VIDEO: DWTS judge Bruno Tonioli bashes Kate Gosselin on Lopez Tonight

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Saucy Dancing With the Stars judge Bruno Tonioli did a two step on Kate Gosselin’s dancing last night on the Lopez Tonight show.  Just like the other judges he hasn’t been much of a fan of the Jon and Kate Plus 8 ( soon to be Kate plus 8 ) reality star.  If you want to see for yourself just how bad Kate’s performances have been check this out.

Kate Gosselin Goes Out On The Town In NYC!

Not one to hold back his opinion or his penchant for jumping up on the judge’s table and shaking his own hips Bruno lays it out there for George Lopez.  (Some of the language may not be safe for work)

Bruno on Kate:

“Kate is pretty dreadful.  She’s crap, but in a nice way.”  Bruno continues, “2012 is nothing compared to the catastrophes she produces.  She tries to get better, it doesn’t really work.”

George Lopez comments that she still receives alot of votes from the viewers and Bruno responds:

“I would watch, is she finally going to be able to do something?”

The interview following the Kate bashing actually takes an ugly turn as George and Bruno discuss Tonioli’s baby-makers.  No really, George says he can tell what village in Italy he is from based on the danglers stuffed into his way too tight pants.  Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

America, please keep voting for Kate, we are loving it and so are the producers of Dancing With the Stars (currently the number one rated show on TV).