VIDEO Psy teaches Britney Spears and Ellen the ‘Gangnam Style’ horse dance

Psy teaches Britney Spears the Gangnam Style horse dance on Ellen

Britney Spears outed herself as one of the millions of fans of viral internet sensation Psy and his music video for the single “Gangnam Style” by tweeting back on August 28, “I am LOVING this video – so fun! Thinking that I should possibly learn the choreography. Anybody wanna teach me?! haha”

Ellen DeGeneres is one of Hollywood’s biggest bluff callers, and she did exactly that when Britney appeared on her show yesterday. And being Ellen, she was able to get Britney the best “Gangnam Style” horse dance instructor on the planet – Psy himself!

Heeeeyyyyyy sexy laydayyys!

Just like Psy’s original video, that was life-alteringly wonderful! And Britney was such a good sport, and extremely talented in those high heels! I think Ellen needs to bring Psy on as a special co-host and resident Ellen dance instructor to the stars! Perhaps he could do remote dance instruction at big red carpet events, sort of similar to Ellen’s other smile-inducing viral sensations Sophia Grace and Rosie. I can just imagine Morgan Freeman or Jack Black or Emma Thompson or Betty White or….

Sadly, Simon Cowell continued his reign of King of Not a Lot of Fun as he stayed in his chair during the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Britney Spears and Ellen DeGeneres join the ever-growing list of celebrity “Gangnam Style” horse dancers that added The Wanted (and a TMZ paparazzo) over the past week!

Psy Britney Spears and Ellen doing Gangnam Style horse dance animated gif