VIDEOS Teen Mom post-reunion interviews with Maci, Ryan, Catelynn and Tyler

Last week MTV posted up two post-reunion interviews with Farrah Abraham and her mother Debra as well as Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley. Following Tuesday night’s Reunion part 2 they have done the same for Maci Bookout and Bentley’s father Ryan as well as Catelynn Lowell and Tyler.

In Farrah’s interview we discovered that she and her mother had an idea for an intimate apparel themed cooking show and then Farrah appeared right after that in an intimate apparel themed bikini. So what do this week’s post-reunion interview have in store? Let’s find out ya’ll.

Macy & Ryan:

That distance between the two on the couch about says it all doesn’t it? Maci started off by stating that the two still butt heads over things that later don’t seem that important. Ryan agrees that they need to learn how to agree to disagree. Maci followed by acknowledging that the two need to work on their communication. She added that she thinks they are both smart and responsible and they put Bentley first.

Both Ryan and Maci then agree that they can’t make everybody happy with their decisions. Ryan kind of made me laugh when he used the example of them walking out of the studio at that moment and having a fight that would be “horrible” as an example of how they often disagree. Both of their body languages reflected “intensity in ten cities” as Ryan’s foot shook and Maci’s eyes were wide and focused.

This is one of those genuine moments that I would use to defend the authenticity and relevance of Teen Mom. Sure things are probably staged sometimes and sure these girls have become famous but when two parents who have split are brought together to sit on a couch and try to explain the difficulties of sharing a child in that environment the emotions are very real.

Moving on, both Ryan and Maci believe that they are too much of the same kind to have worked out. Maci said she did often think of them working it out because the idea of Bentley’s parents being together is wonderful. Then she surprised me a little by saying:

“I’m not saying it won’t ever happen but for right now I don’t think that’s what either one of us wants.”

Having left the door open for a possible reconciliation Ryan stated that he thought it would be easier and better for Bentley if he and Maci were back together. Then he looked over at Maci who was looking away and said he didn’t know if it would ever happen.

Kyle finally comes up and Maci said she’s learned to be thankful for his help and she wished she would have had that attitude when she was with Ryan. Ryan takes all that in and called Maci out for a little event he witnessed back stage in which she called Kyle an idiot. Ryan said it brought back so many memories that it was like, “OMG!” He added that Maci can be so rude sometimes and that she’s often not respectful. Maci justifies that attitude by stating that it’s because she’s so hard on herself too. She added that she’s built a wall up in which she believes she’ll never be able to fully trust someone else and that she thinks she is the only one she can count on.

In conclusion they both believe that their appearance on the show has helped other teenagers who’ve watched. That by revealing their personal lives, especially their constant fighting, they’ve influenced others in the decisions they’ve made in regards to birth control and handling relationships etc. Who’d want to end up like us they agreed.

Catelynn & Tyler:

Catelynn and Tyler talk about the frustrations of having to parent their parents. They added that their parents never had any role models to teach them how to grow up properly. Catelynn said Butch and her mom both had hard lives growing up. Catelynn and Tyler both said they learned from their parent’s mistakes and that Dr. Drew said that was very rare, that usually kids follow the lead of their parents.

Catelynn and Tyler reiterated how thankful they were that they were there for each other during the difficult adoption process. They agreed that they made the right decision and that it was only possible because they did it together. If they would have been apart they could see things having worked out totally different. Catelynn and Tyler then stated that they both feel very much in love acknowledging that it may seem crazy because of how young they were when they met and how young they still are but that they know it’s real.

Catleynn then discussed how the other Teen Moms on the show are like her best friends but just far away. She and Tyler are especially proud of Farrah and her ability to talk openly about Sophia’s father Derek and her growth.

  • Mimi

    Hmm…from the looks on reunion show when Maci looks at Ryan she seems as she still
    In love with him!! They might still love each other!

    • Karena

      I so agree with you Mimi, I noticed the same thing on the reunion. I hope that they do get back together, especially if Ryan can grow up, maintain employment, and treat Maci better they can make it work. I used to think that Maci was so perfect, its the show that made me have that perception of her, so it was interesting to see after the reunion how Ryan described her as being rude and mean sometimes. We all have flaws, but I’m glad that they both admitted their flaws. I can’t believe that Maci called Kyle and idiot, on the show it seems like she loves him so much. But I don’t see any chemistry between the two of them, and Kyle is very much like the built in babysitter. I can’t wait for season 4 to see what unfolds. I’m going to miss this cast when they go off the air.

  • Iloverabbits

    I think people are missing how maci has treated Ryan. She is condescending and rude. She thinks she is always right. He may have become rude toward her because of she has treated him. I think it is way more even than people think.