VIDEO Willie Hantz explains BB14 expulsion with the Hantz family

I bet Big Brother was banking on having themselves a loose cannon in the form of Willie Hantz. As everyone found out immediately after the cast was announced, Willie is the brother of legendary Survivor villain Russell Hantz, and the dude didn’t disappoint the family name.

As hamsterwatchers and starcasm readers already knew while the rest of the BB14 community discovered last night, Willie got his Hantz backside tossed to the curb after going noes to nose with chef “don’t back down from a fight” Joe. It was one of the more heated exchanges in BB history as Willie head butted Joe and was unceremoniously shown the exit door by executive producer Allison Grodner. In case you missed it or just want to relive the Big Brother goes Fight Club action here it is:

Big Brother rolled the dice on Willie, and former Playmate Kara for that matter, and so far they’re o-2 as the two most notable participants heading in have been given their walking papers.

Willie appeared on enHantzed, an interview show featuring a bunch of other partially shaven members of the Hantz clan. Yes. This exists and I’m here to provide you the glory. Let’s see what kind of Hantzer-hamster-answers we can cull from this here interview:

What I gathered:

• Hantz boys like couch cuddle fighting

• Willie thought he did good in the game

• But then again Willie says there was a lot of things he did wrong and wishes he could have changed them

• Gettin’ “straight to the puddin'” of why he got kicked out Willie explained that he thought a lot of Britney but that she didn’t understand the difficult position he was in when she was giving him what for on his actions in the house. Willie then said that after Britney suggested that Shane and JoJo disassociate themselves from Willie he decided he would just go ahead and play the role of villain.

• Willie stated that while he made the comment about wanting to get evicted that he was just talking trash but that he actually had no intent of being gone. He said his primary objective was to deflect negative attention off of JoJo and Shane caused by him. As part of this “strategy” Willie asked Joe what it was like to have a “pu**y?” According to Willie, Joe walked away but he said something along the line of, “I’m not a pu**y, the only pu**y in this house is you.”

• Willie then narrated the fight scene by explaining that Joe put his dukes up which got the other Hantzs laughing hard. And then he said he asked Joe, “What do you plan on doing with them dukes?”

• Wilie thinks Ashley is gonna win (because we should all trust his instincts in the game).

Joe offered somewhat of a mea culpa last night stating that he hoped Willie was all right and that he gets some help with his anger management issues. Willie wasn’t so kind on Twitter, “Joe I got your peace “brother” when your ready for it come get it. I’m not your friend don’t a** kiss now for what you might get later.”

I’m not a fan of the violence but I have to admit someone aught to just go ahead and give these Hantz boys their own show. Willie, we hardly knew ye and I’ll never forgive you for depriving us of weeks of Kara eye candy.