What custom present did Justin Bieber get from his dad for his birthday?

Justin Bieber returns to his London hotel after performing earlier at Capital FM Arena Nottingham. One of Bieber's bodyguards is spotted pointing a flashlight at photographers in London, England, United Kingdom.

Justin Bieber recently turned 19 and while his birthday party in London may have been a total disaster, his dad may have made him forget all about that with what he got him. So what did he get his super famous, super rich son? A motorcycle! But it’s not just any motorcycle.

Jeremy Bieber got his son a fully customized Batmobile-inspired bike equipped with a Batman emblem on the seat, a decal which reads “35 mil. followers,” a JB emblem, images of his tattoos, and plenty more.

Justin Bieber's customized Bat bike inspired by the Batmobile and given to him by his dad for his 19th birthday

Sure, it’s a cool bike, and it obviously will look nice beside his Batmobile-inspired Cadillac, but it’s not exactly the safest thing in the world. And with Justin’s track record of speeding tickets and reckless driving, it’s sort of a questionable move on Jeremy’s part.

But anyway, here is Jeremy’s video showing off Justin’s new ride:

Since 2011, Justin has had a few brushes with the law including speeding tickets — one for going 90 mph in his Range Rover and another for going 100 mph in his chrome Fisker Karma — and other traffic issues. In October of 2011, he was pulled over in his Batmobile for cutting off a California Highway Patrol officer. Then, just two months later, he was pulled over again for making an unsafe turn.

Be careful, Justin! We’d hate to see you end up looking like THIS!

FUN FACT: Justin and Jeremy have matching Jesus tattoos.

Top Photo: WENN.com

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