VIDEO PHOTOS Big Ang in a bikini getting a spray tan

Big Ang Mob Wives

Mob Wives star Big Ang continues to take the world by storm, and when you’re taking the world by storm, you gotta be tan, right? Right!

Check out this preview clip for Mob Wives episode 10 in which Big And and Drita D’Avanzo strip down to bikinis and take turns in a spray tanning booth:

There really are no words to describe that clip. Perhaps stealing inspiration from Will Ferrell one might use the term tantrulescence. Actually, I think Drita may have said it best: “They don’t call her Big Ang for nothin’!”

And here are lots of screen grabs of Big Ang packed in her bikini! (Click images to enlarge)

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  • Patri

    Are they men? they have voices like men.



  • ohmygeez

    Bigger is not always better, obviously. Too much work and you really do look like a man in drag.

  • chacha

    I love Big Ang. She is who she is. I need to hit the gym like Drita, dang….

    • amelia

      Excuse me?? Is who she is?? Have you noticed she isn’t who she is?? She has digsutingly changed her face & body. She obviously has self-esteem & self- image issues or why else would anyone do this to their face & body. And please don’t say “b/c they want to feel good about themselves”. This is sick. She is fugly!!

  • tab

    completely disgusting. nobody needs to see that.

  • HLG21

    Her b00bs didn’t even move the slightest bit when she bent down to take off her pants. that freaks me out.

  • Big Pablo

    Big Ang is sexy as hell i want her badly.

  • Sara

    Big Ang seems to have the best personality on the show. I just don’t understand why she would intentionally do that to her face and body.

  • Sunshine

    Big Ang cracks me up and she truly knows the joke is on her..

    Except for the monstrous fake b00bs her body is actually not bad for a woman her age.

  • sue

    gross, and why????????????????????????????

  • jane

    That is a DUDE!!!!!

  • jroll

    she and her entourage are a bunch of low-life skells….No class what-so-ever…….

  • Popeye Americannews

    big ang has some big ‘uns ! ! !