Chelsea Houska slams source claiming she has a pill problem

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska has steered clear of scandal more than just about any of her fellow cast members. With all the attention these girls get they’re bound to have something come out sooner or later. The most recent example is one of the infamous “insider source” stories that has some pretty hurtful things to say about Chelsea.

Radar via Star is quoting one of these insiders who claims that Chelsea has a problem with prescription medication.

“Chelsea pops pills that aren’t prescribed to her, and abuses the ones that are.” Sadly it goes on:

“Sometimes she’ll take the pills while Aubree is still awake. … They can make her very impatient and frustrated with Aubree. Then, when Aubree goes to sleep, she’ll drink wine or whatever.”

Chelsea has addressed all of this via Twitter and she’s made it patently clear who’s talking and that it isn’t true.

A follower asked Chelsea, “OMG, that is terrible how do they come up with this kind of stuff?” after reading the article in question and Chelsea replied, “Crazy people in my life make sh!t up for money :(” A reporter for Star tweeted the story and Chelsea replied, “Laughably incorrect. What a joke.”

Here are a couple of additional Twitter-bombs from Chelsea about this:

I understand that these reports are going to surface and that folks will take that cold hard cash to say things about their “friends.” I also acknowledge that we’re in the same line of business but let me tell you, when I read the part about it questioning Chelsea’s parenting it ticked and turned me off.

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