Who is Prince Jackson’s girlfriend, Remi Alfalah? Is she a Kuwaiti princess?

Who is Remi al-Falah?

It certainly seems like Prince Jackson has found his princess in Remi Alfalah — even though she isn’t actual royalty.

Prince and Remi have been photographed together regularly throughout the past few months. As they are both 16, their dates consist of typical teenage activities such as grabbing lunch, going bowling and watching new movies. Although they are often subjected to protective supervision, Remi’s mother, Alana Alfalah, told Radar Online she trusts the late King of Pop’s son.

“Look, my husband is from Kuwait and I’m American, he’s very strict, so there is no way he’d allow Remi to see someone who wasn’t doing the right things in life. Prince doesn’t get into trouble, he doesn’t smoke, and he doesn’t drink. We wouldn’t allow Remi to be with just anyone,” Alana said.

Princess Remi Al-Falah

Alana explained her American-born daughter met Prince last year when Remi began taking classes at the Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California.

“She was alone and the kids weren’t very nice. Prince just approached her and he started showing her around and they grew close,” Alana said of Remi, who is alternatively known as “Remi al-Afalah” or “Remi al-Faleh.”

Alana declined to comment on Remi’s family connections. Other publications have referred to Remi as a Kuwaiti princess, but a Kuwaiti journalist effectively debunked that myth last April.

“Al-Faleh is not a name from the royal family,” said the journalist, who preferred not to be named. “It is a famous family name in Kuwait. And Remi al-Faleh is not a Kuwaiti princess.”

In fact, the current Kuwaiti royal family, the al-Sabahs, have been in power since the early 18th century. Based on the House of Sabah’s family tree, there are no known connections to the al-Faleh family

Even if the al-Faleh family isn’t technically royal, they are undeniably wealthy. Based on the teen’s twitter account, her family frequently travels to Monaco, St. Tropez, Aspen and other top vacation destinations.

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