VIDEO Kim Zolciak snaps back at claims she photoshopped her Instagram pics yet again

Kroy and Kim

Kim Zolciak-Biermann is known for being a true hot mama. Never one to away from skimpy clothes and barely there outfits, Kim posts scantily clad pictures all over social media.

This past year, the mother-of-six faced harsh criticism regarding her selfies. Many believe the reality star has been photoshopping or altering her pics. Kim has refuted the claims and berated her haters despite evidence that says otherwise.

Recently, Kim and Kroy escaped to Mexico for their anniversary, and she posted this bikini selfie.

Kim Zolciak Biermann Bikini

The photo is pretty standard: Kim showcases her trim waist, larger-than-life tatas, and ever-important thigh gap. However, TMZ and the Daily Mail obtained dozens of paparazzi shots showing her in a much different light.

The Daily Mail posted side-by-side comparisons of the candid paparazzi shots next to Kim’s own Instagram pics and called out the noticeable differences. (You can head on over to the Daily Mail to check out the photos.)

After these pictures surfaced, gossip sites began questioning how much the 37-year-old manipulates her Instagram photos.

It didn’t take long for Kim to respond. She posted two videos to Instagram, Snap Chat, and Facebook showing off her body. The videos are definitely NSFW or for anyone with sensitive ears, so turn down your volume before hitting play. Among other things, Kim says: “So, for The Daily Mail and TMZ that want to post some bulls**t pictures of me, go f**k yourself, because this is really what I look like, folks.”

I don’t need to bullshit! Follow me on snapchat KimZBiermann ✌️

Posted by Kim Zolciak Biermann on Sunday, November 15, 2015


And here’s the second video:

“I just have to comment again on how much The Daily Mail and TMZ are full of s**t and show you guys what I really look like. I’m not a bulls**tter. I don’t have to f**king bulls**t so f**k you!”

I think Kim looks great with or without photoshop, but I’m not sure her videos provide a convincing argument. After all, the paparazzi pictures were taken during the day, in bright sunlight, and are definitely high quality. Kim’s videos are grainy, poor quality, and have bad lighting…


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