Report: Demi Lovato back in rehab: True, or a crock of poo?

Demi Lovato

Singer and actress Demi Lovato is reportedly going back to rehab to be treated for alcohol drug addiction, according to Is this true, or a crock of poo?

UPDATE – Gossip Cop is saying they have spoken to Demi Lovato’s rep who responded to the report by stating, “It is a crock of s–t.” That doesn’t sound all that official, but it still casts a good bit of doubt on the original rehab report.

To further refute the rehab claim, however, fellow Disney Star Tiffany Thornton tweeted to teen gossip magazine Ocean Up: “I will tell you FOR SURE that they are wrong.” posted a blind item last Thursday describing a celebrity who was “off her meds” and had “returned to the very behavior that got her into so much trouble in the first place, including the dr*gs and the alc*hol and the self-harming.”

The blind item went on in more detail:

It’s almost surreal to hear her spout absolute bullsh*t about being healthy and happy and sober when she is exactly the opposite. In fact, just a week ago she was out at some madhouse of a bar, dr*nk off her ass, doing multiple shots and snorting c*ke in the bathroom.

The site revealed the identity of the celebrity as Demi Lovato, who (according to them) apparently reads on a regular basis, and was very upset by the article. According to them, her friends saw past the anger and showed the article to Demi’s parents and managers. The response was swift, and within 24 hours Demi was on her way to a treatment facility. That’s very dramatic and all, but it’s not true. Demi’s camp has continued to deny to news outlets that Demi is in rehab. Did see reports of Demi Moore in rehab, and get terribly confused?

Demi Lovato tweeted on Saturday that she was taking a break from the social media site:

Demi Lovato announces Twitter break prior to re-entering rehab

However, since multiple sources close to her are saying this whole thing is a “crock of poo,” maybe Demi just took some time off Twitter to relax a bit. Social media can get overwhelming sometimes!

Regardless of the truth, we have to give Demi mad props for how honest and outspoken she’s been this past year. With her Unbroken album, and standing up against those who bash her weight, trouble with drugs, and bipolar diagnosis, she’s become a true role model for everyone, especially girls and women. Keep up the good work, Demi.

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  • Paige

    I always liked her a lot better than a lot of the kids coming off of Disney nowadays. PLEASE dont turn into the next Lindsey Lohan

  • Alyssa

    Oh man, this makes me so sad :( I really thought she was doing good and was rooting for her. I’m still rooting for her though…hopefully she gets through this difficult time.

  • icantrememberthenameiusedlasttime

    I am so glad that she has such good friends and parents – above the drugs and alcohol the self harm is even sadder to me :( didn’t she just break up with Wilmer Valderamma? … he did date LL at roughly the same age …. I hope she finds peace and this really helps <3

  • James

    Hate to break it to you but several sources already confirmed that this rumor is BS. Including her best friend Tiffany Thorton and her rep that told that this rumor is a sack of crap.

    This is the article where Demi’s REP says that this isn;t true. and On twitter Tiffany Thorton confirmed to oceanup, a teen gossip site that this rumor was not true along with a mutual friend of theirs. Check your sources guys. You’re inaccurate.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Thanks. Updated.

  • MusicGirl

    Yeah it isn’t true. Like what James said many have said it is untrue., her rep, Tiffany Thorton, plus another source told OceanUp.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Thanks guys, as you can see above, we updated the article.

  • Lisa

    I am in no way a fan of Demi’s. I think that she is a fake person, when it comes to well just about everything. She loves playing the victim. Demi is an adult, she knows right from wrong. If she drinks or does drugs its her choice. I am just so tried of hearing about her past. Move the hell on already. Stop reliving the past every single day in the present.

    • Jasmine

      How could you be so judgmental and ignorant? The only people that “bring up” the rehab situation are  gossip sites and interviewers. It’s not her fault everybody keeps asking her the same question. If she DOES bring it up, it isn’t for self pity but rather awareness. Demi  is not a victim, but she IS a hero for girls and guys. She saw a problem and dealt with it. victims don’t do that. Btw people she isn’t in rehab.

    • James

      Normally people who are not fans of a particular person would not talk about them like you do. You’d think someone who wasn’t a fan of scene else would actually not contribute to her success. Yet here you re making her relevant. Not very bright are you Lisa?

  • Orla

    OMG SO FALSE!! The same day apparently the Demi Moore goes into rehab so does Demi Lovato. Not likely. They’ve got her mixed up. Demi Lovato would have told her fans on twitter as she’s very open about it which makes me a brilliant role model. I’m 23 and I look up to her. I’ve had problems like her and was afraid to
    Admit them and she helped me see help. She’s my idol.