Zany photos from Tamra Barney’s 80s Bunko party

Tonight on the Real Housewives of Orange County we get to see Tamra Barney’s 80s-themed Bunko party. This is the one where Tamra and Vicky confront Slade after he dissed them during his stand-up comedy routine at The Improv (we think Gretchen used our “wanted” poster of her during her set, but the Bravo editors cut most of it out. Thanks Gretchen!)

Slade liked Tamra the Michelin Man, and Vicky Miss Piggy. No one knows what Tamra’s gonna go because she’s been cozy with Gretchen lately, but she conspired with Heather Dubrow to not get riled up, but to kill Slade with kindness.

We’re guessing Vicky’s gonna go mental, and it’s going to be awesome because they’ve all got on bright makeup and have their hair teased like they’re competing in the 1985 Miss Dallas pageant. Honestly, I wish they all dressed like this ALL of the time. Tamra and Gretchen’s leg warmers are, as Wendy Williams likes to say, EVERYTHING!

These photos from Tamra’s 80s Bunko Bonanza were just posted on Tamra’s Facebook Page. The photo up top is Heather Dubrow, Alexis Bellino, Gretchen Rossi, Vicki Gunvalson, and Tamra Barney.

Not sure what’s going on in this photo:

As you can see, Tamra looks NOTHING like The Michelin Man.

Eddie! The hair and the shirtless vest are incredible, but the collar MAKES this outfit:

Eddie Judge 80s BUnko party


Here’s Tamra talking about why the 80s were A-Mazing. Crimped hair anyone?