie’s pad just across the street.

Barry Weiss' house is right across De Mille Dr. from Natalie Portman's house

Judging from this photo it appears when Barry finally gets up at the crack of noon in his upstairs bedroom, one of the first things he could very well see would be Natalie Portman catching some rays poolside. (As awesome as it would be to have Natalie Portman as a neighbor, I think it would be waaay cooler to live across the street from Barry! “Hey Barry, can I borrow a cup of sugar? Oh, and how about a custom car for the day?”)

Here are some more satellite views of the four-bedroom Spanish Revival home built in 1928 for financier Joseph L Durkin and his wife Mary:

Barry Weiss house satellite photo Barry Weiss house back view satellite aerial photo Storage Wars Barry Weiss house photo from above Where does Barry Weiss Live? In Laughlin Park gated community in Los Angeles

Rated as one of the top five neighborhoods in L.A. by Los Angeles Magazine, Laughlin Park was established in 1905 and became the home of many of the stars of the silent film era. Some of the famous Laughlin Park residents at the time included W.C. Fields, Charlie Chaplain, and Cecil B. DeMille, whose last name is the street name on which Barry Weiss’ house is located.

According to a source for Reality Weekly, Barry “paid $1.8 million for his spacious four-bedroom home.” The source adds, “He also has other properties, all in expensive neighborhoods.”

And for those of you wondering why this house doesn’t look like the one featured on Storage Wars, apparently Barry just picked a random mansion to park at for the scene. Check out this hilarious clip of what happened off camera when the real home owner came out asking questions!

Oh, and in case you hadn’t heard, Barry Weiss is reportedly getting his own reality show! Tentatively titled What Are You Worth? the show features people applying for money for whatever reason and Barry decides who gets how much – or something like that. You can click the show title link for details) I would much prefer a “Hanging with Barry Weiss” type show in which cameras follow Barry around as he introduces us to his seemingly endless array of fascinating friends from around the globe, but I suppose we will have to take what we can get, right?

  • tab

    i love barry!

  • Zilly

    He is awesome, makes the show, love his cars

  • Bobbie soencer

    Ok…I was just crushing on Barry, now Im crushing on his home too.

    • Smurfet

      I thought it was just me!

  • Debra

    So I’ve always watched this show. Always wondered about Barry; weird or eccentric or both. Very cool that we have a little history on him. He’s the reason I keep watching. Surprised that nobody has mentioned how much he sounds, and at times, looks like Jack Nicholson. Just saying.

  • Pnapika

    Barry is the only one on the show that has class,that’s why he has a spin off coming up. The others let their ego and hatred of each other get in the way.



  • jojo

    i love barry he is so funny i only watch storege wars cos off him and i HATE DAVE THEY SHOULD GET RID OF HIM HE MAKES ME WANT TO VOMIT I HATE HATE HATE HIM SACK HIM NOW

  • Wolfin in TN.

    Barry is so cool and fun on the show. We love to watch his antics and “don’t give-a demeanor”. Thanks for the info. I so hope he is back for the next season and wish him luck on the next endeavor.

  • Happiejo

    Barry is my hero, I love his attitude , win or lose. He is always the same nice self., I love his sense of humor, and because of him , I stared buying storage units, i always make some ting out of it, and its fun, also very addictive.. I am hooked. Happiejo, in Florida

  • don

    Barry is the bomb…enough said…I would love to hang out with him..maybe even help him clean out a unit…alll for free…haha.

  • Rob

    funny cars & motors

  • Chris F

    BTW you might wanna correct your information. You stated above that Barry lives in the affluent neighborhood of “Laughlin Park” … Laughlin Park is hundreds of miles north of Barry’s house, up above Stockton and def not affluent! Barry lives in the affluent neighborhood of “Hollywood” on Laughlin Park Dr.

  • CajunPatriot

    Barry was well known among those who love and deal antiques and collectibles long before he was on TV. His money was made at Northern Produce and Mushroom Company along with his brother. He enjoys people and antiques and collectibles and I wish him well in his new show. He deserves his new show. His love of people and antiques and collectibles should come out in the show.

  • Tony Campise

    . . . Barry is the brother of your mother that you never had as an uncle

  • gm5425

    I wish Barry would go back and appear on Storage Wars. He made the show.