Kara Monaco of Big Brother 14 Playboy photos

Kara of Big Brother 14 Playmate of the Year Playboy cover

Big Brother is just a week away and while the official announcement of the cast is supposed to come tomorrow CBS released a teaser 4th of July clip and one of the new house guests was, shall we say, immediately identifiable.

Reality producers know a little eye candy never hurts and you can always bank on former Playboy models. Well… BB 14 went straight for the wow factor by casting 2006 Playmate of the Year, Kara Monaco! I love how the cover reads, “The Red Hot Girls of MySpace.” Times change butt but girls like Kara still get viewers.

How about a little theme music:

I’ll go ahead and get a little of her bio out of the way before we get to some seriously hot photos. This all important info comes from Kara’s IMDB page:

Kara Monaco was born on February 26th, 1983 in Lakeland, Florida. Prior to becoming a Playmate, she worked as a bartender, modeled swimwear and lingerie in Florida, and appeared in FHM and Men’s Fitness magazines. Kara also worked at Disney World, where she was one of the performers who portrayed “Cinderella” and “Snow White” in the resort.

Cinderella has it goin’ on! I wonder if any of the guys in the house will have the glass slipper? She revealed in a video interview for the show that found its way to YouTube that she’s certainly single and down for a showmance.

Kara of Big Brother 14 in lingerie

And here’s a little more of her bio so we can be like the publication she’s famous for appearing in and have words with all of these pretty pictures!

Her connection with Playboy began when she chosen as one of “Playboy’s Sexiest Bartenders 2004” and when appeared on the cover of “Playboy Special Edition Girls of Summer” in August 2004. Later, was chosen as Playmate of the Month by Playboy Magazine in June 2005. That same year, she participated in a home video fitness program, Envy (2007) (V), under the name “Vala” (the “V” in “Envy”), and acted together with C.J. Gibson, sister of Playmate Raquel Gibson.

Okilly dokilly. Here are two seriously H-O-T pics of Kara Monaco. Click on either pic for a full-page hi-res image minus those pesky critters!


Dude. You never know how things are gonna roll in the BB house but I hope they keep Kara around for a while (although last year’s model Cassi didn’t make it too long). Here’s the rest of her bio info:

That same year, she participated in a home video fitness program, Envy (2007) (V), under the name “Vala” (the “V” in “Envy”), and acted together with C.J. Gibson, sister of Playmate Raquel Gibson. In June 2006, was chosen as Playmate of the Year and, later, she appeared in episodes of E! reality TV series “The Girls Next Door” (2005). Also appeared in the 2006 “Playmates at Play” swimsuit calendar, shot in Las Vegas.

Here’s another great photo of Kara. This is a bikini pic from her Twitter feed:

Here is yet another pic of Kara, this time donning the classic bunny ears for the Crown Royal Playboy Club on Derby Eve held at Club Felt Louisville, Kentucky in May of 2006.

Kara of BB14 in Playboy bunny ears
^Daniel Warren/ WENN

Season 14 of Big Brother is set to premiere on Thursday July 12th. If you’re like me you’ll be keeping a close eye out for Kara Monaco. One last parting shot and this was my personal favorite. It’s from a seller on Ebay who had a signed pic of Kara on ye olde virtual auction block. As far as I can tell you can still score this vintage signed image and hey, it would be a serious investment if Kara wins this summer!

Kara from Big brother signed bikini photo