PHOTOS Jesse James lets his 8-yr-old daughter Sunny give him a tattoo

Jesse James tattooed by his 8 year old daughter Sunny

Are you looking for something fun you can do with your eight-year-old child while he or she is off for spring break? Why not follow the lead of Jesse James and head down to the ol’ tattoo parlor and let ’em create some permanent doodles on your skin!

The once-likable James shared the above photo of his daughter Sunny wielding a tattoo needle on him along with the tweet, “Spending Spring Break with Dad.. @ TX Hill Country.” He then later shared this photo of the finished product on his wrist:

Jesse James Sunny tattoo on his wrist created by his daughter

Sunny tattooed her own name over top of a flame and just above Jesse James’ famous “Pay Up Sucker” tattoo on his palm.

Whatever happened to fingerpaint? And can you imagine being a parent to one of Sunny’s friends when she gets back home? “But daaaaaaaaaaaad, Sunny got to do it!”