VIDEOS Justin Bieber collapses backstage in London, taken to the hospital

Justin Bieber collapses O2 Arena London

In our third “celebrity taken to the hospital” story of the day, Justin Bieber reportedly collapsed backstage during his concert at the O2 Arena in London earlier tonight. The 19-year-old singer began to feel disoriented while performing “Beauty and the Beat” and left mid-performance before collapsing.

Bieber’s rep, Scooter Braun, then came out on stage to let the audience know what was going on. Here are a couple videos of his announcement followed by a transcript of what he said:

“As you guys know, we had a very interesting week in London. It’s called Murphy’s Law, you parents know what we’re talking about. So, as you saw, Justin got very light of breath. The whole show he’s been complaining. He’s backstage with the EMTs and the doctor. They’re telling him that they want him to go see somebody and see what’s going on with his lungs. He has just told me in five minutes, if it’s OK with you guys, he’s gonna come out and finish the show.”

“So, he might not be jumping around as much and everything else, but if you guys will be patient with us, we’re not trying to be disrespectful, we’re not trying to have you guys get home late, we’re truly trying to put on a show for these beautiful people in London. So just bear with us, he’s a tough kid, he’s gonna come back out here very soon, and we’re gonna do the best job to finish this show as best can. So thank you guys for bearing with us.”

Braun was leaving the stage when he remembered that Jaden Smith had been standing with him the entire time without being able to say anything. Braun said,”Say something. I didn’t let you say a thing.” Jaden seemed to be a little caught off guard (perhaps I’m just making excuses for him) because he awkwardly said, “Uh, we’re gonna have a quick intermission, and then we’ll be back to ROCK LONDON TOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWNNNN!!!”

Justin was reportedly transported to the hospital after the show and is currently receiving treatment. His rep later said the following in a statement:

“Justin fainted onstage tonight during his concert in London when he fell short of breath. He left the stage for 20 minutes, then came back and finished the show.”

TMZ has been “told he’s in good spirits and feels OK … but doctors want to evaluate him.”

UPDATE – Justin Bieber just tweeted, “getting better. thanks for everyone pulling me thru tonight. best fans in the world. figuring out what happened. thanks for the love”

In case you missed it, the “very interesting week in London” Scooter mentions includes Justin Bieber’s worst birthday ever and a chorus of booing fans after Justin Bieber arrived two hours late for his Monday night concert at the O2 Arena.

There’s no word if his breathing problems are connected to the fact that Justin Bieber was photographed out in London wearing a gas mask this week:

Justin Bieber wearing a gas mask in London