Whitney Purvis reveals pregnancy status, explains why she stole a pregnancy test from Wal-Mart

First season 16 & Pregnant subject Whitney Purvis was arrested Thursday for stealing a pregnancy test from a Wal-Mart. Now she’s speaking out to TMZ about why she stole the test, and revealed whether or not she’s pregnant.

First of all, Whitney says she was embarrassed to tell her boyfriend that she suspected she was pregnant, and that was why she didn’t purchase the test. Her boyfriend was the one who had money, and she didn’t want to “freak him out . . . I was just being stupid with my decisions. I wish I would have handled the situation better.”

She took the test into the restroom to use it, but she got scared, and actually threw it away! When she was arrested and taken to jail, she still didn’t know if she was pregnant or not!

She was released from jail after a few hours, and when she got home, she got her period, much to her relief. of course that’s not a 100% guarantee that she’s not pregnant, but Whitney was convinced and didn’t go buy a test. “I was excited because I didn’t want another kid – I already have one.”

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  • Sanoga

    The content and quotes of this article made me feel like I was reading a parody. Then I remembered that this girl was just THAT stupid. Wow.

  • Jenn

    what’s up with her eyebrow?

    • Whitney

      I was wondering the same thing. Wow, she’s an idiot!

    • Mandy

      I see a lot of tweekers (speed freaks) with eyebrows like that or even less. They sit in front of the mirror picking at their faces and plucking hairs. It’s really nasty. Those are also the types of people that steal and wasn’t her mom recently arrested for meth possession? Like mother like daughter I’m assuming.

      • Missy

        That’s not really a fair statement to make regarding her eyebrows. I have eyebrows that end short like that. They thin out alot so my eyebrows look like that when I don’t have my makeup on (I draw in the other end of my brows, but it looks very natural) I was just born like that and I have never touched drugs in my life. My mom also hase the same eyebrows as me. Maybe that is the case with her, I don’t know – but its definitely not the case for everyone :)

  • Daisy

    Is she still with Weston? I’m thinking no… but I’m not really sure.

  • mwe

    There is still no excuse…I worry about her son..

  • Heather

    Another Teen Mom/16 & Pregnant lost cause.

  • DEE

    Wonder is she is still with the same guy..

  • Tiffany

    Damn ppl wats it to u stop talkin trash on ppl i swear aand i bet u most of u ppls are grown-ups

    • amelia

      Tiffany, is there an age requirement on this site?? The answer is NO!!!! Get a clue and learn how to type. I really hope you don’t talk like you type.