EXCLUSIVE Jenelle Evans responds to former boss James Duffy posting videos of her looking drunk at his house

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is involved in another Twitter battle with ex-BFF Hannah Inman, but this one involves a third party. Hannah is now reportedly living with a much older man, and Jenelle’s former boss, named James Duffy, who has been posting videos and photos today on Facebook and Twitter of Jenelle (who turned 20 in December) and friend Tori Killem looking extremely drunk. On Facebook he’s also posted screencaps of text messages thanking him for sex and asking him to go buy sex toys that he says are from Jenelle’s former cell number.

Jenelle told starcasm.net exclusively that she never had sex or dated her former employer “Duffy.” However, she did allege that he “sexually harassed” her and lied about having sex with her.

When Jenelle was Duffy’s personal assistant, she would help him pack and ship the guitar necks he sold on eBay. He would invite Jenelle and her friends over for dinner, and they would show up for the free food (and booze.) Eventually he started telling Jenelle more about his sex life. Duffy, who’s in his 40s, bragged that he never “had sex with anyone over 25.” Their business relationship ended when Jenelle says he offered “everything in the world to me ONLY IF i had sex with him.” She declined, and quit working for him immediately.

According to Jenelle, Duffy was previously living with another young woman upon whom he lavished gifts, but eventually she left because of what she considered to be “strange behavior.”

Screen cap of the video posted by James Duffy of Teen Mom Jenelle Evans

Duffy posted a video on his Facebook page today (screen cap above) of a party at his house with Jenelle, Tori, and Hannah in which all of them appear to be pretty smashed. He claimed that at the beginning of the video you can hear Jenelle telling Hannah and Jeri, another girl at the party, that she could get them drugs. What she can actually be heard saying is “Let me know and I got you.” For the next three minutes he follows the girls around on camera, saying “Da-ta-ta” often and zooming in on Jenelle’s butt (and tramp stamp area.) You can view the video here. At the end of the video Jenelle is caught on tape saying “We’re drunk.”

The night the video was shot, he had invited the under-21 girls over and “supplied the alcohol.”

Hannah’s response to allegations that she was dating James Duffy was this (via Twitter) “HAHA I am not dating nor am I f**king James. He is helping me with my music, that is all.”

UPDATE – The feud between Jenelle and James Duffy has finally been settled as far as the courts are concerned, with both parties’ charges being dropped. As of March 20112, James Duffy has claimed innocence on Twitter to allegations Jenelle Evans made to us (including that “her food was poisoned,” and that she was “sexually harassed”) and says he took a polygraph test for Star magazine.

  • Mom of 4

    The guy is slime and should get in trouble for allowing these underage girls to drink in his house.

  • Lillian

    I am not what I believe. Jenelle has been caught in so many lies, its hard to believe her. If this all happened the way she claims (especially the poisoning part) why didn’t she press charges? She was quick to press charges on Kieffer for assault when she was just as guilty of assualting him… This bitch is crazy and wacked out… JMO

    • Roxanne

      Lol you would be crazy to not be able to see that this Duffy guy is obviously very sick. Also, sexual harassment, or crimes of any sexual matter are very difficult to report, prove, etc. Most don’t even bother. Get your facts straight on how hard it is for people to report this kind of thing, especially since it’s traumatizing and usually nothing can be done about it.

      • Oscar

        She is telling the truth Duffy drugged a friend of mine and cops wont do nothing unless you spend $2,000 for a test of everything in your system! What ever he uses leaves your system fast! Hospitals only test for a few drugs in the system

      • inwonderland

        If she was so traumatized, why would she be wiling to make a statement to starcasm? Before you’re so willing to put down someone else, you might want to rethink your faulty logic.

        • Britt

          Did you notice that Jenelle is only posting her side of story AFTER that scumbag told Heather Clouse something completely different? Jenelle is most likely defending herself from this creep.
          I am not making excuses for her because I believe she shouldn’t have been there in the first place, but honestly it was her BOSS. Jenelle is young, she was probably afraid of the consequences of reporting him, he probably could have persuaded her to not too. You just never know.

        • April

          He is 40 something, they are underage… its simple people, he is the problem regardless of who provided the alcohol or how Janelle behaves… young girls are being taken advantage of.. this guy should be off the streets… if it was my daughter he would not be.

      • inwonderland

        Also, most don’t bother because they feel at fault, they feel shameful, they feel traumatized, etc. I’ve been sexually assaulted and never reported the person, but I would also not go around telling everyone who would listen. Or attach my name to it and put it all over a gossip site. Not to mention the fact that she posted her friend’s naked picture. Yea, poor victim Jenelle. Her mom took her son away because she’s a b!tch, she got arrested because people are out to get her, and she has no friends because they treat her like crap, right? Wah wah.

        • Roxanne

          Yeah I’ve been sexually assaulted, molested as a child, and am a human trafficking survivor. So don’t try to tell me I don’t know my shit. If you are a survivor like you say you are, you would be more sympathetic and understanding, no matter who Jenelle is or what she’s done in the past. And as the other person said, she didn’t go around bringing it up or talking about it. She’s only making a statement NOW, AFTER the asshole said something. She is defending herself. I would do the same damn thing if one of my rapists tried to say what this guy is saying. I would set it straight that no – I did not have sex with him, and was harassed and assaulted. No matter who a person is or what they’ve done, harassment and assault is NEVER their fault. It is only the harasser’s/assaulter’s fault.

      • Sarah

        Yes it is sometimes hard to prove that sexual harassment occurred, but that shouldn’t have stopped her from filing a complaint, because that in itself is not hard to do. If she really were afraid of the police not believing her, then why is she NOW coming out with it and blabbing it to the world? I don’t know…I’m not saying she is lying or telling the truth because I honestly don’t know, but she is such a bad person and continues to try and make people look bad, so I just don’t trust her.

  • AhhhGrasshoppa

    That’s pretty genius of Duffy the Trampire Slayer to post a video of his ancient ass providing alcohol for minors.

  • Ashley

    Isn’t it also a violation of Jenelle’s probation to drink or be around people who drink/use drugs?

  • lauren

    Don’t believe jenelle! He has so much proof! She does lie a lot!

  • MaryAndrea

    Jenelle is really good at pointing fingers, losing friends, defamation of character… If that were true she would’ve gone and pressed charges which she pressed on Kieffer so obviouslyshe wouldn’t be afraid to go police for someone she wasn’t involved right? I think Jenelle needs some jail time her actions won’t help In getting custody of Jace. She needs to learn to stay out of trouble!

  • lotsoflove4you

    What kind of freak does that to girls?! He should be arrested!

  • Emily

    The girl can’t even take care of her kid. She needs to be put behind bars, she is such a disgrace and poor little Jace how do you think he will feel when he is old enough to understand the sh!t she does. She obviously doesnt have what it takes to be a mom yet, which is clearly shown on teen mom. The girl already has the world hating her I don’t understand why she tries to bring more negative attention upon herself. All I can say is poor Jace.

  • blah


  • Krysta

    when was this? if u go to James’ facebook, under his wall on Oct 17 he posted a pic of spaghetti and tagged Jenelle and Amber and they actually even commented on the pic saying that it was delicious!!.. really as Jenelle grows she still makes poor decisions of her life… she needs to face the consequences of her actions and stop being a victim when she gets herself on all this drama.. sorry but it’s true!

  • inwonderland

    No comments on how Jenelle posted a naked picture of Hannah? She isn’t dome innocent little flower in all of this. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she changes friends like she changes underwear. Then blames them and comes up with an elaborate story of how they’ve burned her. Perhaps if she spent more time with her son and less time fighting with people online, she wouldn’t have so many problems.

  • Sickened

    This guy needs to go to jail for providing underagers with alcohol. It is the ONLY proof here in this situation.

  • ash

    Whyyyy would you post this??? Its obvious from the pictures all that happened was she had too much to drink and turned into a hoe! Then she got called out on her shit and now suddenly he sexually assaulted her? Give me a break!!

  • Diana

    It wasn’t exactly wise of this guy to release anything having to do with drunk underage people in his home. He could and should be prosecuted for supplying alcohol to a minor and also for maintaining a common nuisance. It doesn’t matter if he bought the alcohol or not, the very fact that he was aware of it and let it go on in his home leaves him subject to prosecution.

    However on the flip side of things, Jenelle just seems to mess up at every turn. This girl needs psychological treatment or this downward death spiral of hers will only speed up.

  • Oscar

    She is telling the truth this happened to a friend of mine! He makes girls drink and food and puts something in them! It takes a while to figure it out! My friend was drugged by him many times! It took her a while to figure it out! But this is how he can get young girls over!

    • ash

      Lmao im sooo sure Oscar..if that were true why didnt anyone else come forward?? This is a joke however now this guy has to deal with a f**k up wanna b famous “teen mom” whos lying about being sexually assaulted. Its not something to lie about at all…its a serious accusation!

      • Oscar

        Do a search and read its lots of reading, search james duffy xxxoticwoods all together! This is just one side of this man! There is plenty more

  • Tiffany

    Even if she is breaking probation by using alcohol/drugs, he is also in violation for buying it for under age people. Btw. He does look like a creep!! Just my opinion though.

  • lisa

    Why are ppl still paying this girl to b on tv!? Mtv should b stopped this is now the young girl teens everywhere r lookin up to supporting and agreeing that wat jenelled does is right. Its sickening. Also, its very obvious from the video the girls have taken acid, thats trippin on hallucinagion talk there speakin not jus booze. Listen to wat jenelle tells hannah sumtin along the lines of “ur ok put it to the back of ur mouth so u cant c” looks n sounds like everyone was suckin on sum acid to me. Maybe drug testing should b done, she would have done that willingly n it stays in ur system for a long time! Id say give the girl a hair follicle n c the lies she tries to tell the world then

  • Claudia Yvette

    She commented on the video and posted.. <3 this video or something along the lines.. and that it was posted a while ago since she still had her cast on..

    Why or How can you like something or comment on a video of someone you are saying tried to harrass you??

  • stephanie

    i’m sorry but this is just wrong. jenelle is guilty as much as this perv. she shouldn’t be partying and leaving jace to her mom. if i was jenelle i was isolate myself and take care of my baby like a mom is suppose to do. shes making bad choices and when jace grows up, hes gonna end up hating her. i feel bad for both of them mainly jace.

  • Jen

    Wow, Go to the guys fb and look at his pictures. Its clear that he surrounds himself with young girls. CREEP!! Whether or not Janelle did these things she is a young girl mistakes are made. She will grow up and learn. Many young people and parents do stuff like this. Its just not posted because their not on teen mom, But this creep seriously needs to get into trouble. A guy of this age shouldnt even be aronf girls of their age.

  • Sara

    He’s an old pervert, I REALLY do hope she didn’t sleep with him!!!

  • Joy

    I think it is funny how your ask running your mouths about her and how she is such a f**k up can we look at leah and amber them to imo ae much worse role models.

  • JustSayin’

    i dont really care who provided the booze or who did what. a man that age under NO circumstances should be partying with girls that age. END OF STORY.
    what a creep!!!

  • Dutchess

    I hope Jenelle got something out of rehab and is really making the positive life choices she claims. I enjoy her hot mess antics on Teen Mom, but when it comes down to it with her(and Amber), no matter how semi scripted and edited this show is, this is a portrayal of these girls REAL LIVES. And that’s an awful thought. Even from her constant makeovers and media and internet whoring, its obvious that Jenelle is still too selfish and immature to be a dedicated mother.

  • jo

    Hes an idiot for posting proof that HE allowed underage girls to get drunk in HIS home!!!!

  • Bri

    Everyone saying that she is a young girl and makes mistakes, she is an adult! She also has a child, which should have made her grow up a little quicker. When I was 19/20 I sure as hell did not drop acid or get drunk with 40 year-old men or go to their house. Yea, I may have “partied” but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know which people and situations to avoid. She knows she is on Teen Mom and if she had any sense she would not have let videos and pictures be taken of her in this state! She shouldn’t have been doing any of this at all!

    I am completely disgusted by her and she really needs to be kicked off of the show. She should not get paid for being a dead-beat mother. If this was a man, he would be reprimanded so quickly. Why not her? She is not the helpless victim that she claims to be. I don’t think Duffy should be hanging out with these young women but I also do not think Jenelle should be lying about him and spreading such awful rumors. The stuff she is saying can ruin his life, honestly it is just despicable.

    She slept with him willingly and knows that the public will judge her for it so she’s trying to find any excuse she can to make herself look like the victim. If you look at him on twitter, he has so much undeniable proof that there is really nothing left to do but fess up or shut up; she is doing the latter. We ALL know Jenelle NEVER shuts up, so why is she now? Hm, because she knows she is screwed and that everyone knows now that he is telling the truth. She got caught trying to forge a picture to make him look bad, why would someone who is being truthful do that? She is so disgusting and raunchy. I was hoping she would get her crap together and get Jace back but now I hope she doesn’t get Jace back. She has done nothing to prove that she can take care of him. She is just digging herself in deeper and deeper.

  • tay

    im seriously scared for the future if sexual assualt is excused because YOU dont like the girl..

  • K

    Well she obviously had sex with him the text don’t lie especially her phone

  • Mother of Invention

    From those text messages he posted (assuming they really are from Jenelle) it seems pretty clear that Jenelle is not being honest when she says she did not sleep with him.

    She probably denied it because she is embarrassed about it, though. This guy is very unattractive, and he is also a middle-aged pervert who manipulates and takes advantage of teenage girls. I can therefore understand why she would lie about having sex with him, but having done so will harm her credibility when it comes down to the court case.

  • guest

    he’s just as, if not more, crazy. doesn’t he have kids? maybe he should grow up (like jenelle)…

  • Sc0rch from www.Halen.com

    James Duffy? never would have guessed what the fat loser actually looked like until seeing this pic. Ripping people off seemed to keep that shit locker of yours full 24/7.