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Duck Dynasty finale Hawaii Uncle Si surfing

A&E’s smash hit Duck Dynasty wraps up its third season this week with a one-hour finale special… from Hawaii! Officially titled “Aloha, Robertsons!” the episode features the entire Robertson family as they become what amounts to ducks out of in water — the Ocean to be more sPacific 😉

Duck Dynasty Hawaii Phil Robertson sunset

Here’s the episode synopsis from the network:

After all their hard work, Willie decides to take the entire Robertson clan on a family vacation to Hawaii. But Willie’s daily itinerary for the trip gets constantly undermined by the family’s desire to participate in their own island activities.

We figured this might be what was in store for the finale when we shared photos of the Robertsons enjoying the Aloha State back in February, including Willie Robertson and Uncle Si trying their beards at surfing while Jep got slathered in sunblock by his beautiful bikini clad wife, Jessica Robertson. (Click here to see those photos!)

But surfing and sunburns aren’t the only thing fans have to look forward to in the Season 3 finale, which I like to call “Louisianaloha,” there are also Segways, waterslides, and itineraries — oh my! Check out the preview clip:

And in case you wanted just Uncle Si screaming down the waterslide (waterSide?), we have that for you too:

I don’t know about you, but that clip made me think of another Southern family reality star’s rather awkward and memorable trip down a waterslide…

Honey Boo Boo Mama June water slide animated gif

I don’t believe it’s possible to make an easy transition from Uncle Si and Mama June watersliding to anything else, but I suppose I could try to figure out a Segway…

Duck Dynasty Hawaii Jep Si Jase and Willie Robertson ride Segways

Something about a Segway just screams “Yuppy!” to me. The boys should have at least tracked down something like this:

Duck Dynasty camouflage Segway

If you want to see even more video footage from the finale, hop on over to Zap2it where they have an exclusive extended preview clip that includes Willie and Uncle Si trying to surf! (Where’s the love A&E?!? You know Starcasm has been addicted to quack from the beginning! We want an exclusive finale preview clip! lol) In the video, Uncle Si reveals that him getting on a surfboard is anything but teaching an old dog new tricks.

“Back in ‘Nam, I was a surfing king,” Si reveals. “I could hang ten, hang loose, shred a wave, walk the plank, high five. I would pull the most awesome roundhouse cutbacks, alright? Then blast down the line. It was totally gnarly.” (I must confess that I’ve always thought “gnarly” was a great word for Si, though not in a surfing way.)

As it turns out, it appears that you can’t teach an old dog old tricks as Si seems unable to hang ten, nine, eight… or even one. What he was doing couldn’t be called surfing at all. Perhaps “Sirfing” would be a better term?

Click to see photos of Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson and Uncle Si surfing ini Hawaii

Willie doesn’t seem to do much better, although he has a full-proof plan for not embarrassing himself. “My rule of thumb is I’ll only allow myself to fall four times while doing anything,” Willie says. “Anything more than that, you’re just being an idiot.”

Willie is shown taking some rather ungraceful plunges — four to be exact — when he relaxes his voiceover guidelines a bit, making being an idiot just a little harder to do. “OK, six,” he says. “Six times, and that’s it.” To the boys’ credit, it’s hard to maintain your balance when you have what essentially amounts to a face spinnaker with those wind-catching beards!

Here are a number of promotional images from the Duck Dynasty Season 3 finale courtesy of A&E, starting off with perhaps the two most beautiful people in all of television, one of which has obviously had some modeling experience and knows how to nail the “foot forward, hand on hip” runway pose!

Duck Dynasty Uncle Si Robertson Jessica Robertson in Hawaii

Now we know Si brought along Sweet J, but how about his sweet tea? Ah, you know it jack!

Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si and his sweet tea in Hawaii

And how about Phil Robertson and Miss Kay gettin’ alohappy, happy, happy!

Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson kissing Miss Kay in Hawaii

OK, OK, OK — I’ll hush now. Here are the rest of the photos from the finale sans commentary…

The Robertson family from Duck Dynasty in Hawaii

Click to enlarge:
Duck Dynasty Miss Kay Phil Robertson Hawaii  Duck Dynasty Willie Robertson Uncle Si on Segways  Duck Dynasty Hawaii Robertson family

The hour-long Duck Dynasty Season 3 finale airs Wednesday night at 10/9c on A&E!

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