UPDATE Corey Simms and new girfriend Amber Scaggs – how it happened

Teen Mom 2 star Corey Simms and his alleged new girlfriend Amber Scaggs

We broke the story earlier today that Teen Mom 2 star Corey Simms may have moved on from is soon-to-be ex-wife Leah Messer with 21-year-old Texas brunette Amber Scaggs. Since making that post we’ve learned a little bit more about how the two met and how their relationship began.

First off, let me provide a little background information on Amber Scaggs. Originally from Logan, West Virginia Amber relocated to Conroe, Texas in 2006 after her dad (whose family was from there) got a great job offer. Amber’s mom really liked it there so the family stayed.

Amber dated Hayden O’Brien for over a year before she found out she was pregnant with her first child. The couple, which appear to have had a rather rocky relationship similar to Corey and Leah’s, would eventually get engaged but then break things off not long after their daughter Bralyn was born last year.

Formerly a waitress at Buffalo Wild Wings, Amber is now a stay-at-home mom taking online classes. She has also signed up to go to police academy school, so it might be Officer Scaggs before too long!

And speaking of Amber talking with Corey, that occurred after a mutual friend exchanged their numbers. (As mentioned in the previous post, Amber was originally from the same town as Corey and has numerous family members still living there.) Corey began texting Amber which led to numerous phone conversations, some of which lasted hours at a time. This all began a couple weeks before Easter when Amber had already planned a trip home to visit family and wound up spending a lot of time – and posing for lots of photos – with Corey.

According to our source the normally shy Corey and Amber hit it right off from the get go and “they talked like they knew each other for years.” Corey was so excited to see her that he picked her up from the Charleston airport himself. The two were reportedly “really sweet” and very happy together as evidenced by Corey being very affectionate and constantly smiling when with her.

There is no indication that Amber Scaggs intends to move back to West Virginia to be with Corey, although both parties do seem to think the relationship is serious. Even so, Amber is not planning to be involved with shooting Teen Mom.

UPDATE: Click here to read our interview with Amber.

UPDATE – The May 30 issue of OK! magazine has a cover story about the Amber Scaggs and Corey Simms relationship with more quotes from Amber and a friend. CLICK HERE to check out the highlights!

  • nunya

    OF COURSE in the beginning of a relationship people are always smiling and “really happy”…. especially if you don’t live in the same state.

  • Lv

    Amber updated her twitter a bit ago… She responded to Leah’s friend Amy…

  • This cannot be recent! When Corey married Leah, he had a gut like his father currently does. I remember thinking, the episode of the wedding, “like father like son!” Unless he’s lost a significant amount of weight…this was taken back before Corey and Leah got together. Back when Corey and Leah first met, Corey looked like he does in these pictures. I don’t believe it for one second.

  • A.P.

    Leah did not even officially move out of thier house until the day AFTER Easter so Corey was having this girl over while all of him & Leah’s stuff were still in the house. Sheesh the ink wasn’t even dry on the divorce papers..

  • sam tabang

    A.P. were you there .? i think not and why are you so into thier lives? how about getting off of the comp and getting a life ?

  • tab

    what a pig. both of them.

  • Me ;)

    I think Amber is gorgeous! Dont get me wrong im still team Leah. But i dont get why you are all hating on this Amber girl. Leah and Corey are not together, so she isnt doing anything wrong by “seeing” Corey. How is dating a single man whorish? Yes hes still technically married. But the divorced papers are filed. And hes not playing anybody. Im not a fan of Corey, but im still gonna point out that all of you have no reasoning for ragging on Corey and Amber. What did Leah expect him to be single forever? Hes allowed to move on and so is she. No one is doing anything wrong in this picture, if corey didnt want to be with leah its best that they break up, instead of faking or staying in it for the kids. Everyone that says oh they need to stay together is best for thet girls. YOUR WRONG. those girls dont need to see mommy and daddy always fighting. and not to mention that they are gonna pick up on the vibes that they arent happy together. so everyone can mind their own business about what corey and leah do with their life.

    • Stef

      I seriously could not agree more. You took what I was going to say right out of my mouth! On the other post everyone is commenting it saying she is ‘so ugly’. It’s like, hi get off your computer and go do something productive with your life instead of calling clearly beautiful people ugly and judging other people’s lives.

      • Bark

        I disagree. I think he should’ve given it some time before seeing someone else. He needs to focus on his children and at least getting along with Leah cause married or not, they’re tied in each others lives forever. And if they girl was smart, she’d also wait a little while at least until the divorce is final. They both had it comin. I think Leah is definitely the smarter and better person in this in that she is focusing on her children rather than dating. No doubt she’s hurt, but in the end she’ll be the better and stronger person and will find someone better. In my opinion, Corey is just irresponsible because he’s doing what he wants rather than what’s right.

        • Me ;)

          and since when is dating someone considered the wrong thing. they dont even live in the same state, so its not like hes neglecting his girls. and even if she did live in the same city, its not like he ditched his girls to hang with amber. so hes not doing anything wrong. hes not beating his girls, hes not neglecting them, hes not taking from their mouths, so where does anyone get off implying hes doing something wrong. when hes not with his girls cuz its leahs weekend he sees his gf…how in the world is that considered bad? please enlighten me

          • Bark

            He is creating excess baggage. He needs space and time to reflect over what went wrong in the previous relationship and grieve. He’s not doing anything horrible, just foolish. It really just seems like he just wants a rebound from Leah. You don’t see her with any other guys around. If Corey is not hurt or troubled by this divorce, then that says a lot about his character. And if he is hurt, he is definitely using the girl to get over it. Now, he’s only creating more problems especially for the new broad.

            • crackajakc

              and to point out, he was MARRIED not just in any old relationship.

    • ME;))

      your very right eveone needs to get off this amber girls back she is very cute and i think corey does deserve better than leah leah is preety and all but when they were together corey was wshaped into what leah wanted him to be who corey wanted to be i think is wrong for someone to judge a book by its cover and corey is a very hansome boy i think before everyone jumps to conlusion we should ALL wait and c what comes out of this realationship corey is a very good dad and i think corey deaserves the twins not leah!!!!!

  • that’s crazy

    Corey and Leah have two kids to worry about. the last thing on their mind should be dating. Corey should take this time to work on himself and how to provide better for his family. First, finding a more suitable home then a trailer for the girls. Second, he just left a relationship he should spend sometime reflecting on what was not healthy in his marriage and strive for a better relationship down the line. Not start a new one two minutes after the first disaster. Third, go to school and find a new job that allows you to be home more often so your ex wife can go back to school. I have nothing mean to say about Amber as she technically has not done anything wrong. She is not friends with Leah and does not owe her anything. I just hope she thinks about her own child before starting a relationship with a recent divorcee.

  • OmG_

    what do yall mean Amber did nothing wrong…she knew Leah & Corey were married to each other because she was following Leah on twitter as it says in the story above & even tho she wasnt on there frequently she still knew they were together & continued to pursue him so yes she did do something wrong

    & Corey did too ! if he wasnt happy in the relationship anymore the least he couldve done was tell Leah but instead he decided to go out and cheat & jump into a new relationship when that should be the last thing on his mind , he needs to focus on those two little girls cause they need him the most !

    • Me ;)

      ummm she didnt pursue him when he was with Leah. nor did he cheat on leah with her. the supposed cheating allegations was with a girl named Jordan Humble. So maybe you should get the facts straight. and he is focused on those girls. he doesnt have sole custody of them, so obviously that means he doesnt have them 24/7. but when he does have them he is with them and taking care of them. so how is he not focusing on them. if in his spare time when they girls are with leah on her weekend hes allowed to do what he wants.

      • that’s crazy

        He lost free time when he became a dad.. Full custody or part time his priorty should not be dating.. It should be establishing a better income to get the girls out of the trailer..

  • Whoa

    Until that divorice is final he is still a MARRIED MAN so he should be be prancing around with a new woman just yet. It bugs me when people do that before the divorce is final. Can they really not wait that long before that start banging someone else?

  • loganite

    one , not your life so don’t tell them how to live.
    two, since when are trailers trashy? yeah , some are here in west Virginia. but STILL, a lot of people live in nice homes that are trailers . houses are expensive here! jesus Christ!
    magazines and people who don’t know them just need to stay out of their lives! they don’t know the whole story so they intend to make up what they don’t know!

  • :-)imahater

    She did it to her self she put her shit out there known who corey is n that he is on mtv the nasty lil homewrecker just wants her 15mins of fame

  • loganite

    really? cause you don’t known zilch about people from west Virginia! we got our own lil system here

    • Bubba

      your right, nobody knows about WV, they all keep it in the family šŸ˜›

    • zilla

      Hahaha yeah, their own lil system…in the family q:

  • Britt

    Haha Loganite, don’t write a post that’s SO easy to make fun of next time.

  • karie

    in my opinion, it says in other articles, that the divorce papers are not filed yet, so they are still married, even thought they filed out the papers THEY ARE STILL LEGALLY MARRIED until the divorce is finalized, its ok he moved on, but my only thought is he should of waited for the divorce to be cleared by the judge, and also in the last season of teen mom leah was worried this would happen…. get married and then get divorced a few months or years later, she wanted a forever marrage, and cory got all upset about her worried thoughts, and she still agreed to marry him cause she loved him and loved her girls, and now look hes divorcing her and leaving his girls for another women, i agree she might be pretty but she might have a part to blame for leah and corys split up