VIDEO Tabatha Coffey returns to Bravo for Relative Success With Tabatha

Relative Success with Tabatha Coffey

Bravo’s blonde boss b!tch wonder from Down Under is back! Tabatha’s Salon Takeover star Tabatha Coffey is returning to the network in January with her new series Relative Success With Tabatha in which she employs her no nonsense business tactics and well-armored heart of gold to overhaul family run businesses — and the families themselves.

Bravo just dropped the first trailer for the new show, and of course it looks Tabatha Coffeynomenal:

The new series was announced by Bravo more than a year and a half ago. Tabatha talked about the shift in concept and her thoughts on family members being in business together with Bravo’s The Daily Dish in May of last year:

What can you tell us about your new project?

You saw me for five seasons take over businesses that were really dire and doors were about to close and it was really a bad situation for them. This time it’s different because the businesses that I’m going into, they’re already successful. So they’re doing well. They need tweaking. They need some clarification. It’s also about passing the torch, so passing on that legacy from one generation to another and those family dynamics that come into play and parents not wanting to listen to their children’s good ideas. So it’s really going in and ironing through that clutter and helping them elevate them to the next level and be even more successful than they already are.

What kind of advice do you have for working with your family?

It’s tough, and the first piece of advice, which is the hardest part, is to take the family out of it. As soon as you open the door and you walk through that business, you’re not mother and daughter or sister and sister or aunt and whatever anymore. You’re businesspeople and you’re equals or you’re partners or the parents, the boss, whatever it is. And you need to treat them as such to not only have their respect, to have the respect of the other staff. So there is really no rite of passage. You have to work for that rite of passage and work for that legacy and keep it going. And that’s a hard part that a lot of people having is really taking that personal emotion out of it. That’s hard. That’s really hard.

So why the long delay in between the announcement and the premiere? Tabtah addressed that on Twitter:

Relative Takeover With Tabatha premieres Wednesday, January 17 at 10/9c on Bravo. Until then, here is some Coffey for you to sip on — but be careful because it is HOT and can burn you!

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