PHOTO Bernice from South Beach Tow playing professional football

In a previous article we unearthed the identity of the fabulous Miss Bernice of South Beach Tow. Bernice, real name Lakatriona Brunson, takes care of business for Tremont Towing and as it turns out, she takes care of business on the gridiron too!

You heard that right, Bernice has played defensive end for the Miami Fury of the Independent Women’s Football League. She rocked #99 and can be seen in the above photo from the team’s official Flickr page making a tackle. Back in April, 2005 she was the feature of an article from the Sun Sentinel.

At the time they listed Bernice at 5’9″ 225 lbs. She said when she grew up she didn’t like seeing kids getting picked on and would step in:

“I couldn’t stay out of people’s business. I didn’t like watching people messing with people who couldn’t fend for themselves.”

That sounds like our girl. Her athletic background was in basketball but she had the natural instinct and skills it takes to seek and destroy from the DE position. A teammate said of Lakatriona that, “She has such a good instinct for where the ball is, for the sport.”

Ain't no need to call the police you're rollin with Bernice from Tremont Towing

In 2008 Bernice was once again highlighted as she scored the opening touchdown for the Fury with a 41-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown on the opening play against the Palm Beach Punishers.

I thought the idea of Bernice coming to tow my ride away was intimidating. Now I got thoughts of her coming around the end to lay me out like Julius Peppers.

Photo: Miami Fury Flickr