Charlie Sheen gets new international goddesses after Natalie Kenley dumps him

Charlie Sheen dumped by Natalie Kenly

The last of Charlie Sheen‘s original group of goddesses, Natalie Kenly, moved out of his bachelor pad last week. Just like all the other bad news in his life, Charlie is taking the break-up with Kenly in stride (or in denial, either way,) telling the abandonment is “not a common thing for the Masheen!”

Since Charlie lives in opposites world, this statement actually makes sense.

Don’t fret about Charlie’s loneliness, though, he reportedly moved in new international goddesses from Mexico, Australia, and Colombia (All goddesses from the U.S. are no longer returning Masheen’s phone calls.)

Kenly had to leave behind the Mercedes Charlie bought her (a conditional Mercedes? so sad,) but no doubt it was a small price to pay to get off the Charlie-coaster ride.


  • Calamity Jane

    Actually good for him !! It is ‘winning’ in my book he will have more time for his children and new acting projects !! Can i say again : Winning duh !

  • sam

    Bottom’s here, Charlie.
    Can’t keep a porn actress or a stoner happy.
    “Substantial interest” in your new show?
    Your dad put up money, eh? If it tanks, and it will, byee byee Martin’s money!
    Good luck if even 10 people watch it. Sounds like a real sucko show.