Teen Mom Farrah Abraham working on possible spin-off show!

Farrah Abraham Models International photo

On Thursday we did a story about Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham signing with Beverly Hills modeling agency Models International. Soon after posting the article, we spoke with Farrah’s modeling agent, Christiaan Almazan, who was kind enough to answer a few questions about Farrah signing with MI and what we can expect from her in the near future — which may include a spin-off series!

(In case you missed it, there are numerous reports that the upcoming fourth season will be the final one for the original Teen Mom cast. MTV announced last month that they plan on creating a Teen Mom 3, most likely with girls from the 4th season of 16 and Pregnant, which premieres with back-to-back episodes on March 27.)

Starcasm: How was it that Farrah Abraham (from Council Bluffs, Iowa (near Omaha, Nebraska, where she says she was born) and living in Florida) came to sign with a modeling agency in Beverly Hills?

Almazan: We have mutual friend who shot her in Los Angeles. She gave her my contact, we talked over the phone to set up a meeting here, and discussed a game plan for her.

Starcasm: Have you had a chance to work much with Farrah yet?

Almazan: She has flown out here twice for shoots, and meetings with a PR team. She’s easy to work with, very business minded and goal oriented for her age. Being around her, she is a go getter, and knows what she wants.

Farrah Abraham black top modeling photo    Teen Mom Farrah Abraham modeling in a tanktop

Starcasm: What kind of modeling jobs do you expect Farrah will be getting as one of your commercial models?

Almazan: I expect her to be involved in commercials and print jobs for fitness, catalogs, and beauty products. Were also working on some online publications as well.

Starcasm: Can we expect to see some of her work through Models International on Teen Mom?

Almazan: We won’t be featured on Teen Mom, but were working out details for a possible spin off show. Right now were in the early stages of building a solid team foundation around her, and were excited for this journey!

It really is amazing just how many irons Farrah has in the fire right now! In addition to furthering her modeling career (and possibly her television career too!) by signing with Models International, Farrah’s book My Teenage Dream Ended comes out April 3 (although amazon now lists a June 26 release date, so it could have been pushed back), she’s offering scholarships to young parents in financial need, and she has announced her Mom & Me brand Italian hot pepper sauce. And remember, this is all in addition to attending culinary school at The Art Institute and being a single mom! Wow.

Stay tuned, I’m sure we will continue to get more updates on the doings of “Teen Momtrepreneur” Farrah Abraham in the coming weeks!

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  • Jamie

    It seems as though Farrah has utilized her “fame” from Teen Mom for much more positive things for her and her daughter. Good for her! I hope she continues to reach for her goals. She seems to be one of the best role models for young girls, despite her attitude that is portrayed on the show.

    • Jenn

      To a point. Her b00b job really wasn’t in good taste. She still portrays being immature in her actions. Yes I agree she probably has done better than the others but its still not the role model I want my daughter to have.

      • Diana

        Why was it in poor taste? She didn’t like something about herself and set about to change it. If a person was overweight and had gastric bypass surgery, would that be in poor taste as well? I don’t see anything wrong with correcting things you don’t like about yourself. Maybe it was something that really bothered her. She has a right to feel confident about her body/looks. We all do. Whether you think plastic surgery is right or wrong is irrelevant. It wasn’t anyone’s decision but her’s.

        • Mandy

          Her boob job was in great taste. She got them the perfect size for her frame. I would say they were in bad taste if she got DD’s or something, but hers look great!

        • evette

          you shouldnt have a choice to stuff water balloons in your chest if your supposed to be a “struggling” single mother. that boob job was so selfish and unnecessary. the only thing about her she needs to “correct” is her attitude. if she was gonna go into debt and get a loan then she could used that money to care for sofia. not some freakin boobs. farrah is as dumb as they come.

  • Sara

    I used to not like Farrah because I thought she was a snob, and as I still think she is snobby I do have to say that she seems to be the one who is doing something with her life other than collecting an MTV paycheck. She does seem to go and make something positive out of her life and that is nearly unheard of for someone her age that has been through so much. She has really bounced back and made positive changes. Hopefully she stays goal oriented and works hard to reach her dreams! Great job Farrah

  • Millie

    Even though Farrah is incredibly rude, i must say she is business minded. She saw Teen Mom as an opportunity, got modelling jobs off the back of it and now is really branching out. She was smart enough to know TM wouldn’t last forever, and really maximised her opportunites. The other girls (tm2) always complain about the editing, but you don’t see that from Farrah, she’s looking out for her future. Saying that i would never watch her spin off show.

  • Brittney

    Farrahs attitude wasn’t fair. The reason she was that was is because her mom kept her away from the baby’s dad. She never got the chance to make things work with him because Deb wouldn’t allow it. Of course she’s going to be hostile to someone who does something like that. She will never know if things would have dowries out, and he never even really knew about the baby. Farrah wasn’t portrayed fairly on the show, due to circumstances that arose.

    I’m so glad to see her moving forward with her life. I think she is the most inspirational on the series, out of all 8 moms. She puts Sophia first in everything she does, and I think she’s a great role model! You don’t see Farrah out partying, or chasing boys around, or in jail. She’s going to college and making a life for her and Sophia. All the other girls have some sort of fluke. Amber, she’s in jail; Maci, she can’t make up her mind on boys and party’s 24/7; catelynn doesn’t have the baby; Leah is now divorced because she can’t keep her legs closed; Chelsea can’t leave Adam alone; Kail is a cheater too and Jenelle, well, the name says enough.

    Farrah doesn’t have any of these issues. She is the best role model of them all, and I can’t wait to get my hands on her book. I would love for her to have her own tv show, so I don’t have to watch the rest of the crap with the Teen Moms.

    • Mandy

      I agree with your first paragraph completely!! I have always said this about Farrah. She has every right to be resentful to her mom and I think she is very strong for continuing that relationship and working past the things her mom has done to her (lets not forget her mom went to jail for hitting her!).

    • Mwe

      I agree with you on everything you’ve said, except for one thing: The way she treated her parents. I believe she had no excuse, even if her mother is a total basket case. I don’t know anything about her family life, but it seems her parents have always been there for her. When her mom used to say she loved her, she just ignored it. That was incredibly heartless of her. But kudos to her for getting her priorities straight.

  • Shoemommy

    I’m happy that’s she’s obtained her goals, that in the culinary arts industry, and then now, with this modeling venture. She is a very pretty young woman and responsible mother to her daughter without the baby’s father being around, unfortunately. But, in my opinion, without the help of her parents, she wouldn’t have been able to obtain those goals and aspirations. I just wish she’d treat her parents with a little more respect, and watch her tone around them. She’d be a lot prettier if she didn’t act so ugly towards them.

    • Samantha

      You know, people want to run their mouths about how Farrah treats her parents, but considering how well-rounded she is in every other aspect of her life, has it ever occurred to ANYONE that their might be more to it than we see on TV? For all we know, she could have some trauma in her past that we know nothing about. When people treat someone–especially a parent–as disrespectfully as Farrah treats her parents, there’s usually a reason. Not to mention that despite the fact that she treats them the way she does, they still go out of their way to help her. That’s not normal, unless maybe you’re trying to make up for some past wrong-doing/have a guilty conscience.
      I’m not going to judge her; I think Farrah has made more out of her Teen Mom fame for herself and her daughter than anyone else, and really, it’s no one’s business to tell her how to treat her parent–except her parents. If they didn’t do that when she was little, and she treats them the way she does because she’s terribly spoiled, that is also their fault for parenting her that way. Respect isn’t a trait we’re born with, it’s one that we should be taught by the people who raise us.

      • Mwe

        This has to be the most ridiculous comment I’ve read here! Her parents helping her because of their wrong doings in the past? What about love for their daugther? There is NO excuse for the way she has been treating her parents. If they did something SO bad to her, she would have stopped talking to them when she moved to Florida.

        That being said, we don’t know anything really about her family. But I believe you’re being delusional. It’s not normal that her parents are still helping her and loving her? Sounds like bullcrap to me.

        I don’t mean to attack you with my comments. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • ER

    Farrah was by far my least favorite from 16 and Pregnant (Amber and Gary were my favs… go figure! LOL). I will say, despite the fact that I still think she’s a bit of a brat she has turned out to be a great mom and has had the best head on her shoulders. Good for her for hustling in a positive way instead of turning into another Amber, or just pretending to look busy like Maci.

    • Jayla

      Pretending to look busy? Being a single mum of a toddler, going to collage, and filming isn’t enough ‘work’ in your opinion? Sheesh..

      • K

        Maci didn’t go to “collage” (it’s college) for more than a semester before flunking half of her classes and then dropping out to play house with Kyle.

        As of late, Ryan is taking care of Bentley more than she is while she travels around the country with the New Kyle, her latest piece.

        • Samantha

          Um, if you kept watching the show, then you know Maci got her act together and started going BACK to college. She is STILL in college right now. And Kyle was her second serious relationship, it’s not like she has a new boy every month or keeps around some homeless junkie like some other Teen Moms….

          • K

            those of us who actually live around here know that her being in college in Chattanooga is prettttttttty much all for show. She doesn’t actually go to class. She goes on “speaking tours” and leaves Bentley with Ryan to fly all over the country.

        • ER

          I’m pretty much with K. Maci has 2 sets of grandparents and a father for her child that WANT to spend time with him, and she’s put forth a lot of effort to stop them from spending time with him. She doesn’t go to school full time, and for all the resources the show has given her- money, the ability to not have to check in to a real 9-5 job, and the energy Ryan and his parents and her parents would put into helping Bentley she has no excuse not to be done now. She doesn’t eem to have time for college or a real job but does have the time and money to go on multiple trips and get a back full of expensive ugly tattoos and fake boobs.
          I think Maci is a good mom and Bentley is a cute little guy but in terms of success, I’d say Farrah is the best story to come out of this show because she will be self sufficient after. She does seem to have a bit of an attitude issue, but I think having Deborah as a parent would do that to me too and I am always impressed watching her at how much she has stepped up and become a parent instead of staying stuck in the high school, want to be a normal teen mode she stepped it up and makes great decisions for her and Sophia.

  • ashley

    i’m proud of Farrah :)

  • Anne

    I don’t think she has enough of an audience to have her own show and it last. Farrah isn’t all that likable now and she also isn’t someone you to love to hate, which would bring in viewers.

  • Sweet Venom

    Never liked Farrah, and still don’t because she seems incredibly rude and stuck up…but kudos to her for getting her life on track and not mooching off of Teen Mom. I can imagine that in a few years Farrah will have a great career while the other Teen Mom’s are still holding on to their 15 minutes of fame. Yeah she has a bad attitude, but I have to admit that she is dedicated to making life better for her and Sophia.

  • tina

    am i the only one who noticed her nose job?

  • lovelula

    i think she’s done the best of all the teen moms on the show.

    i couldn’t stand her to begin with, she was a major brat and i also thought she was really ungrateful towards her parents. but there were stories circulating that she was basically talked into keeping her child when she really didn’t want that for herself, so i think she had some underlying resentment issues towards her family which explains some of her previous behaviour, along with the fact she was just an immature and spoiled 17 year old. thankfully, she’s grown into someone driven and mature, it’s obvious that she ADORES her child and truly puts her child first.

    she’s really looking great too.