WAGS MIAMI Which boyfriend did Claudia Sampedro steal from Hencha Voigt?

WAGS Miami Hencha Voigt claims Claudia Sampedro stole her man

On the most recent episode of WAGS Miami, Hencha Voigt finally confronted Claudia Sampedro and explained why she had a beef with her co-star. It turns out that Hencha blames Claudia for stealing a boyfriend that she was really in love with. So who is this mystery guy who broke Hencha’s heart and immediately jumped ship to spend time with Claudia? So far, his identity hasn’t been revealed, but that didn’t stop us from trying to figure out which of Hencha’s men it may have been.

Some of Hencha’s most notable ex-boyfriends (or at least men she has dated) include Zab Judah, Glen Davis, and Colin Kaepernick. It’s pretty clear that the WAGS Miami star has dated a few more notable athletes, but these are the ones that she mentions by name in the premiere episode of the new E! reality show.

Of the men Hencha listed, we can already cross Glen Davis out as the one that broke her heart. Based on a recent Twitter war between the two, Glen is arguing that he didn’t actually date Hencha. There is a bit of dirt on the Hencha and Glen hookup, though. Bossip reported back in 2011 that a video vixen named Rozay Mylan may have the inside scoop on the bad break up between Hencha and Glen and it’s really juicy.


Based on the back and forth between Hencha and Glen on Twitter just last week, it sounds like she might be in a bit of legal trouble too. Did the WAGS Miami star sign a confidentiality agreement after splitting with Glen Davis? It certainly sounds plausible, and may also play out in the months ahead.

Some of the tweets between the two former lovers have since been deleted, but as always, once something has been tweeted, you can expect it to live on forever, and that is no different with this recent social media exchange.

Based on the amount of venom between Hencha and Glen, that leads us to believe that the man Claudia allegedly stole from Hencha is not the former Celtics star. It really looks like Zab Judah isn’t the man in question either. Although Hencha talks about the pro boxer being one of her exes, there’s not a lot of information out there, and it looks like their split may have been rather undramatic.

That leads us to Colin Kaepernick. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback has remained quiet since the premiere of WAGS Miami, but Hencha has talked about their relationship like he was the one who got away. The fitness model had stars in her eyes as she recalled dating Kaepernick, and even admitted that she wasn’t totally over him.


Hencha was very careful not to name the boyfriend that she claims Claudia stole from her during the confrontation in Episode 2. Hints have been dropped that this drama isn’t over yet and that fans may learn the identity of Hencha’s ex-boyfriend in an upcoming episode.

Based on how Hencha talked about Kaepernick in the very first episode, she definitely still has feelings for him. That would explain why she still holds such a huge grudge against Claudia and why she got so emotional when recounting the boyfriend stealing story.

Claudia, who is currently dating Julius Peppers, played down her role in any relationship with the mystery stud. She says that she only met up with Hencha’s man one time, it wasn’t that serious, and she didn’t even know that Hencha had been dating him. According to Claudia, the whole drama over her stealing Hencha’s man is just a huge misunderstanding.

It’s safe to assume that Claudia was telling the truth about just how little her fling with whoever it was meant to her. A crosscheck of Claudia and all three of Hencha’s most notorious love interests produced no results. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see who it was the broke Hencha’s heart later in Season 1.

Do you think Colin Kaepernick is the ex-boyfriend that Hencha is talking about on WAGS Miami? If not, who do you think it could be and why?

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