PHOTOS Caged lurvs Teen Mom part 2! Daniel and Dane fly to South Dakota to hang with Chelsea, Erika, and Aubree

Teen Mom 2 loves Caged

It appears as though the MTV reality showmance between Teen Mom 2 and Caged is gettin’ serious! Last week Chelsea Houska and her bra loaning gal pal Erika Flom flew down to New Orleans for a fun-filled Mardi Gras weekend with Caged stars Daniel Payne and Dane McFarland.

That was Mardi Gras in New Orleans, though, so it’s hard to read too much into that trip. And besides, Chelsea also met up with Jamie Lynn Spears, so who’s to say the boys making the trip down from Minden, Louisiana wasn’t just a convenient, spur-of-the-moment decision?

But flying to South Dakota? NOBODY flies to South Dakota in the middle of winter unless it’s serious. Really serious! (My apologies South Dakotoids – you know I’m just pokin’ fun, right? Wait, do igloos even have internet?)

Anyways, the social media friendly young stars have once again shared their activities with fans via Twitter and I’ve compiled a bit of a rough timeline of their interactions complete with lots of photos and even commentary from Chelsea’s dad and Daniel’s mom!

Caged star Dane McFarland gets his pants back from Teen Mom Chelsea Houska

Of interest to those following the Caged Mom storyline at home, you will be glad to know that Dane did in fact get his pants back! In my opinion it seems that since the boys called the girls’ bluff and actually made the trip and since Dane was brave enough to pose for a photo wearing Erika Flom’s bra, then Erika should reciprocate with a picture sporting a pair of Dane’s underwear. (Danederwear?) It just seems fair, right?

Oh, and pay close attention to how many times Chelsea’s ex Adam Lind pays a visit while her cage fighting buddies are in town. (Mmmmmm hmmmm.)

*** Please take note that Chelsea addresses the “Where’s Aubree while you’re out partying all weekend?” question so there’s no need to bring that up in the comments section πŸ™‚


Feb 22

Chelsea: I want a husband. 

Dane: @ChelseaHouska Chelsea your weird!

Chelsea: @DaneMc_CAGED hahahahah how many times did I tell you that Saturday night? Like 1000? I can’t help it! #marryme? πŸ˜›

Dane: Haha you told me that at least a 1000 times but sure I’ll be your twitter husband!

Chelsea: yaaay! Where’s my ring?


Feb 23

Chelsea: @DanielMTVCaged @DaneMc_CAGED sooo…South Dakoooota soon? πŸ™‚

Dane: @chelseahouska lol yeah I was hoping we could this weekend!

Daniel: @ChelseaHouska @DaneMc_CAGED we’d leave tomorrow if it was possible…lol

Chelsea: do iiit

Dane: @erikaflom @chelseahouska @danielmtvcaged o we are coming soon so y’all girls better be ready!

Chelsea: uh ohhhh! πŸ™‚

Chelsea: @DanielMTVCaged @DaneMc_CAGED cant wait to see you crazy kids tomorrow! hahah πŸ™‚


Feb 24

Daniel: South Dakota? Yep…dont worry @MTV…me & @DaneMc_CAGED got this under control…#Caged #GoldenBoySwag my @ritmo_mundo is gonna be freezin!

Chelsea: we’re pretty much BFF status now..

Chelsea: @DanielMTVCaged @danemc_caged @erikaflom quite a spontaneous group we’ve put together huh? Im liking it

Dane: @ChelseaHouska @danielmtvcaged @erikaflom guess I should start packing….I’ve never been that far north I’m not gonna know what to do!

Dane: @erikaflom @danielmtvcaged @chelseahouska lol I don’t have any clothes for cold weather!

Erika: @DaneMc_CAGED well you best get some!

Chelsea: Out to eat wiiiith @LauraSapp13 @erikaflom @PapaRandlicious @DanielMTVCaged @DaneMc_CAGED

Chelsea: How cuuute @DaneMc_CAGED @DanielMTVCaged @erikaflom @LauraSapp13

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska and Caged stars Daniel Payne and Dane McFarland

Dr. Randy Houska (Chelsea’s dad): how about this crazy crew over for dinner? [with the above photo]

Cynthia Payne (Daniel’s mom): @ChelseaHouska awe take care of them

Chelsea: @PayneCynthia I will! πŸ™‚

Chelsea: #golden @DanielMTVCaged

Caged's Daniel Payne and Chelsea Houska from Teen Mom

Roy Lang III: Wonder how the golden curly bangs are holding up in the frigid temperatures up north? @DanielMTVCaged. #Caged #TeenMom2 @ChelseaHouska

Erika: can’t believe we are doing this two weekends in a row?! #isthisreallife


Feb 25

Dane: Yes I got my pants back! @ChelseaHouska @erikaflom @DanielMTVCaged

Caged star Dane McFarland gets his pants back from Teen Mom Chelsea Houska

Dane: I may just marry @erikaflom fyi

@ZachGooch: @DaneMc_CAGED @erikaflom Dane is this really you? Marry?

Dane: @zach_gooch nope some girls got on my phone and did this

Erika: i love golden showers at night!! OMG its the best!! [My guess is that Dane got a hold of Erika’s phone and posted this]

Erika Flom: “@UberFacts: Women speak about 7,000 words a day while men average 2,000.” Not true for @DanielMTVCaged hahaha

Dane: @erikaflom @chelseahouska @danielmtvcaged lots as lots of snow! And aubrees singing is amazing!!

Daniel: UFC at @PapaRandlicious with @ChelseaHouska @DaneMc_CAGED @erikaflom and @tiffypinkelman…#Caged #GoldenBoySwag

Watching UFC at Randy Houska's house

Dane: UFC with @ChelseaHouska @DanielMTVCaged @erikaflom @tiffypinkelman

Chelsea: Such a cute little family @DanielMTVCaged @DaneMc_CAGED @tiffypinkelman @erikaflom

Chelsea Houska and Erika Flom with Caged stars Daniel Payne and Dane McFarland

Chelsea: “no means yes…yes means anal” – @DanielMTVCaged

@ToniLynnSelf: where is aubree? She’s MIA!

Chelsea: no she’s here with us of course

Chelsea: Boop boop @DanielMTVCaged

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska and Daniel Payne from Caged

Chelsea: Yeeee @DaneMc_CAGED

Dane McFarland Chelsea Houska

Dane: This girl @tiffypinkelman is the most amazing woman ever.


Feb 26

Dane: I lover dover @ChelseaHouska forever.

@Sareafrederick: @ChelseaHouska where is aubree at when your partying with the #caged boys every weekend? #justwondering

Chelsea: @sareafrederick we aren’t partying. We are watching UFC fights &she is with us…she just went to bed a little bit ago.that ok with u or…?

Dane: @DaneMc_CAGED: Future wifey @ChelseaHouska

Chelsea Houska funny face photo

@JoshPowell_1: @DaneMc_CAGED @ChelseaHouska man you needa come home, they’re are changing you up there… #weakpimphand

Dane: @JoshPowell_1 @chelseahouska man they keep getting my phone I can’t get theses girls up off of me!

Chelsea: Hott daaaamn

Chelsea: Preshhh @DanielMTVCaged

Caged star Daniel Payne poses with a dog

Dane: Girl you ain’t gotta say to much by the look in your eyes I can tell you wanna…. @ChelseaHouska @erikaflom @tiffypinkelman

  • Holly

    OMG! Thanks for posting this! I was curious to know what they’ve been up to, seeing their tweets here and there! This sums it up perfectly. They’re so cute together! Looks like they’re having fun! πŸ™‚

  • anonyMOUSE

    looks like they’re having fun!
    Chelsea and Daniel would make such a cute couple!

    • Patri

      I agree. Team Chelsea and Daniel! Bye Bye ADAM!

      • hanna

        i agree too, they look cute…

  • tab

    anyone is better than adam!

    • Megan

      Yea but Chelsea got her self one yummy MMA fighter & from the looks of caged he seems to have that southern hospitality…. hope Adam is gone for good now!

  • Joei in PA

    Looks like fun and they’re not popping RX meds or smoking weed on twitter. seems legit.

    • Jenn

      so what you’re saying is that if it doesn’t get posted on twitter, it doesn’t happen?

      • meg

        dude, shut up. way to kill something fun.

  • Ashley

    I can’t figure out who’s coupling with who! It seems like Chelsea and Daniel and Erica and Dane, but then there’s pictures of Chelsea kissing Dane on the cheek and tweets to marry him. Hmmm….personally I think Daniel is too good for Chelsea anyway!

  • Liz

    Looks like she forgot about her baby.

    • Diana

      Did you not read the article? Or the boldface entry the writer made? Just felt like bitching, eh?

    • Whoa

      Did you not read the tweets that said the little girl was with them? Just because she doesn’t post pictures of her with them or tweet about her 24/7 doesn’t mean she has forgot her child.

    • white lamp

      I think everybody need sometimes to have fun or relax or time without kids. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad, selfish mom. You need your social relationships not just your husband and children. Motherhood doesn’t mean a finished, total limited and extra over controlled life.

      But I agree with you, Chelsea should stop smoking, over tanning, should study something, get a good job etc.

  • mel

    Chelsea is pretty, but I hate when she does all those stupid faces in her pics.

    • Mandy

      I agree. It’s like “omg look at me I’m sooo kooky and silly!!! Now I’m serious and sexy! Uh oh Kooky again LOLz!!!” Just smile for the damn picture.

  • Ashley

    Her dating an actual turd would be better be a step up from Adam.

  • Michelle

    so happy she is having a good time and finally moving on! She deserves it!

  • sisile

    hey, Daniel you have the most amazing hair i have ever seen bifor ,and your crew i like <3<3<3