VIDEO Woman video-bombs news report with texting fall fail

While a talking head discussed some financial stuff for a news report a young woman in the background was so engrossed in what she was texting that she took a serious dive over a flight of stairs.

This clip was captured by Canadian television CBC in Ontario and proves that the frightening concentration of a woman on her cell knows no national boundaries. I live by a major State University and I swear it’s like a demolition derby with the ladies texting while driving.

At least this woman was merely walking…

I love how another lady comes running up from behind camera to help the fallen texter out. it’s like she knows what that lady has been through.

This isn’t an isolated incident of course as one of the most wonderful viral videos I can recall wit the webs a while back featuring a woman as she just rams right in to a mall fountain and then pops up and moves on. Miss that one? Here it is:


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