Worst tip ever leads to misguided vigilante justice

Victoria Liss "lose weight" tip

This little story gets put right in the front section of the douchebaggery file. It also turns out to be an important lesson in misplaced vigilante justice.

Back on October 8th, waitress Victoria Liss from Bimbo’s Cantina in Seattle, Washington Facebooked the above “tip” that she received during her Friday night shift. If you have a hard time making it out, or the blood boiling in your veins doesn’t allow you to comprehend, let me type it out for you.

“P.S. You could stand to loose a few pounds.”

Yes, this total DB misspelled lose and in the part where he was supposed to leave the tip amount he entered zero. As you can imagine, Victoria’s Facebook friends rallied around her calling out to hunt down this supreme jerk and give him virtual hell in any way possible. In the comments section Victoria identified this young man who left his advice as one Andrew Meyer. A friend then re-identified dude as Andrew F**kFace Meyer and it just went downhill from there.

Victoria Liss waitress who received worst tip ever

Well, Victoria (pictured above) revealed a secret and posted an image of the dude she believed was the culprit and that mug and his subsequent identification and contacts were spread like wildfire. Take that F-face Meyers! But wait, Victoria posted up the wrong man. Whoops!!!!!!!!!

Here are a few of my favorite replies after this reveal:

“Oh snap. Seattle should send him a gift certificate to bed bath and beyond or something…”

“I apologized for heckling him & he said i was the first of many to do so. let’s take ownership for our faults & apologize, yeah?”

“Girl! his photo was spreading like wildfire. I think over 10 friends posted his photo. You need to make sure everyone knows.”

Let this be a lesson, if you’re seeking revenge make sure you have the correct target. Two wrongs do not make a right but it does leave us wondering, who is the culprit?



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