VIDEO – Kim Richards tells Andy Cohen: “I’m an alcoholic”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2 got super real. Just one of the many dramatic story-lines was Kim Richards’ increasingly erratic behavior. The Season 1 finale ended with a dramatic scene between Kim and her sister Kyle where Kyle called her an alcoholic. Kim had a brief stay in rehab after they finished filming, but walked out days later. Now, Kim is admitting for the first time on camera that she is, indeed, an alcoholic, telling Andy Cohen that’s why she went to rehab this winter.

When they started shooting Season 2, Kim would often decline offers for parties and other filming activities. When she did show up, she arrived late, would sometimes act completely out of it, spent lots of time in the bathroom, and at one time told Kyle that she’s been accidentally using room freshener as breath spray. Later she revealed, to the chagrin of her sister, that she was dating Ken Blumenfeld, and told Dr. Nassif during a facial procedure party, that she was taking three prescription drugs (one of them is sometimes used to help people stop drinking, though it has other, more common uses.)

As the season progressed, Kim continued to arrive late to things, including missing a flight to Hawaii for brother-in-law Mauricio Umansky’s birthday party. When she does arrive, with Ken in tow, awkward social encounters abound.

Kim entered a thirty-day rehab program at the Betty Ford Center in early December. She also broke up with boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld prior to her rehab stint. According to her family, she did extremely well in rehab, and she’s now out. We’re so happy to hear that Kim’s gotten some much-needed treatment! We’re rooting for you Kim!

The first episode of the three-part reunion airs next Monday @ 10 EST. It deals not only with Kim (who filmed a separate, private interview with Andy) but with Russell Armstrong’s death (Andy asked Taylor if she thinks he was murdered,) and Brandi Glanville’s alleged moves on Lisa’s husband Ken. Not only that but there appears to be tension between the girls everywhere. Get ready, this is going to be intense.

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