Tony Raines expecting a baby with Alyssa Giacone, 2 months after the birth of his 1st child with Real World co-star Madison Channing

Tony Raines and Alyssa Baby

Just two months after the arrival of his first child with Madison Channing, Tony Raines from MTV’s The Real World Skeletons and The Challenge is expecting his second child with long time, on-again/off-again girlfriend Alyssa Giacone.

You may remember when Tony arrived in The Real World house a bona fide player, juggling girls from back home with girls he met during his stay in Chicago. Eventually, he began a serious relationship with his cast mate Madison Channing.

Their relationship quickly escalated and before long, the couple announced they were expecting their first child together.

Madison and Tony

Sadly, their relationship crumbled and the two were broken up by the time their daughter Harper was born in February.

Fans of Tadison have always held out hope that the couple would rekindle their romance and ride off into the sunset as a happy family of three, but considering Tony’s recent announcement, that scenario is unlikely.

Today, Tony shocked his fans when he revealed he is expecting another baby with his former/current girlfriend Alyssa.

11 years in the making ? #BabyOnTheWay #DueInNovember @alyssamgiacone

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Alyssa echoed Tony’s comments in her own announcement, “11 years in the making ?? #babyonboard #heorshe #whatwillitbe #blessed #cominginnovember #weareexcited #history #lovealwayswins @t_raines”

You may remember Alyssa when she appeared on The Real World as a “skeleton” from Tony’s past.

Tonys Exes

During filming, Tony and Alyssa weren’t on the best terms. He described her as a jealous ex and even went as far as to say she’s “stalker-like”. Clearly, things between them have changed…

Until now, there’s been no mention of Alyssa anywhere on Tony’s social media, and fans would have never guessed the couple were back in each other’s lives.

I think we got a major announcement coming…. @alyssamgiacone

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So where does that leave Madison?

From all accounts, Tony and Madison are doing their best to co-parent amicably. It also appears that Alyssa and Madison are on okay terms. Last night during a Periscope session hosted by Tony’s brother Shane, all three were hanging out together.

Tony Alyssa Madison

Speaking of Shane, the proud uncle posted a message to fans with a statement about his feelings on welcoming another baby to the family. He also confirmed that everyone seems to be getting along just fine:

How I feel about my bro @t_raines having another baby on the way. Me being an uncle 2X And everyone involved being happy with the situation, and being friends/one big family. Ps. Pease keep all negative comments to yourself. That stress isn’t good for new pregnant mothers and could cause a lot of harm to the pregnancy. We are all happy that we are adding one more to the family and we all love each other. This in a weird way brought everyone together better than I would’ve ever expected. So please just respect this crazy beautiful journey that’s taken place. It’s all a blessing???? Thank you guys who support it, and are happy for our family?? #UncleUncleShane ???? #thenewnormal #themorethemerrier

Just before the big announcement, Tony and Madison filmed a catch-up special for MTV that chronicled their journey together.

And in case you’re wondering about the math, Harper was born in February and baby #2 is expected to arrive in November— just nine months later. That means baby #2 was likely conceived sometime in February, right around the time of Harper’s birth.

Congrats to Tony and Alysssa; we wish them a safe and happy pregnancy!

Don’t forget to catch Tony when he appears on season 28 of The Challenge: Rivals III premiering on Wednesday, May 4th at 10/9c on MTV.

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