Which girls from 16 and Pregnant Season 3 will be on Teen Mom 3?

The 16 and Pregnant Season 3 girls in The Brady Bunch photo

Tuesday night was Allie Mendoza’s explosive hour-and-a-half season finale episode of 16 and Pregnant Season 3 which means we have met all ten girls and the debate can officially begin… Who should be chosen for Teen Mom 3?!?

I’ll start off with my four choices (to unethically cloud your judgment) then I will list all ten girls (with links to our profile posts) followed by the poll in which you can choose the four you think MTV should choose! And who knows? They might just be listening 😉

Jordan Ward Finder from 16 and Pregnant

If there is one obvious choice this season it has to be Jordan Ward Finder. First and foremost, Jordan was a charismatic and likable girl who had the very rare fortune of having a baby daddy (husband Brian Finder) who was willing to commit fully to being a father and a husband. After Leah and Corey split that leaves Tyler and Catelynn as the only surviving couple in the Teen Mom franchise – and no matter how much folks love the drama they want a little happily ever after too!

Another reason Jordan would be a great choice is because her husband Brian just joined the Air Force and I believe people (military or not) would love to see what that life is like for a young couple with a child.

Let’s not forget Jordan’s twin sister Jessica! That would be an amazing element on the show because she will always represent the “What if Jordan hadn’t gotten pregnant?” factor. We’ll get periodic updates on her college life, what boy she’s dating, what party she went to the night before… Watching that dynamic play out over time between two sisters who are obviously very close would be mesmerizing.

And last (but not least!) Jordan is pregnant again! (In case you hadn’t heard you can read all about that HERE.) They could seriously do Teen Mom 3 with JUST Jordan!

On the downside, some of the elements that make Jordan such an appealing choice may be the same things that prevent her from doing it. There has been some debate as to whether or not the Air Force would allow MTV to film in military housing – and Jordan living somewhere else would seem to compromise the “reality” aspect.

Secondly, Jordan and Brian have taken a lot of criticism after it was announce they were expecting a second child – so much so that Jordan suspended her Facebook account so she could take a break from dealing with all the hate and the drama. That doesn’t seem to bode well as far as Jordan being willing to subject herself and her family to the inevitable scrutiny being on Teen Mom would mean.

I really hope MTV chooses Jordan and she accepts – I think her and her family’s story would be absolutely riveting and would be a great defense against some of the more harsh critics of the show.

Allison Allie Mendoza from the 16 and Pregnant Season 3 finale

My second choice would be Allie Mendoza. It appears as though she is going to lave the Texas-sized drama behind and try to start a new life with her real mom by relocating with her son Aydenn to New Jersey. I think the “new start” narrative combined with the fact that because of all the insane drama surrounding her (Yolanda!) we didn’t really get a chance to get to know her would add up to a great recipe for a Teen Mom 3 cast member.

Cleondra Carter from 16 and Pregnant Season 3

Cleondra Carter gets my “normal girl” vote. Her story seemed pretty straight forward: a middle class girl from Mississippi with the usual (non-extreme) baby daddy issues trying to make it. Plus, MTV needs to diversify! What’s up with all these white girl Teen Moms?!?

Kayla Jackson the anorexic teen mom from 16 and Pregnant season 3

My last selection is Kayla Jackson. Kayla seemed pretty mature and appeared to have a pretty solid grasp on her predicament. Throw in her dramatic mom and her history with anorexia and I think you have someone millions of girls will be able to associate with. Plus, Kayla has admitted that she is not averse to having some cosmetic procedures done if she had the money, so that would also be fun to watch as her TM paychecks begin to roll in!

So who do you think should be on Teen Mom 3? In case you need a refresher, here is “The Baby Bunch” graphic again with all of their photos followed by a list of all the girls (in the order their episodes aired) with links to our profile posts on each. After that is the poll. I think it will be real interesting to find out who the fans are most interested in keeping up with!

The 16 and Pregnant Season 3 girls in The Brady Bunch photo

Jordan Ward
Jennifer Del Rio
Jamie McKay
Danielle Cunningham
Cleondra Carter
Kayla Jackson
Izabella Tovar
Kianna Randall
Taylor Lumas
Allie Mendoza

You can vote for up to four. You can vote more than once but you will have to wait an hour. To see the results all you have to do is vote!

UPDATE – As of the end of the day June 25 Jordan Ward leads all vote getters with 1,013 votes (21.45% ). Close behind in second place is Allie Mendoza with 990 votes (20.97%). From there things diverge a bit from my suggestions with Teen Mom fans demonstrating their love of drama by voting for the very controversial Jennifer Del Rio (who is currently in hiding with her twins after her ex Josh Smith got a court injunction granting him custody of the boys on weekends.) Jennifer is currently at 652 votes (13.81%). The fourth place slot has been neck and neck since day one between Izabella Tovar and Kayla Jackson. Izabella currently enjoys a narrow lead with 533 votes (11.29%) and Kayla is right behind with 503 votes (10.65%). Keep those votes a coming – this is fascinating stuff!

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  • Kristen

    So MTV is doing a Teen Mom 3?

  • Anna

    I voted for Jordan Ward, Jamie McKay, Kayla Jackson and Allie Mendoza!

    • emi

      I want to see:
      Jordan; because she is happily married, pregnant again and I also want to see how her and her sister’s relationship changes.
      Kayla; I want to see how she copes with post pregnancy anorexia delio, lol and I want to see about her and her mom’s drama.
      Izabella; I want to see how her and Jairo’s relationship and engagement changes, they kinda seem like the Maci thing…
      and ummmmmm…..
      Jamie; because of the boyfriend drama
      and 4 people I DON’T want to see are Jennifer, Danielle, Cleondra, and Kianna

  • Melissa

    I think it’s going to be Jordan, Izabella, Allie and Jennifer. 2 (somewhat) normal stories and 2 dramatic stories.
    I definitely think they are going to have Jordan because she’s pregnant again.

  • Vanessa

    I think MTV needs to stop with the teen mom series I think two teen mom series is enough MTV is going to make people who actually like the show get sick of teen mom if they continue with more teen mom series . I mean how many times are we going have to hear the girls complain about their struggling with money when they are clearly not how many times are we going to have to see unhealthy and toxic Relationship the first season of teen mom was cool because it was new now it’s repeats of same stories but different girls

    • Haley

      I agree. This show needs to stop. We don’t need any more Teen Moms. Even 16 & Pregnant got redundant and obnoxious. The whole thing has just gone too far.

      • Elle

        thennnnn.. don’t watch it? just a thought.

  • Nik

    Not only that MTV does not show “reality” for these moms. They don’t show them on speaking engagements they were able to get from the MTV shows, they don’t show them meeting with casting agents, etc. They are not still living the same lives as before their 16 & Pregnant episodes. If anything MTV needs to look at what has gone on with both Jenelle and Amber and say enough is enough. These girls have serious problems and being in the spotlight and under the microscope of filming is doing more harm than good.

    • Chastity

      You and @Vanessa are completely right. It does have good drama, but this needs to stop. Everything you guys said is accurate. Because they pay them, they clearly arent having financial troubles. They are making it seem like if you get pregnant, they’ll do a spinoff for you too. Those girls bring in too much to be complaining. Anyone who stops filiming, is VERY smart.

  • Reader

    I hate Kayla’s face

  • tab

    my picks would be allie, jordan, izabella and… i don’t care-the other girls all bug me.
    i doubt jennifer del rio will be on. she ran off with her twins. and when they find her, she’ll be going to jail.

  • A.P.

    I don’t know how it works in the air force, but my husband is in the army and he isn’t required to live on base if he is married. So maybe Jordan and Brian wouldn’t live on the air force base and she would be able to film more freely? Just a thought.

  • sophie

    i think that kayla, izabella, jamie and taylor should be in it

  • Naomi

    If they have to do another series, they should combine two girls from season 2b and 3 so they don’t keep making them, but it’s MTV, so who am I kidding?

    The only girl I liked from this season was Jordan.

  • Victoria

    I really liked Allie in her episode, but from reading her fan page and twitter since that my opinion has changed. I don’t like the kind of attitude she has, and don’t think I’d like watching her on the show. I also think they’d make her storyline too much trashing her ex. I really liked him on 16 & Pregnant, but since she’s apparently got no contact with him now I’m assuming something big happened.

    I picked Jordan, Jamie, Kayla, and Izabella. My only definites are Jordan and Izabella. I don’t really like most of the girls from this season. I loved both of them, but I don’t think MTV would put both of them on in the same season because they’ve both got happily ever after kind of stories, and there’s not enough drama in that.

    • emi

      That’s so weird, those are the same 4 I chose lol

  • toni

    It should be Jordan, Jennifer, Kayla and Allie….they all had the most drama going on. The other girls are fairly forgettable.

  • Brit

    I’d like to see Jordan because she’s pregnant AGAIN and there’s never been anyone on that’s had a second pregnancy and getting pregnant a second time is VERY common. I went to a HS that had a daycare and a LOT of the moms got pregnant a second time. It’d be interesting to see her and how she handles her back to back babies.

    I’d also like to see Izabella mainly because she was just so young (physically and emotionally) and it’d be interesting to see how she matures as a mother. Same reasons for why I think Taylor would be good on the show… they are both just so, so, so young.

    I’d also like to see Allie on the show because she seemed like a good mom who ALWAYS puts her child first.

    And…. Jamie would be interesting too because of her drama with her baby daddy and legal troubles. Every season needs a trouble maker.

    Oh, and Jennifer Del Rio for her incredible drama and to see how she copes w/ twins.

    • Lacy

      It will be interesting to see if Allie, who puts her child first will be able to manage living with her disaster of a mother who never put any of her 3 children first, unless you consider a first class bus ticket to somewhere else as putting them first!!!

  • jane

    I can honestly say, that out of the whole batch there is not one that would keep my attention.

  • JoAnna

    I’d definitely pick Jordan, Jamie, and Allie.

    I’d MAYBE pick Kayla, Izabella, or Taylor for #4 spot.

    Not too interested in another twin story (Jennifer), and Cleondra, Danielle, and Kianna were too boring for me.

  • tx

    Teen Mom 3 is already starting next week. This debate is about Teen Mom season 4.

    • Starcasm Staff

      The original Teen Mom Season 3 with Maci, Farrah, Catelynn, and Amber is starting next week. There is no Teen Mom 3 right now, only Teen Mom, and Teen Mom 2. It gets confusing with all the different generations AND seasons.

  • abby

    okkay no offense what the hell is up with everybody wanting izabella on teen mom 3??? like seriously shes boring!!!! the only thing she did was hide her pregnancy and thats it.. so why put her on teen mom when she has a stable life, supporting parents, and a fiance like if u put her on teen mom shes gonna be the boring one.. id rather see the ones who are less boring and got something interesting on tv for us to look at soo i would pick allie (my favorite) jennifer (my favorite) jordan (only bcuz shes knocked up again) and jaimie ( she has issues with her babydaddy) now thats what u call a real show!!! i dont hate izabella i just feel like shes not that great enough to be on teen mom.. and i also agree that they should combine 2 girls from season 2b and 3.. id say put markai and felicia or markai and aubrey from season 2b and allie and jennifer from season 3 they had drama on their shows

  • Jalja

    It needs to be:
    Jamie – her legal troubles and baby daddy drama would make for good TV

    Allie – it definitely would be interesting seeing her come back home to live with her mom and enroll in a new school having a baby in tow. Plus I want to know more about her dad…we never saw him. He must have been a real douche to kick Allie out because she was pregnant knowing full well that she had no place else to go but her baby daddy’s home…with a crackhead mom as the head of the household.

    Jennifer – soooo much drama with baby daddy! I want to see how it all plays out. Who is the bad guy? Who is lying? Does Josh really want to see his kids or is he a sociopath deadbeat? Is Jennifer a manipulative, devious psycho bitch or just protecting herself? DRAMA.

    Kayla – I want to see how her anorexia and dealing with her abusive mom affects her raising Preston. It’s really sad her and Mike broke up – I think it had something to do with her anorexia. I was anorexic last year and that took a toll on my relationship…we broke up because he couldn’t handle my eating disorder.

    I would like to see the lovely Jordan on Teen Mom but I worry about the effect MTV cameras would have on her and Brian’s relationship…I would like to see her raise her son and daughter in peace, away from the cameras.

    On another random note, Taylor and Nikkole (season 2) were THE most immature girls on the show and some of the most immature girls for their age. Some of the stuff Taylor said and did just shocked me…she is the perfect example of why children should not be having babies. Going trick or treating? Thinking online school is “retarded”? Not even giving a good reason why she shouldn’t put her baby up for adoption? Screaming “I wanna go home, I wanna go home” while she was in labour? Not wanting to wear the hospital gowns because they made your ass hang out? Sorry hun, but we’re gonna see a lot more than just ass when you spread your legs to deliver Aubri. As for Nikkole, TP’ing houses, letting her boyfriend Josh treat her so badly and her coming back to him every time, always saying that she loves him despite all this, calling the cops on him not because he’s done something illegal (which he does do – drugs) but because he was out with another girl…and then STILL expecting to get back together with him and be with him.

    • Lacy

      Allies dad is a douche for sure. I’m pretty sure his name is Arnold and he’s from Carteret NJ. How in the world can you abandon your child? He and ex-wife Diana (who is now living a lesbian lifestyle) really ruined this girls life and then threw her to the wolves. What a shame. If she makes it to Teen mom 3, we should really hear more about her crackhead mom.

  • emi

    I can probably tell you one person whos NOT going to be on it, Jennifer…because she will most likely be in jail =/

  • rierie

    When they are saying people are getting pregnant to be on the show, i think they are getting pregnant to be on Teen Mom and if it wasn’t around kids wouldn’t be getting pregnant as much. Because if there wasn’t Teen Mom then they wouldn’t get much money =)

    • Sally

      You people on here who think girls are trying to get pregnant to get on this show don’t know what you are talking about. I mean maybe you know someone? But actually teen pregnancy rates have been at a historic low since these shows have aired.

      Also they don’t make a ton from MTV, they get a few hundred bucks and most of them can still qualify for government assistance with their income levels.

      If any of them do make a decent living, like Amber Portwood was reported to make somewhere around 200K, it is because they use their fame they acquire from this show to make money in other venues. But, she’s in jail now so… I really don’t see who this is glamourized. They are very open and honest about how difficult the realities of parenthood are. And I truly believe it has helped to show teenagers that they do not want this at such a young age.

      If anything the celebrities several years ago were all having babies like crazy and it was constantly in the tabloids making it seem like a baby was the new accessory. And since teenagers tend to follow celebrities they may have been impacted by that, because I do remember a while back when it was a huge problem . Girls even made packs with each other to all get pregnant at the same time.

      I appreciate this show and what it depicts. Stop bashing and assuming until you have done YOUR research.

  • http://mtv16andpregnanteenmom.webs.com Madison

    I voted for Jordan, Cleondra, Izabella, and Allie ! I liked Jordan because she’s like the “All American Girl” just like Maci is, and she’s pregnant and moving her to California where there is no one on that show from here. Cleondra because i want to see what happens with her and Mario, if Cleondra is going to move in with Mario, if they are going to get married, and what they decide to do for Kylee Sue !? Izabella because, I REALLY like her she has to be my favorite this season and maybe over-all the seasons, I want to see Izabella and Jairo get married and both of them continue going to school ! <3 and I would LOVE to see Enrique in every episode of TeenMom3, plus Jairo is growing out his hair, so he would look HOTTER ! <3 <3 AND last but not least, Allie ! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see what happens with Joey, his psycho druggie mom, and how Joey will get to see Aydenn…until we find out GO Jordan Ward, Cleondra Carter, Izabella Tovar, and Allie Mendoza <3 <3 I Hope to see you on TeenMom3 😀

  • ashbash10

    i’m sorry but ya’ll are pickin the wrong ones……..i would love to see Danielle, Kianna, Cleondra, and either Taylor, Jennifer, or Kayla. I wouldn’t mind seeing Izabella or Allie either……

  • Kenzie

    I voted Jordan, Jennifer, Kayla, and Allie.

    Jordan because she is pregnant again and I want to see how that goes.
    Jennifer because of her twin boys.
    Kayla because I want to see how money issues are and because of her anorxia.
    Allie because of her and her boyfriend and because her son Aydenn is so cute!!!

  • Marlene

    I was told by the admin of Jennifer’s facebook site that there is not going to be a new teen mom for the girls of season 3: 16 and pregnant.

    Still watching the episodes but so far I would have voted for Kayla, Jennifer and Jordan. The one I do not like was Allie.

  • Chaz

    Whoa whoa whoa, that crazy bastard Josh gets the twins on the weekends?! That’s ridiculous. He needs to have his balls cut off.

  • Sammy k

    Hope ally girls do good. Stupid hoes can’t keep legs shut I love all old teen mom