Woman gets a touching tattoo tribute to her mother

Taylor Smith Tattoo for Mom

When Taylor Smith’s mother suddenly passed away in February 2011, a simple note left behind took on a whole new meaning.

At the time, Taylor was home from college at Central Michigan University to look after her parents’ dog while they took an anniversary trip. Her parents left for their getaway before Taylor got home, so her mother left behind a handwritten reminder, “I love you — be good.”

Hours later, Taylor’s mother died in her sleep, from what doctor’s believe to be heart failure.

“The note was expected but the importance of it wasn’t because she didn’t know it was essentially her last good-bye,” Taylor wrote on her Tumblr account, Too Much Taylor.

In memory of her mother, Taylor decided to get the last words tattooed on her left forearm. After posting a side-by-side image of the tattoo and original note on Tumblr, it was reblogged more than 410,000 times.

Not sure why the tattoo artist misplaced the em dash, but that’s besides the point. Taylor’s tattoo tribute is an absolutely lovely way to remember her mother.

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