New extreme weight loss method: The feeding tube diet

Feedding tube diet extreme

The feeding tube diet (known as the KE diet) is the latest crazy thing women will do to lose weight. It first got press last week in a New York Times piece about the extreme things brides-to-be will do fit into their dream wedding gown. The article was cleverly titled “Bridal Hunger Games” but the headline should have been “Women are using Feeding Tubes to Lose Weight with the Help of a Doctor! Shut the World Down!”

The doctor interviewed is the first to do this in the United States, but the practice has been done “for years” in Italy and Spain. Dr. Oliver R. Di Pietro has been offering the “K-E diet” at a clinic in Bay Harbor Islands, Fla since July 2011, and says he sees a lot of brides who have fallen prey to “nervous eating.” But what that implies is that he sees non-brides too! Note to NY Times: brides aren’t the only people who do crazy diets.

The basic premise of the doctor-supervised diet is that you get a feeding tube in your nose and wear it for 10 days as you go about your business. You’re supposed to eat nothing, and get about 800 calories a day through the tube. Who does this? What perfectly healthy person would get a feeding tube in their nose and then go to work, go to parties, go run errands like it’s nothing? That’s exactly what NY Times featured bride 41-year-old Jessica Schnaider did in March to get ready to shop for gowns. (We’re not sure exactly what she did, but the piece said she “went about her business.” Jessica has been doing some interviews since the article about the feeding tube diet went viral (thanks in part to some Twitter outrage sparked by Ashley Judd.) She said a number of people asked her if she was sick while she had the tube in, and she’s reply “No, I’m not sick, I’m not dying. I’m fine. I’m happy because the 10 pounds went off fast.”

This does sound like something celebrities would do, but they’d have to be really careful and hole up by themselves for about two weeks. Paparazzi should be on the lookout though, because somebody might try this, and then try to sneak out incognito with a tube on their face. You know it will happen eventually.

Would you try the feeding tube diet? Keep in mind that side effects include bad breath and constipation.


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  • tab

    yuck, no. feeding tubes can do damage to your nasal passage and esophagus. plus, it’s very, very unpleasant to get in and take out.

  • dee

    So sick! People are pathetic! Plus you can’t lay below 30 degrees when you have a feeding tube in or you’ll asperate, so must’ve not gotten much sleep in those 10 days either.

  • Blahblahblah

    I read this article on Shine. If she wanted to lose weight she should have downsized her enormous breast implants. She’s at least a DD on an already small frame.

  • sanoga

    I don’t understand why the feeding tube is necessary. Can’t these people just eat a diet of 800 calories a day? As it is, they aren’t eating anything… so if they have the self-control to resist ALL food, don’t they have enough self-control to follow an 800 calorie diet? (Which is pretty generous, considering some of the extremist fad diets out there..)

  • amy

    What most people dont get is that if you just drink the amount of water you are supposed to each day for a week you are going to drop a few pounds. If you drink all that water your stomach also stays full and flushed and you eat less. You can lose 10 lbs in a week just doing that alone and still eating a normal diet.

  • Sara

    800 calories a day ISN’T enough. Under 1200 calories, your organs won’t function properly. I hope she’s supervised by a doctor….even if it’s sick!

  • Whatever happen to working hard towards a goal?

  • Patri

    Wow… Who ever is doing this or going to try this is ungrateful and lazy. I mean there is people that REQUIRE a feed tube , not by choice, and would wish to be able to eat with out a feeding tube. People stop eating fast food make real food at home and exercise. There is no short cut to loosing weight.

  • Caroline

    This idea makes me sad. I have worked with people with terminal conditions like ALS and they have no choice but to have a feeding tube. There are lots of complications that can happen and the side effect of consitipation is an understatement(can’t see how someone wanting to loose weight would want the bloat and constitpation side effects). If someone really wanted to do this why not just drink 3 nutrtion drinks (similiar to what they put down the tube) a day? If you are doing this right before your wedding, brides are usually running around town doing last minute everything and would be seen with the tube.

  • M.D.

    This is idiotic, and that woman looks ridiculous.

  • Mandy

    I think this is more of a ploy for attention than anything else. Like someone else said, if you can NOT eat for ten days straight and get 800 calories from a tube, I’m sure you would be able to easily just eat those 800 calories and not look like you are sick or dying. But then.. no attention. Boohoo.

  • Dianna

    800 calories?? i read somewhere that when you consume 500 calories a day or less your considered anorexic. and i thought your suppose to consume 1200 calories a day on average to stay healthy. and she only lost 10 pounds?? i dont understand why she couldnt just diet and exercise like you need to do to loose weight.
    fad diets are the stupidest thing that has ever been invented. chances are your going to gain it back anyways. loosing weight shouldnt be about being thinner. it should be about being healthier and diet plains should be about LEARNING how to eat healthier and be healthier. fad diets are NOT HEALTHY.
    i cant believe a doctor approves of doing this. im sure hes a doctor that could care less about his patients as long as he gets his pay check. im sure this can cause health problems and people dont see that just cuz its a doctor that approved doesnt mean its good for you. hes just ensuring his pay check for the future when you do start to have problems from it. doctors need to use feeding tubes as a last resort for patients that have no choice but to use them.
    and who is going to marry these crazy brides!! i would start to think differently about the person who does that to themselves. and i would like to know what man is going to spend the rest of their lives with a chick who does this. the men i know would start to back away slowly from the chicks that would do this.
    this is just nasty and stupid. at some point there needs to be a line. if i was a doctor and a patient asked me to do that i would give them a number to a psychologist cuz that sounds like a borderline eating disorder and i would think they need some serious help

  • Erik

    Why stop at a feeding tube? Why not walk around with an IV? Maybe hook up electrodes to your head to shock your brain whenever you think of food? Hey, self lipo-surgery sounds good too.

    Seems what people really need is a little discipline and common sense.