VIDEO Take a virtual ride on world’s new steepest roller coaster

Takabisha world's steepest roller coaster

I am not a risk your life for thrill type of dude and I am especially a wuss when it comes to roller coasters. So when I watched just the video of the newly unleashed world’s steepest roller coaster I had to step outside and pop a couple of anxiety pills.

Takabisha is the name and its home is Fuji-Q Highland, an amusement park in Japan. It drops with a 121 degree free fall, you reach speeds up to 65 mph and you even experience weightlessness. The people who designed this are disturbingly intelligent sick men and women! Grab your hat, buckle up and come along for this front seat video ride on Takabisha, the beast of the Far East!

If we happen to bump into each other in the shadows of this monstrosity I’ll be the sweating American dad holding all the stuff while my wife and young daughter enjoy this madness.

Photo: Fuji-Q Highland Park