VIDEO Kelly Osbourne takes Dancing With the Stars by storm!

Kelly Osbourne performs on Dancing with the Stars

Kelly Osbourne debuted her dancing skills last night on Dancing with the Stars and delivered a stellar performance! At some points, she is literally gliding across the stage. Simply stunning. To watch the entire episode online, visit

This foray into the creative arts is already turning out better than her singing career, which really wasn’t half-bad, but wasn’t memorable either:

It must be tough growing up as Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter, having television crews in your house during adolescence, being expected to portray an edgy bad-girl image, and being constantly taunted about your appearance. Kelly has recently admitted to having several bouts of deep dependence to medication, including taking 50 pills a day. She began doing drugs at 13, and by the time the Osbournes was being filmed, the young teen had a full blown addiction.

Kelly’s recentlywritten a book, Fierce, where she candidly addresses her drug addiction and recovery. She’s also been bravely addressing that time in her life on the talk show circuit, including this appearance on the Ellen Show:

Stay strong, and keep dancing, Kelly!

~ Carrie Glass

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