VIDEO PHOTOS Leah Calvert and daughter Adalynn

Leah Calvert and daughter Adalynn Faith

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert gave birth to her third daughter Adalynn Faith via emergency C-section on February 4 and for more than six weeks she somehow managed to prevent any photos or information (other than Adalynn’s misspelled name) from reaching the web. That all changed last week when Us Weekly published the first photos of Leah and Adalynn (or Addy as Leah calls her) as well as Addy’s dad Jeremy Calvert and two older sisters Aliannah (Ali) and Aleeah. Now Leah has invited MTV video cameras into her home to share the first video footage of her new daughter and to talk about what life has been like since the new arrival!

“The girls have a new sister,” Leah begins. “Her name is Adalynn Faith. Jeremy wanted to name Adalyn Madison, but I didn’t like — because he wanted to call her Maddy, but I got him to change it to where we could call her Addy. And his middle name was Lynn, so we named her Adalynn.

“And then we wanted all the girls to have similar middle names, so then all ‘A’ names, so we named her Adalynn Faith. And then Ali and Aleeah’s middle names are Grace and Hope. With Ali and Aleeah [we were] in the hospital for a couple weeks, which is really, really, like — it was devastating for me. He would leave them in there, I wouldn’t be with them.

Teen Mom 2 Leah Calvert's new daughter Adalynn

“But with Adalynn I actually got to take her home within 48 hours. She was healthy and everything went really good.

“One of the big things that I’ve noticed with Jeremy is, with the girls, like, he had a relationship with them, but I feel like with Ali and Aleeah his relationship has grown stronger now that he has his own child, because he actually feels like a dad now.

Leah Messer Calvert and newborn daughter Adalynn just after her birth

“At first when Adalynn was born Jeremy really wanted to participate in every single thing. He wanted to get up at night feedings, he wanted to change her diaper, he wanted to be really involved with everything that was done to take care of her. And now that he’s gone at work it’s, like, I do everything on my own. But when he does come home he helps, and he wants to do it.

“Jeremy being gone six days a week, sometimes it does take an emotional toll on me because I just want my husband with me all the time. But I know he loves his career and I wouldn’t want to take that from him. So I support him in what he does, and I feel like that’s what a wife should do.

Leah Calvert daughter Adalynn's nursery

(Anyone else in love with Adalyn’s room?!?)

“The girls are so cute with Adalynn. They love her! Aleeah was a little bit sketchy at first. She wanted to play with her and hold, but she did not want to do anything with the diaper, she did not want to feed her, anything like that. She just wanted her for ten seconds and then let her go.

“Ali plays more mommy to her, she’ll take care of her, help me feed her, rock her to sleep — Ali wants to do everything. She’s like my little mommy.

Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer daughter Adalynn

“I know a lot of people might be worried about us having another child, and it, honestly it wasn’t planned, but we weren’t upset about it because we felt like we were stable and I feel like Jeremy would be a great dad and I’d be a great mom, and we didn’t really have any worries. If we didn’t have a home, or if our bills weren’t met financially, then we would worry, but that’s not the circumstances for us, so we actually felt happy and excited about it — that we were going to add a new addition to our family.

“And my decision isn’t the decision for every girl out there. This is my decision that I made. I feel like I was stable enough to have another child if I wanted that.”

Leah Calvert's new daughter Adalynn Faith photo

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