VIDEO RHONJ Teresa Giudice stars in a Sizzle Tans commercial

Teresa Giudice

A girl in bankruptcy has got to pay the bills somehow, right? Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice is trying to help husband Joe bring home the bacon by becoming a slice of bacon herself – at Sizzle Tans!

Despite once referring to public tanning beds as “skeevy and gross” the low-brow queen of table-flipping donned a number of different bikinis and struck her best calendar poses in a commercial for the Jersey-based tanning salons:

I’m the first in line to poke a little fun at the condescendingly entitled Mrs. Giudice, but I have to concede that this 38-year-old mother of four has a nice tanning salon body! I’m just thankful it wasn’t Caroline Manzo who went bankrupt!

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In case you’re too pressed for time to watch the entire 30 second commercial or if your workplace has a block on YouTube, here are a few more still images from the ad:

Teresa Giudice in a Sizzle Tan commercial

Real Housewives of New Jersey Teresa Giudice for Sizzle tan tanning salons

Teresa Giudice shows off her new bubbies